Monday, June 4, 2012

Calling all SAHMs

So, I may have mentioned already that summer break begins FRIDAY!  To say I am excited would be the understatement of the year.  I am ecstatic.  I am READY.

I LOVE that I have a job with a built-in break & a fresh start every August.  I NEED those 2+ months every year to reconnect with friends, deep clean my house, catch up on my reading, finally start exercising, and (goodness knows) get some sleep!!  Seriously, I don't know how you people that work 12 months a year do it...

Remember my "Summer To Do List" from last year?  Well, I have high expectations for this one too.  At the top of the list?  Clean-out the basement and "de-clutter," create a cozy office space in my guest room, start training for that half-marathon that keeps looming in my future, and get busy on the book proposal I promised myself I'd write in 2012.

I am already dreaming of long days by my sister's pool, lots of front-porch sitting, and (gasp) even doing a little cooking.... Ahhh....
"Summer Relaxation Kit" from Skip to My Lou - an excellent teacher gift, FYI.

Of course, this summer will be different... In fact, in the tiniest little part of my heart/mind/whatever, I'm beginning to feel just a tad bit nervous about this summer.  Why?  Because this summer, I have a full time job - Official Title: MOM. 

And, let me tell you, my employer (although quite adorable and fun) can be very needy and demanding. ;)

So, today, friends, I'm asking for some help.  I'd love some advice from full-time Stay-at-Home-Moms, or anyone that has something to contribute.  Specifically, tell me:

1.) What is your daily routine like?

2.) What kinds of activities do you do with your kids?  Do you do any specific teaching or educational things?  If so, what do you do and how often?

3.) How do you make time for yourself?  About how much time do you allow for YOU each day?  What is this time like?

4.) When do you do things like laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.?

5.)  What one piece of advice would you give a new SAHM?

*It probably would also help if you include in your comment how old your kid(s) are too.

Ok, let it roll... I've gotta lot of learning to do!


  1. I don't really know how to answer all these things--but a general idea of a routine is a good idea. However, remain flexible. There are days when we stay in our pjs, but most of the time? Nah. We get up, have a leisurely breakfast, she'll sometimes watch a show while I get ready/do some work (since I work from home)/clean the kitchen, etc. Then we all get dressed and try to do an outing in the morning if possible. Not all mornings does this work out (and this is only b/c we are down to one nap a day). Go to the park, go to target, meet a friend somewhere, go to the zoo, etc. Then it's lunch time, naptime (which is momma relax or work/catch up on stuff time), then prep for dinner time. Daddy comes home, time! HA. :) (Aka: best time of day everrr).

    LIttle household chores are just plugged in throughout the day when she's busy playing with some toys, playing an educational ipad app game, or eating a snack at the table.

    I think its important to remember that naptime does NOT have to mean you always have to run around and be a crazy woman doing 'productive' stuff--that your mental sanity as a break is also worth it.

    Also, at his age, I don't know about incorporating "education" into his routine necessarily is something you have to do--unless you mean time to read books, or play with blocks/talk colors/shapes, etc. You know? Just have fun :) You will!

  2. Our son is almost 13 months and it does help to have somewhat of a routine. But, I agree with Katie, it helps to stay flexible! That way you can have days to do fun stuff like the zoo etc..

    Our schedule is basically get up play a little, eat breakfast and then down for a morning nap. (these are getting shorter and shorter! I will miss these, ha!) While hes napping I get dressed that way when he wakes up it is go time! Meet up with friends, do some shopping etc. Before we come back for lunch and a nap. Afternoon naps I use for getting things done like laundry or picking up but sometimes I sit my happy self down and have some time to just veg! Nap times are awesome! ;)
    Then when he gets up we play, (cars/trucks are real big right now. :)-so cute) Get dinner going then the hubs gets home & we have family time! That's what our typical days look like!

    Have a great summer break! You are going to love staying home with your little guy! :)

  3. I'm a SAHM to a 15 month old little boy.

    1) Gus wakes up around 7 in the morning. We don't do a lot except each breakfast until my husband leaves at 8:45. Gus takes a morning nap, and he goes down between 9-10. We have toys in our bedroom and bathroom, so sometimes I start getting ready after my husband leaves. I also usually start a load of laundry and pick up the kitchen a little. I finish getting ready while Gus naps. When he wakes up, I get him dressed and do a few things around the house. Sometimes I let him play outside because it isn't too hot yet. I usually run errands or go to Sonic :) too. My husband is home for lunch around 1, so I usually put something for him together for lunch. Gus goes down for the afternoon nap around 2. This is what I consider my time. I watch shows I have DVR'd, blog, relax. Then we he gets up we play. And then later I cook dinner.

