Thursday, February 2, 2012

Deciphering Your Wife 101

Not that I know any of this from personal experience, but... Men, take note!

She says:

"Does this outfit look ok?"

You say:

Option A: It really does - tell her so.  In fact, make a big deal about how great she looks.

Option B: It is not your favorite, but she clearly likes it and/or is running late - tell her it looks good.

Option C: She is not in a hurry AND adds "you can tell me the truth" or "I really want your honest opinion" - tell her you don't love it, but that she can pull it off if she really wants to.

Option D: Her butt is hanging out/she looks like a porn star/she might lose her job if she wears it to work - just say "your butt is hanging out/ you look like a porn star/ you might lose your job if you wear that to work."  Some women just need to be told.

Note: Under NO circumstances do you say a woman looks fat.  Even if Option C or D apply.


P.S.  I've got a little Bachelor of the Week action in store for you tomorrow... Get ready!! :)


  1. Just FYI this single Virginia girl is really excited you're doing the Bach of the Week again

  2. All of these are SO true! Can't wait for your Bachelor of the Week!

  3. Haha this post is so true. I'm going to show this to my man later - he'll get a kick out of it. :)

  4. haha love this- i used to look at those comics all the time online!

    new to your blog- love it! and I think we may even live kindof near each other!

  5. BAHAHA this is so funny!
    I love this!!

  6. Love this- I just sent it to my husband! I'm pregnant and he has no idea how to answer me right now when I ask him about how an outfit looks on me.

  7. This post cracked me up when i read it. SO TRUE. ;)


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