Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midweek Confessions - Back Up and Running

Hi there!  Did you think I'd abandoned blogging?  Rest assured, I just took a nice little "vacation" and now I'm hoping to be back in full swing.  What better way to kick start than with a few Midweek Confessions?

Shall we?

- I've confessed this before, but it is worth saying again... Far too often, I wash my sheets and then am too lazy to put them back on the bed.  As a result, when I get ready to go to bed, I pull out tons of blankets from our linen closet (thus making way MORE work for me later than if I had just taken a few minutes to put the sheets on) and sleep on the bare mattress pad with blankets.  We sleep like that until a.) I get the energy to put the sheets back on OR b.) someone is coming over that might see our bedroom.  *We slept this way last night and "a" is not looking good.

- I ordered a set of Baby Einstein videos a few weeks ago with a Groupon deal (it was too good to pass up), and have since gotten very bad about using them to "babysit" Sam while I do dishes/ make dinner/ mindlessly surf the internet.  I KNOW this is bad, but I just can't help myself.  They are a little educational.

- I feed Addy an inordinate amount of "human food" because I feel guilty that we don't give her as much attention anymore. I used to be so proud of her dinner table etiquette, but now she begs like the best of 'em. (And might be a little chubby.)

- I was playing around with my phone the other day and saw where I can disable the "sent from iPhone" signature on my email accounts.  I thought for a second that I should take it off, because it is kind-of annoying and unnecessary, but I decided to keep it on because I want to show off that I have an iPhone, and I don't want people to think I'm just sitting around at my computer responding to emails all day --- they need to realize that I am super busy and on-the-go. ;)

- I don't really respond to emails at all anymore.  If you have sent me one recently, rest assured that I READ it (on my iPhone, of course), but I am too lazy to type a response on the touch pad.  Side Note: I'm SORRY.  I will get better soon, promise.

- I have TONS to do this week, but so far my track record of "I'll just go to bed early tonight and stay up late tomorrow night" is NOT doing me any favors.  My only hope?  I've promised myself that I can catch up on the last few weeks of The Bachelor while I work tonight and tomorrow.  (Shh... Don't give anything away, I'm super behind!)

- I'm using breastfeeding as my only form of exercise.  Not.Good.

Ok, wow.  I thought I didn't have anything to write, but then it just started flowing.  I'm anxious to get back in the saddle and see what you are confessing this week.  Grab the button and link-up below whydon'tcha?

*I added this button to my sidebar too.  You like?


  1. baby einstein videos are the only ones that actually keep my kids sitting down quietly glued to the tv. Some days it's just too tempting!!

  2. I thought my "sent from my iPad" was cool but the iPhone tag is way cooler. One day I'll get one, one day!

  3. Totally the same about replying to emails from my iPhone... I read them and never respond! Oops.

  4. What a fun read and doesn't confessions do the soul good? :o) I wish Baby Einstein videos had been around when my children were small. I promise your child will be just fine watching a few videos here and there. Blessings to you for this day!

  5. I will confess that I have done the same thing with the whole washing sheet/throw blanket on the mattress business....for more than one night in a row. I try to not ever let myself have to make my bed at night for that reason--because it won't get done! Don't feel lonely!! haha!

  6. I confess, on too of the post I'm linking up, that it's actually last week's confessions since you took a break last week ;) I'm taking the break this week! I use the "sent from my iPhone/iPad" quote so people know if I make a spelling error IRS because I'm typing from the phone or iPad. Thanks for hosting!

    **Comment left from my iPad ;) lol

  7. We do the SAME THING w/ the sheets! =) Too funny!

  8. Confessions #2...I linked up the wrong post at first, the second link for me is actually last weeks confessions! The first link is what I linked up the week before last! Ooops!

  9. let me just say "I'm glad i'm not the only one" to all of these! they sounded awfully familiar :)


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