Sunday, February 5, 2012

My New Love

I'm coming to you live today from... MY NEW iPHONE! 

Oh friends, I am in love!

Surprisingly, it has been much easier to navigate and use than I expected.  I'm already a (free) app downloading fool.  Here are some screen shots of my progress so far...

Clearly, I'm going to become the best blogger/pinner/tweeter/Bible-reader/dieter/runner ever known.  I've got high expectations for how this phone is going to change my life.  :)

I do have a few questions, however, for you veterans out there:

1.) Is it possible to view my Blogger dashboard/ read other blogs from my phone?  I've downloaded the Blogger app, which lets me write posts like this one, but it doesn't allow me to read all the blogs I follow. 

2.) Can someone explain Instagram a little to me?  I downloaded the app and can take photos now, but I don't really understand how people do those "My Week in Instagram" photo blogs etc.  Do I just have to email each photo to myself and post it from there?

3.) What did you do in terms of a case for your phone?  I always thought I wanted a super-cute monogrammed snap-on cutie; but, now that I own this delicate little thing (and a baby who wants to touch/eat/throw everything) I feel like I need something a little sturdier.  Any recommendations there?

4.) What apps can you not live without?

... Expect lots more on my iphone to come.  I'm obsessed.


  1. well, i of course do not have answers to your questions, since you are the tech-savvy one in this relationship. i am, though, going to get that blogger app! didnt know it existed and that would be so convenient. ive never figured out how to read blogs from my phone, so i'll be watching your comments for answers...

  2. welcome to the world of'll never want to go back to a different phone again!!
    For cases, I recommend OtterBox! I have the commuter and have dropped my phone several times (once it was sitting on the roof of my car and fell off into the parking lot and had no damage at all!)
    I haven't found a way to view the blogger dashboard with an app- but you can go in through Safari to the blogger website
    my favorite apps: 1. Pandora, 2. Shazam (lets you find out who's singing that great song on the radio!), 3. Starbucks (bc I have my starbucks card registered so I can very easily see my balance and add more money to it within seconds),4. HeyTell is fun if your friends also have iphones and the app too its like a walkie talkie, 5. Tango- lets you make facetime calls even if you aren't on wifi

  3. slightly jealous! I live in the world where I could probably afford the phone, but not the data plan that comes with it! So.... I'll just stay over here and be jealous. :)

  4. you have arrived my friend... it's a life changer

    I asked ALL the same questions just one short month ago and here's what the iPhone addicts in my life told me

    1) bloglovin' app - just follow all your faves on there

    2) I just "followed" you on instagram {first one thank you very much} - I was SO confused by this one TOO and no amount of googling came up with a user friendly tutorial... thank goodness for blogger friends. Here's what I was told: FIRST set up a flickr account and when you take an instagram photo turn the 'flickr' tab to ON - those photos get sent directly to your flickr account. THEN make a picnik or picasa account where you can access your flickr photos while making beautiful collages ;) I'm sure there are other ways but this was the info I so graciously received. I have the full email from Ana at BlueBird Kisses if you need more in depth info.

    3) I'm waiting for the art turned iPhone case I ordered from Society6... I've dropped mine unprotected a couple times now with no damage {phew!}... I plan on pairing my pretty with a screen protector. The otter box was just too bulky for me.

    4) twitter, soundhound, pinterest, groupon, red stamp, etsy and facebook {of course}.

    have fun! can't wait to read other iphoners' answers.

  5. I am jealous. I love the iphone. I used to have one before we switch carriers and now I'm stuck with the droid. I literally felt like I was breaking up with my phone when I had to switch..You will love it :)

  6. Congrats on your new iPhone! I would recommend staying away from the cutesy covers. I had a Kate Spade one and while cute, every time I dropped my phone the case fell off. Granted my phone never broke or shattered but the case had cracks and dents all over it. The Otterbox is great and they make 2 different ones, one is less bulky than the other. If you do get sucked into a cute one at least make sure it's not a 2 piece cover with a front and back piece that snaps together -- hopefully that makes sense. As for apps, in addition to the ones you've already got I love My Fitness Pal, Direct TV (let's tv stuff when you're not home), grocery store apps (Harris Teeter, etc.), Scout Mob, Social, Groupon, and Open Table.

  7. I got the google reader app for reading blog posts and i actually really like it!

    another app to have is the Cozi app. It's a family organizer type thing where numerous people can access it from computers, phones, tablets etc and it updates the family account. Calendar, menu (my favorite part!), to do lists, grocery lists. It's FANTASTIC.

  8. Otterbox is too bulky in my opinion. I have a Speck case, cute & durable all in one. My case is one of the candy shell ones.

    You can download any blog reader app, just type in rss reader. Or I like something called flipboard. You can sync Facebook, twitter, your reader, instagram, and others in it and access all in one place.

    Instagram is all about taking photos and adding different films to them. You can follow Facebook & twitter friends on it. You can also share on Facebook & twitter.

    Enjoy, iPhones are the best!