    2. Gus is only 15 months so we don't have a lot of specific activities. He is a great walker, so I let him explore outside when its nice. I think it is so good for him to be able to do his own thing outside. He also loves books so we read a lot. I have tried coloring, but he isn't really into it yet. He just started liking music and dancing, so I try to turn on music for us to dance to during the day.

    3. My time is when Gus naps. This is usually 30 - 60 min in the morning and around 2 hrs in the afternoon. In the evening I try to spend time with my husband. I sometimes enjoy a long hot bath, and I consider that my time too.

    4. I do house stuff throughout the day. I clean sometimes while Gus is up, although I usually have to mop while he is sleeping. He enjoys playing with me on the floor when I fold clothes. Sometimes I let him eat in his highchair while I'm cooking lunch or dinner if I need him to be entertained. Some days he is really fussy while I'm cooking, but I just deal with it.

    5. Advise- Don't get too concerned if your house isn't perfect. It won't be anymore after you have kids running around. I will work really hard to clean, and a few minutes later there are toys everywhere, and it's time to cook again, and more dirty clothes appeared. Do what you can when you can, and don't worry about it. Kids are only little for a few years. Enjoy it.

  4. My son is 2, but around the 10 month to 1 year mark (as Sam is in currently), I didn't have too stringent of a schedule. As they get older (1-2 yr range), schedules become important because they are so incredibly active and need to be stimulated...and Mama gets T-I-R-E-D.

    Like others have said, using the morning nap time for personal grooming and "me" time was important for me. Depending on how bad the night went, I sometimes opted for an early morning nap (I'd forego the second cup of coffee in anticipation of getting a little snooze). It was important most days to have an outing between 11 and 1 or 2, before the afternoon nap. Lunch with friends, a walk, a trip to the store, etc., all helped eat up the time. If Sam is OK in a nursery, maybe finding a Moms group (or a sing-a-long, Bible study, Baby gym, etc.) to attend might also be fun. I used the afternoon nap time to prep dinner, rest, read, clean or whatever. Honestly, as far as meals are concerned, grilling saves a LOT of time and is an easy summer meal. I did a lot of marinated meat and spent the afternoon nap time prepping sliced veggies to grill or preparing salad. Again--our schedule was pretty laid back and flexible back then.

    I think as far as advice, I'd say do things that YOU enjoy. Don't be super stressed about making things educational or too a good Mom, you'll probably do that anyways. At that age, they just love being outside, pulling up, pushing carts, and interacting with people. My son loved splashing in water (cups of water were a big fun thing), and any kind of water-table thing would be a big hit: something baby-height they can stand and hold on to and thrash / splash their hands through the water. I hope some of this helps!

  5. These comments have been helpful to me too. I can't think of anything to add. If you would like I do a post every week about books for little ones. I usually post on Sundays or Mondays. I compile a list of books we read each week. Check it out if you wish: My son is about to be 10 months.

  6. My son Luke turns 1 tomorrow!
    630- I wake up, have coffee (obvi)
    700- Luke wakes up
    (I make my husbands lunch and breakfast)
    800- my husband leaves for work and Luke and I leave for my run
    930- we come home and eat oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast
    1000- Luke takes a bath
    1030- I take a shower and get ready while Luke plays with toys
    12- we go out, either to run errands or take the dog for a walk
    200- I try to convince Luke to take a nap, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
    4- I start to make dinner
    445- husband comes home and plays with luke while I finish dinner
    500- we all eat
    600- we all play and hang out
    8- we all lay down and hope Luke falls asleep before 9

    Not much "me" time, good luck! Haha

  7. I think a routine is so important. That way everyone is on the same page. I have a (just turning) 3 year old, and an (almost) 5 year old.

    our mornings are get up get ready for the day, including breakfast, then either run errands, a play date, go to the library, farmers market, pool, whatever we are doing that day to get out of the house. Sometimes that includes lunch packed and out, other days we make it home to eat lunch. Then they get some play time doing whatever they chose while I clean, start laundry, emails, that sort of thing. Then it's naptime. My kids nap from 2-4 everyday (my 5 year old sometimes reads in bed instead of sleeping). When they wake up they have a small snack, then we do "school time" My 5 year old start K in the fall and I want him to be ready. Then it is making dinner, eating, then either play time in the playroom with daddy, a walk to the playground or just hanging out till bath and beds at 8 (sometimes later on weekends).

    my me time feels non-existent. While the kids are napping I usually catch up on DVR and if my husband is home in the evening/weekends he will take over so I can relax or run errands, but that is about it.

