Friday, April 27, 2012

Current Obsessions

I'm linking up with Sara over at Saige Wisdom again today with my current obsessions...
My New Blog Design from Thirsty Hearts
Yep, it's coming Monday... I cannot WAIT to show you!

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bars
No, I still have not started Weight Watchers (let's be honest... I'm not going to); I just like these a lot and I don't feel quite as guilty when I eat three two in one sitting.

Ann Lamott

I've mentioned her book Operating Instructions before - it is my favorite new-mom read - and I'm reading Bird by Bird right now... Both are SO good.  She just came out with a new book that she wrote with her son, Sam (one of you mentioned her/him this week in a comment), that I'm excited to read next. Her writing style is as if we were sitting in a coffee shop talking about parenting, writing, life, and faith. (And her hair is awesome.) She's quickly moving up my list of "people I'd like to be friends with in real life" these days. 

Dangly Earrings
A pair I'm loving from Anthropologie
I know most people have been wearing dangly earrings since the nineties; but, until recently, I've only worn them for special occassions because they always made me feel like I was getting ready to go clubbing (which I never do).  Now I'm trying to work them into my everyday wardrobe, and I really like it.  Someone told me I looked "snazzy" today at school.  I'll take that.

Sleep Training
This is SO Jeff and I; and, I'm sure the fact that the babies name is "Elizabeth" is not lost on my mom... Apparently, Sam gets his poor sleep habits honestly.
If by obsessions you mean things you LOVE, this doesn't really work.  It falls more into "things you are obsessing over" definition of the word.  Yesterday, Sam got the "all clear" on his ear infection from the pediatrician, and we officially got the go-ahead to start some sleep training.  Operation - I cannot go another night feeding my nine month old boy twice a night is officially underway as of last night.  We're doing the Ferber Method - mainly because it is the closest thing Jeff and I can find to a compromise (I'd just let him cry it out straight through, and he would never let him cry).  Night one involved a lot of crying and a lot of "checking." Wish us luck.  *Yes, I realize I'm opening up a can of worms here... Bring it on! Seriously, mama (and baby) need some sleep.

What are you obsessing over today?  Link up at SaigeWisdom now!


  1. That cartoon is my life right now! Seriously I just wrote a post called "why do babies hate sleeping?" It ended with me telling my husband to let him cry and my husband going to pick him up.

    I'm so tired.

    here's the link

  2. I literally don't think I've ever seen you in a pair of dangly earrings! ...even with all the clubbin we've done. ha. And YOU CAN DO IT on the sleep training :-) Call me if you need moral support.

  3. Good luck with sleep training! I feel like we've been working on it for the past 4 months! We're down to one 4 AMish feeding, which is tough because it's kind becoming his first feeding of the day. We use the Ferber method, and it works, as long as teething/ear infections/life doesn't get in the way!

  4. Good luck with the sleep training! We're back to being up 2-4 (four!!) times a night because of this cycle where she eats to fall asleep ( a must which must change), wets herself and wakes up because it's cold (boo you cloth diapers at night), then needs milk again etc. So we're trying some disposables this weekend. Hopefullyw e both have better nights soon!

  5. Good luck!! You do what works for you guys. We are trying sleep training as well, just a different method. We are doing what works for us. Hopefully you guys are successful with your training. Keep us posted :)

  6. Your blog design is lovely. thirstyHearts might be my new obsession, too! Also, I envy that you're reading two books. I haven't read an actual, adult book since I was pregnant. I need to change that. Now.

  7. I don't know you but know Lindsey and found your blog from her- but just wanted to encourage you with the sleep training. we did it for both our kids- it was absolutely the hardest thing i have ever done. in my life. probably worse than giving birth. but the absolute best thing we could have ever done. we all sleep now, we are all happy (yeah right) but really- totally worth it. and i have two very happy kids to show for it. but there might be nights when you want to throw up cause the sound of your kid crying is more than you can bear. just hang in there, it will get better! it worked for us in 2 or 3 days!! (we had two kids that woke up every 1 or 1 1/2 hours so it was intense)!!

  8. My mom motto, " with keep you can conquer all!" good luck with the sleep training. We did it with Maddie and we are doing it now, Ferber method, with D.

  9. We went with the Ferber method, and it worked well. The first three or four nights were hard, but OH MY GOSH it was worth it. You can do it!

  10. HAD to comment today, after two very very hard sleep days. I just plopped onto my couch exhausted - physically and emotionally - and loved the cartoon! Addison is nearly 6 months and sleeping worse now (for naps at least) than ever before, and also wakes twice a night to eat (something I've been advised to continue doing until her weight gain amps up a bit). However, we're doing as close to "extinction" as possible while still feeding twice. We should form a support group, for real. If you keep at it I will...

  11. I have never read anything by this author, but she sounds good! I'm going to have to try her books. Does she have any advice on sleep training? :) I was a failure in that department. Baby sleep (or lack there of) is the worst. I have an almost three year old who still has questionable nights, and a newborn who seems to really like sleeping...keeping my fingers crossed on that one. :) Good luck with Sam!

  12. I love dangling earrings and think you will too. You'll be a cute Momma in them for sure!

    Best of luck on the sleep training and glad you and Hubby found a compromise. You will be a new woman when you start getting a full night's sleep.

    Happy weekend!

  13. Sleep training stinks and I'm not good at it. With my little one she would stay asleep but wouldn't fall asleep. I'd leave the house. My husband is the iron fist in our family. He can handle the crying and I just cave. After two nights she fell right alseep.

  14. I had to comment because when I had my first child, I was like the sleep nazi. I read some of Ferber, and it was helpful, but I went with pediatric sleep specialist, Marc Weissbluth, mainly which is similar, but you do go in and sooth, and you have some bedtime rituals that helped us. It's called "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child." Good luck. It's not easy, is it?

    I had to use some of Ferber's techniques on my son when he was 3 who is now 6. His book really helped me more for the older child.

  15. I love Anne Lamott. I haven't really read any of her fiction, but I love Traveling Mercies, Plan B, and Grace Eventually. I recommend her to people all of the time. I'm glad you love her too :)

    My son didn't sleep through the night until 11 mos, but he's been an amazing sleeper since. I think nursing makes it a bit harder, though that wasn't enough reason for us to quit. That cartoon could have been my husband and I too. I wanted to be so much more gentle, but at a certain point I was just so tired, but my husband couldn't stand to hear him cry. Not that I had an easy time, but I was always the one to actually get up and soothe him! Good luck!


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