Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Yes, I am still alive. 

I know it is bad when I start getting emails making sure I'm ok.  Thanks for sticking around even when I am lousy blogger...I've missed you!!

Life is good, just busy.  I was prepared for one busy week at work; but, this whole month has just about killed me.  I will try to spare you my whining and complaining and just say that I've been working really long hours and then coming home exhausted.  Most days it is all I can do to feed and put Sam to bed before crashing myself.   I honestly feel like I've been living in a cave since Mother's Day - totally disconnected from most everything, including - obviously - this blog.  I really hate that because community (in the blogosphere and in real life) is so important to me - so good for me; but, thank goodness there is a light at the end of the tunnel... The last day of school is THURSDAY (cue Halleluiah chorus here) and change is on the horizon.  More to come on that soon...

In the meantime, despite the fact that I really have no idea where to start because I'm already so behind, in an effort to get back on the blogging wagon, I'm going to attempt to play catch up - feel free to skim...

- Last weekend, in addition to finally getting my house back in order, we took Sam (and Addy) to the lake.  Our closest family friends have a beautiful lake house that has kind-of become our own little "home away from home" over the years.  Sam took to it right away... Poor guy doesn't stand a chance at ever getting a tan, but he totally rocked that huge hat and neoprene suit.

And Addy? A regular sea-otter. I LOVE watching her in the water... She is, truly, the happiest girl.  (Kudos to that dog-life jacket... Homegirl has put on a few pounds since last summer, so we were grateful for the extra support.)

- Sam is ten months old.  (Really, ten and a half months, and this is the best I can do in terms of an update.)  He is crawling like a champ.  He pulls up on EVERYTHING.  He is trying to talk - "Mama" is definitely looking like the forerunner for his first word, but so far it's just a lot of "MaBaBaMaBa."  He has four teeth coming in at the exact same time on the top, and they are taking their sweet time.  He LOVES eating and mostly insists on feeding himself.  He likes to scream - in a happy, fun way.  He slept all night for several weeks; but he grew bored of that quickly.  Now, he wakes up for some "hang-out time" at least once a night - sometimes twice.  Last week, he had his third ear infection.  And, he poops four times a day.  Yep, that about sums things up...

- I'm pretty much finished breastfeeding.  I really intended to go for a full year; but, with the craziness of the last few weeks etc., my milk supply couldn't really keep up, and Sam has pretty much weaned himself.  He is still nursing a little bit in the morning, but that's all.  Guess I'm not "Mom Enough." Ha! Honestly, it has not really been an emotional thing for me... I feel good about what I was able to do, and OK about the next step.  We are starting "bottle-bootcamp" this summer and moving to a lot more solid food than milk.  I'll probably write more about breastfeeding some time soon. 

- Speaking of Sam, now that things are finally starting to wind down at school; I've been thinking a lot about his first birthday.  I've gone back and forth about what to do and am feeling pretty settled on just having a simple cookout with close friends and family.  I think there will be plenty of time for really elaborate "themed" birthday parties in the future, but I kind-of just want this to be about celebrating the fact that Jeff and I have survived our first year as parents, and thanking all the people who have loved the three of us and made that possible.  Of course, I do have a totally unrealistic amount of a few  Pinterest-inspired plans up my sleeve... I'm excited to get started on some details in the next few weeks and, of course, share.

My first "party purchase" - found at Steinmart for $5.00.  It will set the tone for the rest of my decorating, etc.
- Despite the fact that I just told you how incredibly busy I've been lately, I'm caught up on the Bachelorette. Ha!  (I love watching it online while I clean and do laundry - the perfect reward for my hard work.)  I actually like Emily more than I expected too.  I really like that she's trying to show the guys that her life isn't always glamorous and doing "regular" things like hanging out with her friends and their kids at the park. Now, if only her house was a mess and she was fifteen pounds overweight... Anyway, I think, so far, I'm on Team Doug or Team Arie. What about you?

- I made an appointment to have Addy groomed this past week but made the mistake of having Jeff drop her off.  I usually go with the "medium" cut; but Jeff ordered "extra short" (or something like that).  Let's just say she looks a bit... naked.  Poor girl.  At least she does seem a little cooler...

- I ordered the book Organized Simplicity this weekend and plan to start it asap.  That's going to be my theme/goal for the summer.   Have any of you read it? 

- On Friday, Sam and I are heading south to spend a couple days with my college girlfriends and their kids.  I can't wait.  This will be the first time we've had this many of the kiddos together, so it should be wild.  I'm taking the baby cage.  I hope Sam is ready to meet his best friends and future wife. ;)
And... I'm not finished just yet.  I've got some wonderful (and very patient) May sponsors to thank.  Will you do me a favor and go show them some love??  Really... go now.

Windows by Melissa has an awesome new website where you can order custom Roman shades and curtains, as well as cute pillows and other home decor.  She's working on a big project for my mom right now, and her handi-work is proudly on display in Sam's room. :)  Who doesn't need more snaz on their windows? :)

You all know my love for Room to Romp - preppy clothes for little boys.  I'd order one of everything if I could...

*June sponsors will go up later this week... Email me if you are interested in becoming one!

Whew, talk about a hodge-podge... But, I feel better just getting everything out in one post. If you made it this far, THANK YOU.  Now, enough about me... What have you been up to? What have a missed in the blogosphere? Do tell!


  1. So glad you're back! I've missed you. Plug through these final days and good luck. Summer is just around the corner!

  2. Sounds strange but I did miss you. Checked in a few times and then just realized LIFE got in the way (when doesn't it or should it). Glad to read the catch up. Sam is adorable and looks so healthy and happy.


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