Friday, May 25, 2012

Operation Get My Life Back in Order

Well, I'm not exactly off to a great start considering it is 10AM and I'm watching morning talk shows and blogging in my pjs (while Sam naps), but I'm pretty sure a little R&R is a pre-requisite to anything "productive" I might do this weekend...

Thank you for always putting my feelings perfectly into words.

This is a four day weekend for me, and BOY do I need it!!! I'm going to spare you the whiney re-cap of the last few weeks and just say that they have been hard.  Everything is fine (good, even); but, the word "busy" has taken on a new meaning recently.  My (lovely) sister posted this photo of my guest/dressing room on Facebook earlier this week:

Thank you Kathryn!  (Revenge is sweet.)

Add in too many Excel spreadsheets to count, and that pretty much sums everything up.

So, today officially begins Operation Get My Life Back in Order.  It will include two days of insane cleaning and organizing (I PRAY that's enough), and two days of rest and play (which are equally important).
Art from Red Letter Words.  I think I'm seriously going to order this for my life house.
I miss blogging regularly; but, I'm going to postpone my "return" just a little longer until I get everything else under control again.  I'll see you (hopefully) on Tuesday.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  And, thank you for being the best blog friends a girl could ask for (and forgiving me for my terribleness with email, comments, etc. etc. etc.).


  1. I totally understand, and believe you me, I have had the whole house look like that, lol. The end of the school year is madness, plus you have a baby! I love that part of the agenda is to play - enjoy that, too, amidst the "re-order."

    May this weekend be everything you need it to be!

  2. Same here! And now I am to the point where I have SO much to catch up on, I am totally overwhelmed so I just avoid it! But that just makes the piles bigger...

    And usually, after each of your posts, I think to myself that you must have been reading my mind! But now I am definitely convinced we are soul sisters when I saw your guest room pic. Not only does my guest room look eerily similar, but I have the same exact Pottery Barn bedding on the wrought iron bed in the room!

    Have a wonderful weekend and prayers that you are able to accomplish all your goals!

  3. Good luck and hope you do accomplish your goals. Sometimes life just gets out of control. We will all be right here when you return. Happy, productive weekend!

  4. Happy cleaning. Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

  5. we spent all day Monday cleaning the casa. I'm talking vacuuming the ceilings and cleaning the baseboards. Now I know what I don't do that more often...totally exhausted. Thought I might cry when the cat shed a clump of fur on the floor this morning.

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