Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look Alikes

Just popping in to share the most recent photo of my boy.  (Amanda took this today so I could look at it when I start freaking out about the fact that he isn't the best at sitting by himself even though he is over 7 months old.)

Anyway, it reminded me of this post from last summer when I shared Jeff and my baby pictures and wondered what "Baby C" would look like.

I mean, the answer is obvious, but who do you think he resembles?

P.S. Do you see all that hair?  I mean, he's a regular hairy beast these days.

*Midweek Confessions will be up after work tomorrow.  Come back and fess/link up, ok?


  1. YAY a sitting up picture!! He looks so darn cute with those rosy cheeks. AND looks just like his mama ;) love you

  2. He's the perfect combo of you both. :)

  3. holy cr*p he's CUTE!! and I'm not just saying that {I don't mess around when I throw out cute baby alert comments}.

  4. Hands down... at this time our lttle Sam looks just like you...omg.....Love you guys,Auntie D

  5. My son was off the charts for weight as a baby (and still 95th percentile at 2.5). He crawled at 8 months but couldn't sit up on his own until 9 months! Looks to me like your little guy is doing a fabulous job at the sitting. :) Fun comparison pics too!

  6. He looks so much like you!! That is awesome! Every day I wake up and hope J will look more like me, but it's still not happening :)


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