Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek Confessions

First, a big thank you to all of you who left comments on my SAHM post.  I read every word and already feel like I have a better grip on how to prepare for the next ten weeks at home with my boy... You guys are the best!

Speaking of my boy, he is sick.  As I (started to) type this, it is 5AM, and we have just finished a thirty-minute routine of water, tylenol, saline, and nose frida.  He officially thinks we are the enemy.  Anyway, now he is playing with every toy in his room and crawling around like the happiest bug on the planet.  I realize that I'm probably "developing a bad habit," but seeing him smile and act like himself is totally worth all the sleepness nights I forsee in my future.

And now, after a little hiatus last week, I'm back with some more confessions for you today... We'll call this the "Sick Baby Edition"...
- Yesterday, when I picked Sam up at the babysitter's, she said he felt warm and was acting like he didn't feel well. Poor boy looked like a hot mess; and, upon closer investigation, I concluded that he was definitely sick...  Now, a good mother would have hurried home to fix chicken noodle soup and sing lullabies and nurse her baby back to health.  But, me?  I simply had to go by the grocery store.  I admit, I felt a little bad about it, but it was just a quick run in and run out for chicken and asparagus for dinner... Which would have been ok - right?  Except, that the quick run turned in to a short browse of the whole store... And, wouldn't you know it, we ran into... yup, the babysitter - right there in the aisle six floral department as I examined a potted orchid.  "Oh hi, you must think I'm the worst mom... I promise we are going home right after this (very urgent purchase of fresh flowers)."  Ugg.  #caughtredhanded

Moving on...

-  There is a very good chance that Sam has ingested more snot than any other food group in the last two days.

- Today, my son is breaking two of my all-time fashion DON'Ts.  He is wearing a v-neck tank top.  Yep.  I never thought I'd see the day...

- Jeff says we are bad parents for taking pictures of our sick baby.  I say we are equally as bad for allowing him to wear such an outfit.  At least it is from Baby Gap.  That helps, right? ;)

- I am about five times more likely to go through a fastfood drive-thru for an "afternoon snack" if I have cash, and the purchase won't show up on my credit card statement.  Who am I fooling, really?  (Yea, this doesn't fit the theme... But, I thought you might be getting bored.)

Just keepin' it real, one Wednesday at a time.  Won't you join me?


  1. Ha!! I do the same thing if I have cash too!!! Yesterday, I went to TWO McDonald's to try and get a ice cream cone. All because I had dollar left from some cash I had spent that day. Well--BOTH McDonald's ice cream machine was broken. Instead of driving away-I ended up with two apple pies. Diet fail.

  2. I love this segment. Thanks for putting it all together. Hey, if I confessed every time I did something like run an errand with a sick kid on my arm this would not be a weekly segment. It's crazy how often we "moms" do stuff that we swore we would never do. Oh well, it's life. Hope Sam feels better soon.

  3. I'm cracking up at the vneck sleeveless comment! Yes, it counts if it is from Gap. I'd let that slide too! lol

    hope your little man feels better!

  4. I think taking pictures of Sam when he's sick is okay. However, I felt very guilty taking pictures of my daughter when she had a black eye. I also felt bad, because I thought the black eye was kind of cute. How's that for a confession?

  5. What was the other fashion-don't? I'm dying here!!


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