Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Thanks for bearing with me this morning and for your comments reminding me that I'm not alone.  I really do feel better after just putting the truth out there.  Amazing how freeing confession is.

With that in mind, here are the rest of my confessions for the week:

- Since we started solid foods and one bottle of formula per day, Sam's diapers have become a whole new ballgame.  I'm pretty sure every outfit he has had on his body (at least three per day) in the last week have giant brownish/yellow stains up the back.  I simply cannot do a load of laundry every time there is a "leak."  Also, his room might kind-of smell like poop. (That's right. I'm starting this party off right... with a little poop talk.)

- I just can't stop watching The Bachelor.  I love it too much.  I feel the same way about it that I do about cheetos -- I know they are fake and bad for me, but they are just so darn good.

- I'm serious about thank-you notes. (See this post.)  But, it is the first of February and I STILL have not finished writing my Christmas notes.  Speaking of which, Aunt Delores, thank you SO much for giving Sam the two adorable outfits back in January.  He wears the sweet little lambie one all the time (pay no attention to the above poop confession), and we can't wait to show off his green Polo duds for St. Paddy's Day.  *Yes, I just used my blog to write a thank you note.  I could have at least had the courtesy to send an email. Who am I?

- My poor dog is SO dirty.  She has a giant knot of fur and dirt and god-knows-what-else behind one of her ears.  And, her filthy hair is literally TAKING OVER my house.  She is getting shaved tomorrow.  It's been an unseasonably warm winter, ok?  The appointment is already made.

- Recently, after I go through Sam's entire "night-time routine," I'm totally exhausted myself and have to go to bed.  I'm pretty sure some friends stopped by on Sunday night to visit (Addy went crazy at the door), but left because all the lights were out in the house.  It was no later than 8PM.

- I am getting an iphone SOON.  This is the highlight of my life right now.  Sentence two is my confession.

Ok ladies, fess up! 

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  1. OH my goodness, I still need to finish thank you's too..haha thanks for the reminder ;)

  2. Never did my thank you's... I am a big believer in them too. FAIL.

    So you are only doing one bottle a day of formula in addition to breast feeding or total? I hear you with the change in diaper content. Those that complain about newborn diapers DON'T EVEN KNOW.

  3. You crack me up! I've had my iPhone since October and let me tell you it is still the highlight of my day often. I too have slacked on thank you notes from Christmas and I may use your blog thank you idea, it's super convenient haha.

  4. I have a post in the works that I'll be linking up before the end of the night. In the meantime, a little advice on the poop front:

    Keep a 5 gallon pail half full of cold water and a little bit a laundry detergent by the washing machine. When there are poopy clothes (or any stains for that matter) just toss them in the bucket. I put on rubber gloves to pull the clothes out of the bucket and put them in the washer when it's time to do a load of baby laundry. Then you can dump the bucket in the toilet and start fresh. My basement never smells yucky and there are no yucky stains on my girls clothes.

  5. I have never watched the Bachelor until this season. And according to most, this is the worst one yet. So why can't I refrain from watching it?!
    I read your first post today and have to say that I am widely envious of your prospective iphone. Working moms=cool stuff. Stay at home moms=greasy hair and spit up on their sweatpants. The jealous bone is a bitter one, no?

  6. 1) I've never been a "Bachrlor" person but tried getting into this year but couldn't. I don't really care for the bachelor they have, he's too goofy for me & some of the things those crazy women do are insane!

    2) I have yet to even think about Christmas thank you notes, let alone start them! So you are way ahead of me!

    3) I looooove my iPhone & seriously cannot live without it. Honest. I think I'd die. ;)

  7. I thought about giving my dog a bath the other day - she is filthy from playing with my parents' dogs out in the forest - but since I didn't want to lift her into the tub and my husband wasn't home, I didn't. She's currently sleeping on our bed, despite the fact that she's filthy.

    And it's 7:40 and I'm in bed. I'll blame that I'm pregnant and tired and needed to get my feet up, how's that sound? :)

    And a Christmas thank you card? well, I've never sent one of those, so you are AMAZING for even wanting to do them. I'm so impressed.

    And as far as your earlier post, well, you know I feel just that way, too. And yours is one of those blogs I read and wish I could be more like. I definitley have echoed your very thoughts, comparing my blog to yours. :) Oh, humans, oh, women. I love honest E, by the way, she's my favorite.

  8. HAHAHA! Your last one cracked me up. This is the best thing ever. I got mine in December & I still say "this is the best thing i've ever owned" LOL. It's just wonderful!

  9. My dear Beautie, I'm so happy that you like the baby outfits for Sam.I can hardly wait to see him in the StP'sday outfit.
    I love you lots,
    Your Aunt D

  10. I'm sorry I couldn't joing yesterday...
    Hope you don't mind I joined today!


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