Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick Baby for Dummies

Um... I've literally become the worst blogger recently.  This weekend - for the first time in a LONG time - I did not even get my laptop out of my school bag until I got back to work this morning.  Sometimes I'm too busy living life to actually write about it.  (That sounds a lot better than just saying I'm lazy.)

Either way, this bad-blogger-ness is ironic because at the same time, I've been thinking a lot about the future of my little blog and what I want to "do" with it in the coming months... I should probably start by WRITING, huh?  :)  More to come on all that one day (sort-of) soon.

Anyway, today I just wanted to draw your attention to my friend Lea's blog.  She is a mama herself (Jonathan is 9 months old tomorrow and Sam's BFF - even if they don't know it yet), and a Pediatric Physician's Assistant.  Basically, she is the most wonderful friend in the world to have if you are a freakish new mom like me.  I call her ALL the time with ridiculous medical questions about Sam (or sometimes me).  Recently, I've also started texting her photos of weird spots on his skin etc.  She doesn't even judge my insanity, she just patiently answers my questions so I can sleep at night knowing it is just dry skin and not some kind of deadly skin parasite. ;)  Even Jeff trusts Lea's advice a lot.  In fact, most of our conversations regarding Sam (health or not) end with "Well, what does Lea think?" Trust me, that's saying something.

So... where am I going with this?  A few weeks ago, Lea started a new series on her blog called "Medical Mondays."  Basically, she has been covering different medical topics from the perspective of a mom and doctor.  It is REALLY informative and helpful, but easy to understand and personalized just enough.

If you are a mom, or not and just like stuff like this, I strongly recommend that you check out her posts.  Here is a list of what she's covered already with links:
Tylenol vs. Motrin (I'd be lying if I said I even knew there was a difference before this.)

And, a photo of Jonathan that I stole from her, just because he is adorable and this post was lacking cuteness.
Didn't Sam pick a handsome best friend?
I've already put in requests for posts on constipation, starting solid foods, dry skin, and head size.  What baby medical topics would you like broken down in mommy-language? She's good, I'm telling you!


  1. flat heads? i am lucky to have a pediatrician dad, but i still love medical advice for babies!

  2. Aw girl you are the best! Thanks for the shout out, my professional blogger friend :) jj and Sam need to FaceTime SOON!

  3. welcome back! that's such a cute picture. This is kind of off topic but I'm always surprised by how quickly these kids grow up. My friend was pregnant yesterday. Today, her son is 5 months old. where did all that time go?? haha

  4. Yes I agree on the flat head syndrome! Thanks for putting in our requests! (I found your blog through Ashley @ the polluck potluck!)


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