Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midweek Confessions

- It is not even 6:30, and I've already had my first near nervous breakdown of the day.  And, when Jeff came downstairs to rescue me from my misery, I immediately went to my blog for some stress relief.  It's no exercise or prayer, but it's better than drugs or alcohol, right? 

- Sam has entered the "Terrible Twos."  Who taught my ten month old to have temper tantrums already (at 4AM, no less)?  It's going to be a long 18 years... Did I learn nothing last week?

- I'm pretty sure I'm getting kicked out of the Junior League for not attending enough meetings this year.  I definitely am ending the year "in poor standing." The worst part? When I realized this, my very first thought was "this will make a good confession."  Sad.

- I am over a week late on Sam's 10 month update (and everything else in life).

- I bought a co-worker/friend a box of expensive cookies on Sunday to thank her for all her help last week.  I really had to beg Jeff to let me buy them. (He did not understand the importance of having expensive, well-packaged cookies to make up for the fact that they were store-bought.)  Then, I had a terrible day Monday and forgot my lunch.  Let's just say the cookies never made it to my friend.  /div>

What are your confessions this week?  Grab the button and link-up below! I've missed you!


  1. I feel like I'm losing it... the link up just disappeared on my screen! Very strange indeed...

    ps. I was always and am always at least 1-2 weeks late on the monthly updates... at least I'm consistent I guess!

  2. 1. Youre entitled to nervous breakdowns daily until summer. As a fellow teacher, I give you permission.
    2. I can't see what I'm typing right now, so who knows if this is coming out right or not.
    3. I wonder if Luke has hit the terrible two's as well; he's had 4 nonstop fussy days and I thought it was from being sick, but now I'm beginning to wonder...

  3. The JL should understand. Tell your advisor... I mean, you have a little one on your hands!! Maybe they can give you a leave of absence. Hope your day is getting better! *hugs*

  4. I dont see the link up but dont worry Im always late on everything lol. Also those cookies wouldnt have made it to my friend either lol

    Check out my confessions at

  5. ugh the terrible twos . . . wait until three . . it gets worse!

    hope your day got better after the near nervous breakdown.

  6. I love this segment and I really enjoyed all the letters last week. Love your site.

  7. Hopefully things look up soon :) And if it makes your day a little better, I too have purchased gifts on multiple occasions that didn't make it to their intended recipients. So far the list includes a plate of cookies, some fancy lotion, and a gift my favorite restaurant. fail :(

  8. I know all to well about the early morning breakdowns....and I don't have kids! Ha. At least you had cookies...all I have around here is rice cakes!

  9. Also, it is SO hard to leave comments on your blog....I have to refresh and hit the publish page a bunch. Does that happen to anyone else? Or is it just me?

  10. I love these confessions today e. I was cracking up reading them. I was having a hard time leaving a comment earlier on my computer (the comment box wouldn't even come up) but now on my phone it's working fine. Love you and your life and your kid

  11. Always enjoy your confessions and am going to have to participate one of these Wednesdays soon. Terrible Twos already, maybe not, maybe just a "bad night." Have a good rest of the week!!!!

  12. I am absolutely having a nervous breakdown every day (also, I haven't exercised in eons) - I am praying that it's just because this time of the school year is so frenzied! Also, if it makes you feel better, the last monthly update I did of Ella was at 7 months...she turned 1 three weeks ago...sooooo, yeah. I have the pictures I just haven't gotten my act together and posted them!


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