    As far as housework, I do small things throughout the day. I am a big clutter freak, and try to make sure everything has a specific place to "live" so things don't get messy.

    My advice is, ENJOY it! Some days can be long and tiring, but just remember that although they days can seem long, the years go by in the blink of an eye! Also don't beat yourself up, some days the crumbs don't get swept, the kids don't practice writing, or I just don't feel like leaving the house, and that's ok!

    Hope that helps!

  8. Here's how we roll with our 10 month old.

    Sometime between 5:00-7:00: Luke wakes up, nurses, gets a diaper change and goes back to sleep.
    Sometime between 7:00-9:00: Two hours after he first woke up, he's up again.
    9:00-11:00: go for walk & have playtime upstairs, downstairs, & in every contraption we've got while I do a few things
    11:00ish: Luke nurses, gets a diaper change and goes back down for his morning nap. Nap #1 is always, always, ALWAYS two hours after he wakes up to play. I have no idea why, but that's how his body clock works.
    12:00ish: Luke wakes up, has a diaper change, I get him dressed in "real clothes" and I attempt to feed him some solids for lunch
    12:00-3:00ish: playtime again around the house while I do chores, sometimes errands, sometimes just snuggling
    3:00ish-4:30ish: diaper change, more mama milk and nap #2
    4:30-7:00: playtime, dinnertime, sometimes an evening walk, more diaper changes and mama milk
    7:00-8:00: our bedtime routine of bath, lotion, pjs, books, nursing, rocking and bed
    I'm sure there's more I could share, but that's the gist of it.

    I don't have any set activities I do with Luke. He loves to sit and read books together, but I don't do that as often as I should during the day because, well, I'm trying to get stuff done. He loves to play toys, fly around in circles in his exersaucer and thoroughly enjoys getting out for walks. I get a daily email from Productive Parenting that gives me a different, age-appotopriate activity to do together. Some of them are corny, but some are really good too. Sadly I let housework take priority and don't do them as often as I should/could, but they're still a great resource.

    I really don't make time for myself. I don't carve out "me" time, but instead consider folding laundry or cleaning the toilet while Luke's napping my "personal" time. I know it's bad, but I just don't have the energy to do anything after I finally get Luke settled. I guess blogging in bed is my "me" time, something I do for an hour or so each night before I crash. I do think personal time is important, and wish I got more of it. That was one of the hardest adjustments for me being a SAHM, but I've come to embrace unloading the dishes as my personal reflection time. :)

    I do my house chores throughout the day. Yes, I know there are a gazillion blogs and articles and books and magazines that tell you to let the house go and just make memories with your kid. BUT I CAN'T DO THAT. I'm a control freak and can't stand a messy kitchen floor, an exploding laundry room or a dirty entryway. I put Luke in his walker when I'm doing things in the kitchen, move his exersaucer around the house as I clean and have special "light-up/musical" toys that I reserve for days when I need to occupy him longer to do more housework. I always, ALWAYS talk to him no matter what I'm doing. As silly as it sounds, I try to make sure I get him involved. If I'm folding laundry, I put Luke next to me. Yes, he will grab a dishtowel and fling it around like a helicopter but we're talking and we're together, so we ARE making memories. (boooyah!)

    My one piece of advice for new SAHMs? Make connections. It gets lonely being home with a little person that screams, eats, poops and yells "bababaaa!" all day long. It's fun, I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it can also be very isolating. I started a group on in efforts of meeting other SAHMs in my area. Connecting with other women that you can talk to, grab a coffee with, have play dates with or just vent to makes a world of difference. Yes, your husband is your partner for life and your rock, but nobody understands the ins and outs of daily life like someone else who's doing it with you. Find a MOPS group, a MOMS Club or even just attend a weekly storytime at your local library. Trust me- connections are huge.