  9. Definitely an Otterbox! The iphone3 version was very bulky and awkwardly shaped but I love my newer one (I got it in white/hot pink). Also, I have cell phone sized monogram decals in my etsy shop that you can add to a case if you're interested.

    iPhones rule!

  10. I'm so excited for you! Ha! I just got mine in December & it is wonderful!!

    1.) You can download the google reader app! I have that on mine & read them there. I still prefer my computer, though, b/c you can't comment from reader. But you can send it to safari (where you can see the actual blog) & comment there!

    2.) I love instagram! When you take pics on there, they automatically go to your photo stream. So later (i do it once a week at the most), you plug your phone into your computer so that your pics sync to your computer. I edit in picasa b/c you can easily make cute collages & such there.

    3.) I love those cute iPhone cases, but the otterbox is what i got b/c i know i can be a bit klutzy! Haha! I am so glad. I got a pink/grey one & yes they're clunky but i could throw it across the room (not that i would!) & it'd be fine. DEFINITELY the otterbox. I got mine for a little cheaper on Amazon.

    4.) I use My Net Diary for logging what i eat/exercise/weight - it's awesome. Around Me is a very cool app ... if you're thinking "i'm craving italian!" you can go to Around Me & it will tell you all the italian restaurants near you. Handy when you're out of town & such & don't know the area as well. Mapquest is wonderful. She tells you exactly where to turn, etc. Pandora radio! It's a personalized radio station. Groupon, Living Social & Zulily. That's about it. Instagram might be my favorite!


  11. By the way - i have the You Version app too & I like it! I always struggle with Bible reading but this year, so far so good - all b/c of the iPhone, haha! Seriously, at 7 am each morning (which is right when i'm drying my hair!), it reminds me to read & that is when i do it! LOL.

  12. YAY! Isn't it amazing. I will admit, my husband feels neglected now and then because I am on my phone...a lot. So I have to make an conscience effort to "be present" and put my phone down/away while I am home.

    That being said...I have a Kate Spade case and love it. It fits on snug and protects it well - even in the hands of a curious 9+month old.

    Some of my favorite apps are: Instagram (I am megmgib - what is your's?), Facebook, Pandora, Weight Watchers Mobile & Scanner, AIM, flashlight (helps when waking up at 5am Mon-Thur for work & not waking the entire house up), The weather Channel, FiOS remote (if you have Verizon FiOS you can use your phone as your remote - so cool, especially when said 9 month old loses the real remote or the batteries die). I have a bunch of Photography apps - I like Camera+ a lot for taking pictures and editing. Newser is a great app. Gas buddy is free and shows you what the gas prices are by distance or price near you. Fandango. Words with Friends - if you like scrabble.

    And I just use Safari to check my blog & read other blogs...if you figure a better way - let me know!

    Welcome to the iPhone world!

  13. You can connect your instagram to an online place like and it'll have all your pictures online for you to drag off and make your posts.

    whats your IG name? For some reason I can't find it. Am I blind!?


  14. I agree with Meg, it can become very addicting. Both my husband and I have struggled with being intentional about taking a break from the phone from time to time.

    I used to use a case made by in(case) and had no problems with it. I have the 3GS which is a little slimmer, but didn't find it to be to bulky. I swapped it out for a Lilly case that was much slimmer, but my phone screen eventually shattered. I'm still using it because I'm cheap. My husband just upgraded to the 4S and he has speck candyshell case, which is what the girl at the Apple store recommended. It's pretty slim, but still protective. By the way, we paid $34.99 at the Apple store for that case. I just looked it up on Amazon to tell you the brand name and it's $4.14. I just ordered it-hoping I can return it to Apple and get my 30 bucks back! Here's a link if you're interested...

    As far as aps go. My go to apps are: WW mobile, the CPI security app-if you have that security system it's awesome bc you can alarm and disarm from home, Twitter, Shazam (I love being able to identify songs on the radio, it's so cool. I use it a lot in stores when they're playing something cool) Pandora, Bank of America, myAT&T-to pay my bill, urban spoon-for finding restaurants, Facebook-though I don't care for the current version, living social, groupon, red laser-a cool scanning app that tells you how much products cost at various places, and white noise-this is great with kids!

  15. Welcome to the iPhone world! A little case advice- DON'T get the cute little ones. I've had my phone for two years, and have had a rubber silicon case on it the whole time, dropped it numerous times and it's been unaffected. However, last week I bought a cutesy cover that wasn't protective really, dropped it yesterday for the first time with the new cover and my glass face shattered! ;-( Sad day. They have come out with slimmer Otterbox versions that are pricy but worth it. Have fun with your phone! I LOVE mine :-)

  16. I'm loving reading all of the responses you got! I've had an iPhone for over a year and I just know that I'm missing out on some amazing apps just because I don't know about them! :) Good luck with learning everything!

  17. I just got an iphone recently and am super clumsy and so I went with the otter box defender series. It's bulky but I don't mind since it offers great protection. There is an otter box commuter series which is a bit slimmer and my sister and dad have it and love it! I also recommend the my fitness pal app. It's great. And I like the klove app because then I can listen to Klove whenever.


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