Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bachelor of the Week #9: Secret Agent Edition

Ok... It's been a while since I've done one of these, but they seem to be quite a hit.  Plus, if Kelly says it's cool, it must be.  So here goes...

Ladies, meet the man of your dreams...

Bachelor #9:
"Secret Agent Man"
(Real Estate Agent that is)

New Listing:
- Single White Male
- Age: 32
- Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
- Studied Secondary Education at Clemson University
- Currently a Residential Real-Estate Agent in Roanoke
- Restores and sells vintage cars on the side
- Comes with or without a beard

I like a lot of things about this guy... I like that he is a Clemson TIGER.  I like that he is a dog-guy.  I like that he loves Jesus and the mission of Young Life.  I like that he is a professional but doesn't take himself too seriously, and that he seems to always be in the middle of a crazy adventure.  But, probably most, I like that he can rock croakies and a tie OR jorts and a trucker hat just the same.  This guy is FUN.

Bachelor #9 is all about making the most out of this life and laughing as he goes. He isn't afraid to be silly, wear a crazy costume, or get dirty.  And, he has mastered the art of dry wit.

Here's what he had to say about himself:

"I am very joyful and feel that aside from finding the right girl, I have a perfect life. I love telling my dog 'Beef' that she’s pretty,  helping old ladies cross the street, and anything outdoors.  I love Clemson Football, when we play with heart. I love mountain biking, running, playing tennis, and working out several times a week. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and anything that is a challenge... I own a house and am always trying to find projects to remodel and make updates.  But my real passion is restoring old European sports cars, Land Rovers, and Jeeps.  Currently I’m working on a VW van with a friend to drive across the U.S. and for camping.  I love road trips of any distance and taking time to enjoy everything along the way. For everyday life, I drive an ’84 Mercedes, it has a bike rack, can run on veggie oil, and I love it. I believe in having nice things, while living simply. There is a lot of comfort in not competing with the world to always obtain more.  I also enjoy spontaneously going to see concerts: country, 80s, indy, and oldies music. Oh, and I drink beer on the weekends and out with friends but I know Jesus still loves me."     

Family is important to "Secret Agent Man."  Most of his family lives locally, and he has a great relationship with them. Growing up in the south, his parents taught him early on to be polite to women, open doors, and pay for dinner... 

His ideal date would involve driving around a neat small town to look at the cool architecture and stores, then a casual tennis game or long run together.  Afterwards, they'd run by the store to pick up some salmon to fix on the grill (He has a great salmon recipe), get cleaned up, have a glass of cheap wine, and listen to oldies, while making dinner. If the mood struck (and the right song), he'd surely woo her with his shag dance moves.  (If you've never seen a Southern boy shag, you are guaranteed to MELT the first time.)  After dinner, they'd settle in for a movie then go for a walk with Beef, no matter how cold it is.   

Sound like a deal or what?

In a girl, he is looking for "someone who would be described as having tons of personality.  She needs to be witty and confident in who she is.  She needs to love Jesus and know who He is in her life.  Being at least pretty physically active is a must, otherwise she probably won’t really like hanging out with me, because I don’t like watching TV too often.  As far as her looks, I am not looking for someone that everyone looks at when she enters a restaurant, I’m looking for someone that some may glance over, but a couple will say 'that girl is strikingly beautiful'.  Sort of a best friend that I think is a knockout.  Brad Paisley wrote about her in the song 'The World'. I hope to find a girl who is classy in the way she acts and dresses, yet is not so focused on what people see to find her worth there."

Alright... if you fit the bill, act now!  This bachelor won't be on the market long! ;)
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  1. I think he would be a great match with my friend Meghan who I have posted about. They are not in the same state, but Meghan is looking to move in a few months so perhaps Roanoke might be her next home!?

  2. As a single substitute teacher who teaches youth group this man is a darn good catch if you ask me.

  3. If he likes redheads, then might I suggest #61-Brandi, my sister!

  4. He should check out my daughter at and he can read what I wrote about her on my blog at He sounds like a nice young man!

  5. He sounds like me! I help with confirmation and youth group stuff at my church too! I especially love working with middle school students.

  6. I'm always looking for a reason to get my friends to come to SW VA with me and your bachelor seems like a great reason! My friend Lisa is #12, take a look!

  7. Alright, I'm biased, but sister, Carrie, well, it could be perfect.

  8. He's definitely a hottie. I'll pass this along to my daughter. I'd hate for her to move so far away, but if it's the right guy... ;-)

  9. Oh if only he was older. Sounds perfect.

  10. He should meet my older sister, Katie! ( seriously.....she's a catch!

    email me at

  11. Oh and I'm #150 on Kellys SUYL this week

  12. Although they are in different states (she lives in Nashville), I think he might have a lot in common with my sister, Lauren. I wrote about her on my blog

  13. My friend, Chandra, might be the perfect match! Let me know if you'd like more info!

  14. Oh My Goodness!!! would he like to date your happily married mother!!!! good grief!!!! come on girls, this guy sounds incredible.... not that all of your picks arn't the best, but dang!!!!! I am going to think hard on who i know that could go out with him???? wow!!!

  15. I'd like to introduce you to my cousin Emily. She is # 75 on Kelly's comments. Her blog is:

    She is a committed Christian and an adorable young woman.

    Le Ann

  16. I went to Clemson with Brent and led Young Life with him. He is quality ladies- a fantastic Jesus loving guy. (I'm happily married!)

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  18. I live in Lexington where I work as a high school counselor. I am also part of a team working to start a Young Life Capernaum ministry in Rockbridge County. Although I am a Hokie at heart, Clemson is growing on me and my little sister is a student there now. I'm #93 on Kelly's link-up.

  19. Oh I'm a clemson girl even though i finished at Carolina and he can shag , oh im in heavan :)

  20. That ideal date sounds pretty good to me! I live in Virginia, about an hour and half from Roanoke. I'm #160 on Kelly's list and my blog is

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Brent sounds like a wonderful guy. I attend medical school in SW Virginia and am #190 on Kelly's list.
    Mary Devon

    1. Numbers have changed ... Check out #188 Mary Devon

  23. Check out my sister, Kyle, she is #224! Sounds like a great guy, and I think that Kyle fits his description perfectly!

  24. I showed your post to my friend Teresa and she was interested in getting in touch with your "Secret Agent Man"! you can read about her on my blog at

  25. I saw your link from Kellys blog linky up.

    As an MD girl we're not too far apart distance wise and I too studied Education but however switched to Business.

    Please feel free to tell Mr. Secret agent I'm interested and he can check out my blog, FB (search by email, it's easier :) or he can email me!

    Thank you!


  26. HAHA! comes with or without a beard. brett, you better make up your mind soon or you're going to have some pretty burly tan lines! ;)

  27. Hey there! I just saw this and thought I'd give it a try. I'm probably too late but you never know ;) I'm PA born and bred, but just lived in San Francisco for almost 4 years. I've decided it's time to come back to the east coast and am headed to Raleigh, NC in a month or so. I was involved with Young Life in SF as a leader and have always had a heart for it, no matter where I'm located. If he's interested, I'd love to chat :)

  28. ...Forgot to mention that my email address is Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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