Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is Wrong With My Blog?

Uggg... I'm sure it is just because everything else in my life is so crazy busy right now; but the fact that my blog layout is messed up is driving me CRAZY!  Does anyone know WHY my sidebars have disappeared and re-located themselves to the bottom of the page?  When I look at the "layout" tab on Blogger, everything looks normal.  Any suggestions?

Also, is anyone else having trouble commenting?  (I realize this is a totally ridiculous questions because, in order to actually answer, you would have to... comment.  But, whatever.)

Thanks guys!  (And, thanks for the laughs yesterday... You are the best!)
.... And, just like that.... The problem is solved.  Literally, all I did was hit publish.  Oy vey. Sorry for a total waste of your 90 seconds this morning.


  1. Thought I'd comment to test out the commenting! Seems to be working fine from this end. Also wanted to let you know that the WholyFit class (alternative to yoga) that I told you about, will be starting at the Brambleton center on June 22nd (Friday mornings from 10-11), provided we get enough people to sign up- You can find more details on my website: Would love to have you join us for the summer if you're still interested!

  2. I don't see sidebars at the bottom. Did you fix it?
    If not, you can email me and I'll look at the coding for you.

  3. Hey E, my sidebars did that not too long ago too, so for future reference ... They'll go to the bottom of the page if the HTML in one of your posts is off. As long as that post is in the main page the sidebars will be messed up. So I'd check some of the posts that just got pushed off the main page - check each post individually and the one that messes up your page when you view it is the culprit. Then just make sure all your HTML tags are closed.

    And comments have been down on my blog too! It's so nice to hear that it's not just that my blog is boring or something ... Ha!

  4. I just commented earlier...and it worked fine. I was having a hard time the other day...but that may have just been a blogger glitch!


Your comments are what makes this thing fun! I LOVE to hear from you and do my best to respond to everyone! THANK YOU!

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