  9. I am a teacher also so I understand how precious the summer weeks are! My kids are 3 and 16 months. Something I learned last summer is that if I didn't have goals for the week then I would spend all day feeding/taking care of the kids and get nothing accomplished and before I knew it the summer was over! Each Sunday evening I sit down and think about what I want to get done (decoration project, cooking ahead, laundry, deep cleaning project, etc.) and then during nap time was my time for it. The summer is my chance to "catch up" on all those things I don't get to during the school year.

    I get up at 6 and have me time. That is sometimes just getting ready for the day or working out or a quiet time. Then I get breakfast ready so when the kids come downstairs they aren't cranky waiting to eat. My kids get up between 7-7:30. They are awake at 7 but will play quietly in their room/crib until I go get them. When I go upstairs to get them I ALWAYS get them dressed. This way if we need to leave the house right away everyone is at least out of pajamas. Plus it is similar to our school year routine so it helps everyone stay in the groove of getting up and getting dressed, so we don't fight it when we do have to get out the door early for an appointment or something. I learned when my oldest was a stubborn 18 months old if he didn't get dressed first thing, getting him upstairs and into clothes later in the morning was an ordeal I didn't want to deal with. Morning time I just play with my kids, maybe go to the library, for a walk, to the park, or sit on the floor and fold laundry while they play. Lunch is at 11:30 and they both nap from about 12:30-3:00. That is my time to do those weekly goals and get dinner ready. The afternoon/evening looks pretty similar to the school year, only without the mad dash to fix dinner and get everything ready for the next day!

  10. As a teacher myself, I totally understand the difficulty in this switch. After the joyous moments of being together without the rigorous routine wears off, reality sets in. So, to begin, I have three children: 2, 6 and 7 and I watch a friends daughter, who is almost 3 four days a week. Here goes...
    1. Daily routine: free play from 8-9; 9-945; directed play/art activity/outside time (sometimes all three!); 10: snack; 10:30-11: books and songs; 11-12 free play in or outside (I like to use this time for sensory activities like water play, play dough, oatmeal, etc.); 12-12:30: lunch; 12:45: books; 1-3: nap time for the little ones, from 1-2 the big girls and I have quiet reading time alone then 2-3 I try to do something special with them like a game or activity; 3-3:30: snack; 4-5: outside time; 5: known as the witching hour a.k.a. dinner preparation, toddler diffusion, referee...

    2. check out my blog for some simple amusements:
    (I was a preschool teacher for years, so use my experience EVERYDAY!)

    3. I need time to myself! I am a grad student on top of everything else, so that quiet time when the little ones sleep and the big girls are reading, is precious. I try really hard NOT to do chores and just sit and read. I LOVE to read and this tends to center me for the rest of the day. I also blog at night for a little creative outlet, so that helps, too.

    4. Chores get done when they can. A few years back, I decided to make a chore a day list i.e. Monday: vacuum, Tuesday: dust, etc. This tends to lighten the load everyday. Also, my wonderful husband is in charge of laundry. He bring it down, does it and we fold it together at night while watching television. It gets put away as we our schedule allows. (Big girls help with this.) Also, we've deemed Saturdays chore and errand day, so that takes the burden off the workload during the week. All are involved on a rotating schedule and the big girls choose the chore of the week...that way we are not "telling" them to do it, but rather they are choosing it! :)

    5. One piece of advice for newly SAHM: don't think you don't have a have a tough job! I've been on both sides and both are very tough in their own way. Just like at work, you need to other parents out there, join playgroups, check your local library for summer story times. More importantly, ENJOY this time!

    On a side note, LOVE your blog. I'm a graduate student in Middle School Education and find your blog an enormous wealth of resources. Enjoy your summer and hope this helps!

  11. Oh my gosh, E, thank you for posting this. This is my last week of school, and I am mildly freaking out about having the WHOLE summer to be a Mom-and-only-a-mom! I will totally be bookmarking this post :)

  12. I'm a SAHM to two year old twin girls. I try not to get to caught up with schedules for the girls and me. A couple things I do consistently is to use nap time to do a "big" project everyday. That might mean making a bigger supper, or meals for a couple days; cleaning out a closet; cleaning the bathroom; mowing the lawn, etc. That way, I always feel like I've accomplished something at the end of the day. I try to get outside with the girls everyday, too. The fresh air, even if they're just in the stroller for a walk, wears the girls out and they nap great. To make sure I get at least a few minutes to myself everyday, I have my husband take the girls as soon as he comes home each evening. It's his way of turning his brain off of work stuff and my way of taking a breather from the kids. Usually I just make supper or do a couple little chores during that time, but it's a change of pace from the rest of the day.

