Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Gems This Week

I might start a new little weekly series called "Blog Gems."  (I say might, because we all know how good I am with follow through.)  Anyway, throughout the week, I find myself frequently wanting to share something I read on another blog with you guys; but, I can't necessarily justify a whole post just to point you over there...  So, instead, I'm thinking I will just keep a running list and do one big post on the weekends with links to lots of my favorites from the week before?  You like it?  THEN, if there is something you read (or wrote) that week that you'd like to share too, you can just leave a link in the comment section.  We are so social. :)

And now ladies (and gentlemen), without further adeiu... I bring you my Blog Gems this week --

"I Sold My Soul to the Pacifier" from Baby Rabies.  Guilty.  :) This girl CRACKS me up.  She also, desperately, needs a Wubbanub. Ha!

"The Hardest Part For Me About Being a Mother" from 503 Galleries.  Jessica hit the nail on the head with this one... Her post is about the fine line between letting our babies be babies and teaching them independence. It was the perfect read for me right now in this place I'm in with Sam (more on that tomorrow).

"Letter to My Future 'I Want a Third Baby' Self" from Loves of Life.  I love Katie.  She is adorable and hilarious.  If you are considering a third (or second, or fourth, or fifth, etc.) baby some time in life, you might want to read this first. ;)

Free downloadable state prints from QA Design.  I'm totally printing Virginia for my sunroom. *This was actually posted several weeks ago, but I just found it this week via Effortless Style Blog.

I think I like this.  I had fun collecting favorite posts this week.  Now, it's your turn... Tell me: What gems have you found this week?  Please leave a link in the comments below so I have some good reading material to procrastinate doing my piles of laundry and school work this weekend.


  1. What an awesome idea!!! I'm going to head on over and read these, thanks :)

  2. Oh no. If the world population dips don't blame me :)

  3. I've had a busy week so I'm not catching up on all your posts for the week.

  4. Katie's was one of my favorites too. Thanks for sharing the downloadable state art!

  5. This website:
    is my find! I don't know of anything more awesome!

  6. I think this is a great idea!

  7. I just pinned that printables link on Pinterest yesterday! We are so mod. :)

    Um, please read this and feel free to share it. It rocks my world!

  8. I think "Blog Gems" are a fabulous idea! Look forward to reading more of them!


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