    The best piece of advice I have is to be sure to spend time really focusing on Sam every.single,day. It's important to keep up on daily chores, so you don't get overwhelmed, but remember that you can't get the time back. Trust me. You're going to blink and you'll have a two year old, so don't forget to watch your little guy grow each day. Happy Summer!

  13. Hey friend! Well, A is almost 20 months and I feel like I am JUST getting in a good SAHM routine. We don't do anything specifically educational, but we DO do puzzles, draw and read every day... but she also watches 30 minutes of tv and i don't feel guilty about it :-) The main thing I would recommend is trying to get out of the house every day, even if it's just for an hour and even if you just go to Target. I don't know how much/how many times Sam naps each day, but I know I can't really get any cleaning done while Adelaide's awake so I pretty much save all that kind of stuff for her nap times. If I finish my chores or don't feel like I have much I have to do, I'll try to read or watch a show or take a nap myself. That is pretty much our day every day - we get out SOMEWHERE for SOME small length of time every morning and then nap/be productive in the afternoon. Then Jason and I try to just relax in the evening - read/watch tv/play a game. I almost never do chores after she goes to bed for the night. You will figure out a routine that works for you guys!

  14. Ruby Eve is 16 months old and I am her happy Mama. I am a stay/work from home mom/artist so you will now hear the words of a free spirit, sorry to say. :)

    I would just say, especially since you don't get this sort of time with your precious little man all year long to just relax and enjoy it. (I know how annoying, especially when you asked for details but girl, I suck at details....sorry. :) ) People told me so often before my treasure was born that they grow so quickly and my goodness if that is not the most true and bittersweet thing anyone has ever said. (cliches, meh...true and irritating!) Sometimes a little person asking for my attention all the friggin' time can be exhausting until I realize that she will not always want me to be the one watching her every move. Just like with teething, diapers, colic, pregnancy, so many things, it is a season that will quickly pass. Quickly.

    As far as educational type things, at this stage in his life human interaction is highest on the list of enriching activities. Lucky him, he has you all day every day!

    When I need to clean, organize, work, garden, etc. I try as much as possible to let Ruby participate in some way such as giving her a little pot with soil in it (which occupies her for 20-30 minutes, I kid you not), her own dish towel if I am doing dishes, a dust pan of her own, etc. It works on lots of levels: she gets to imitate my actions, feel like a big kid, and not feel pushed to the side which it frustrating for her. I say everybody wins and it is super cute. Double win.

    You are an awesome mama and Sam will love whatever it is you choose to do with him this summer because you are there and he thinks you are awesome and fun and funny! Even if you blow bubbles for 4 hours a day and pull the tupperware out of the cabinet 10 times and put it back again, it will be fabulous. Yay babies!!!

    (Alone time= naps=short season of life, I can do this. :)

    Enjoy your summer with your special little man!

  15. Sarah is 2 and my Sam is 7 months old. 1)Every day is a little different at our house. We aren't on a set schedule except for naps. If we run errands/do something fun it is always in the morning between Sam's first naps and lunch. This works fine because Sam wakes up super early, so his first nap is super early. 2)I only do "educational" stuff with the 2 year old and we've just started that. Mostly we all read books and do puzzles. 3)When they are both napping is MY time. I usually am NOT productive during naps. Oops. 4)I do laundry, cooking, cleaning throughout the day. My 2 year old likes to help me and we like for her too. During this time Sam is either taking his own nap or playing. 5)Advice: I agree with Lindsey. Try to get out once a day. We are hardly ever home for more than 2 days in a row. When I just had Sarah, we would go somewhere every day.

    Hope that helps and ENJOY!

  16. I am a SAHM with Camp, almost 7 months old!
    1.) What is your daily routine like?
    *7ish- Camp wakes up/I wake up. We both eat breakfast. Sometimes I eat cereal while he nurses :-); I usually talk and play with Camp on our bed but lately have been letting him play in his exersaucer while I continue to "wake up."
    *8:30/9ish-Camp's morning nap. This is my best me time. I usually opt for going back to sleep myself. I love sleep. Today, however, I paid bills, fixed a toy and dyed my hair. Go me!
    *11ish- lunch for Camp
    *12-2: We go for a walk, to meet friends/family/husband for lunch, have a playdate, find a swimming pool, run errands, shop, visit the library, etc. This is my favorite time of day because it involves doing something fun, being out of the house, and often seeing a friend or family member!
    *2ish: Camp's afternoon nap. It sometimes and very often happens in the car or in the shopping cart. If we're at home, I usually spend this time catching up on my DVR, doing laundry, playing on Pinterest/Facebook...I should be blogging or cleaning.
    *3ish: Playtime with baby. Read a book, sing songs, roll the ball, etc.The mail usually comes by now so I consider going to check the mail a big event of the day. More exciting if we actually get something cool! haha.
    *4ish: Afternoon nursing. Camp has some alone play time while I start dinner, do laundry, wash dishes, etc.
    *5-7: Daddy comes home and plays with little man. I start/finish dinner. Camp eats dinner.
    *7 o'clock: WHEEL OF FORTUNE...the boy LOVES this show, and my husband and I can usually eat dinner while he learns letters, words, categories, and what bankrupt means. Plus, I am a huge fan and need to practice as much as possible so I can try out for it one day.
    *7:30-8ish: Bath time and bedtime routine (including another milking session)
    The rest of the night is for me...and sometimes I include my husband :-)
    2.) What kinds of activities do you do with your kids? Do you do any specific teaching or educational things? If so, what do you do and how often?
    As a former teacher, I am so excited for this stage in Camp's life. We don't have anything structured for now, but I am starting to introduce some little things which are mostly ideas I got from Pinterest (like discovery bottles). I definitely recommend checking with your public library and/or bookstore to find out about their storytime or other programs for tots. We sometimes go to "Babygarten" at our library, and Camp loves that.

    3.) How do you make time for yourself? About how much time do you allow for YOU each day? What is this time like?
    See above #1. It sounds like I have a lot of time for myself, but I am taking advantage of the three naps a day thing NOW because I know it won't last much longer!

    4.) When do you do things like laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.?
    See above #1. I pick up throughout the day, but I'm not a very good housekeeper so I do the "heavy" cleaning once or twice a week. It's usually during a naptime. I can usually do some prep work for cooking while Camp is playing with toys, and then I try to do the actual cooking (boiling/browning/etc) when my husband is home and can take care of the baby. He will man the grill though!

    5.) What one piece of advice would you give a new SAHM?
    Make it your own! Figure out a "schedule" or plan or activities that work for you AND Sam without any worry about other SAHM friends or what the blogging world does...and remember to have fun.

    So sorry this is so long and detailed, but you asked!!!

  17. My Saving Graces:
    Baby Storytime at the local library
    Swapping babysitting services w/ a friend
    Coffee & "Pioneer Woman" during Caleb's Monday morning nap
    A hot shower after dinner while hubby is on "baby duty"
    Once a month girl's nights - coffee dates, chic flicks, dinners out, etc.
    A Stay-at-Home Mom who LOVES her sweet boy but definitely needs "Me Time"

  18. Just remember, the house will be messier. It's no longer "catch up time", because your house just turned into a daycare/amusement park/full-time restaurant. SAHMs don't have cleaner homes, because our homes are in constant use. I've been a SAHM for over 3 years to Sara (6) and Kelly (4). In the summer I keep my niece (7). A SAHM calls the summer her "Busy Season". Full court press. Kids, activities, meals here and on the go. I shoot to keep the washer in constant motion and the sink is a rotation of clean and dirty, non-stop. I no longer look to my summers as catch up time. We have nice, quiet mornings and a big breakfast. We usually do a craft or play a game, and then head outside to play. If we don't have a playdate or an appt., we swim in the pool, and I switch out the 3 girls through their worksheet assignments. I let them watch movies, we do summer reading programs, and I try to always eat with them, with the TV off, and let them help me prepare all the food. We talk about our food, and have conversation (because thank God they are at an age when we can finally chit chat!). I rotate Me-Them-Me-Them-Me-Them. I'm not a Cruise Ship Director, and they must have unstructured time to be playful and ridiculous. I shoot for one Mom-directed activity per day, and it's OK to have's OK to have less. HAVE FUN!!! It's SUMMER! Not your old summers, but a new kind of summer. Every SAHM wishes you ALL THE BEST!!


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