Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Party Anxiety

Wednesday was Sam's 11 month birthday (post coming soon).  And with that all important date came a bad case of... Birthday Party Anxiety for me.  That's medical, right?

I have spent the entire morning scouring Etsy and Pinterest to make myself feel totally inadequate plan for the big day. And, I have to admit, I feel a tremendous pressure to have a blog-worthy party.  I mean, seriously, did you see Erika's amazing party for her little gal last week?  That's what I'm talking about.  (And I think of her as a regular mom... That's a compliment Erika.)
I know I said I wasn't going to stress about a party for someone who will probably need to go to bed an hour into it; but, I chose to start a blog; and therefore, I signed up to make everything in my life a big deal.(What, you didn't sign that contract on Blogger?)

"Inspiration" from Spearmint Baby Blog

Alas, the gods (no, I don't really believe in little-g gods, it is just a figure of speech) are against me in this endeavor...

Here are just a few of the hurdles standing in my way of Sam's big day:

For starters, it is Friday the 13th.  I considered this as a theme, but I don't think it is age-appropriate.  No?

Second, it is the night before we leave for a wedding out of town and a trip to the beach with my family.  Planning ahead is not exactly my forte, so I expect this to be... complicated.  (And yes, we did consider celebrating another weekend; but the night of his actual birthday is the only night that works for everyone.)

Third, I am not crafty.  Geez, I want to be.  I'd even go so far as to say I try to be; but even my spray painting ends up gloppy and ugly.

And, as if all that wasn't enough... Summer = No Income = Major Budget.  Budgets and I aren't exactly friends.

(Of course, it could be worse... I could have planned a party around a theme that my son is deathly afraid of and put the wrong age on the invitations like Katie did.  Can I just say that I LOVE her?)

...Yet somehow, despite the stacked odds, I really WANT to have a party for Sam, and I really WANT to plan cute decorations etc.  I've basically been thinking about it since we finished the nursery a year ago - kind-of my next big project.

What's a girl to do?!?

Anyone have any tips for first birthday parties given the above "inconveniences"? 

*And, yes, I know that Sam doesn't care about the party, that he will only remember special time with the people that love him, etc. etc. etc.... This is about MY need to take cute pictures and be able to post them on facebook and my blog.  Mmm k? ;)


  1. I'm in the same boat! Josie's bday is only two weeks away. I'm. freaking. out. So needless to say it probably won't be blog worthy but it will do. I'm going to be semi creative and mostly cheap. That's a theme, right?

  2. I planned an elaborate 2nd birthday for the girls last month. Then I was pressured into spending a major portion of the budget on a park shelter. It ended up being ultra windy, so the hand-crafted decorations and $50 in helium balloons ended up looking like crap. Most of my in-laws couldn't be bothered to come. In the end, I spent almost $400 on a boring, tense party that I never blogged about. Next year: a few cupcakes and local family only, invited over for the day of their party for a couple hours. That's it. No more fancy parties until the gals are old enough to ask for one.

  3. That last comment was really negative and bitchy. What I was trying to say is that you should not let yourself stress about the party. Create a happy and fun environment and enjoy Sam's big day with 100% of the focus on Sam. You won't regret that. I promise!

  4. Personally, I think Friday the 13th is a GREAT theme. You can make all of the decorations and food intentionally crappy and then be all "oh, it is Friday the 13th!! of COURSE the frosting looks like crap/tissue paper puff balls are flat/house is a wreck bc of packing for the beach" and everyone will understand. Or you could just do something really low-key at a park (with a non-expensive shelter, in respect to the commenter above!) or restaurant patio and call it a day. And then pay some other blogger $10 to steal the pictures of THEIR 1-year-old party decor and do some fancy photoshopping and pretend it was your party (for the blog). GENIUS!!

  5. I think it was Kelly from Kelly's Korner that recommended doing parties OUT of the home. Go to a park, a restaurant or a pool. Bring a few balloons from the dollar store, a cake and let the setting be the decor. I know you'll make his party precious! I'm sure of it! :)

  6. Don't stress yourself out too much- YOU need to enjoy the party! It's going to be absolutely perfect! I just know it.


  7. I think Erika (above) is on to something... just blame everything sub-par on the date :-) Okay, just kidding. Just wanted to say that I totally get the pressure... of course I don't have a big following blog like you, but I do have a little family-following blog, and I read other blogs and look at pinterest and have a sister who is a fantastic professional photographer. So I felt like I needed to give her something photography-worthy. Anyway, I think you should stick with your original plan of keeping it super simple and low stress. We just did ours in the backyard and I brought a lot of stuff from inside my house (a chalk board, a cute towel to put all the presents on, some fake flowers, etc) outside. Anything else you need - BUY it... from walmart or the party store or wherever. Don't waste your limited time trying to make things that are already made for you... just buy cheap stuff. You won't be able to tell it's cheap in the pictures :-) Just think of yourself as the REAL "regular mom" blogger. Show everyone what it is really like to do a fun, small, simple bday party on a budget with limited time and resources. Your readers will appreciate it.

  8. Let me know if you want any help with a banner or anything. I had so much fun getting out the hot glue gun & doing Piper's birthday decorations. Jen

  9. Just do what works for you, what's in your reach. I'm sure that no matter what, it will be "THE BEST PARTY EVAR!!"

  10. I don't know you, and really only read your blog to see what your experience has been like as a first time working mom. I don't read your blog to see what type of hype you're trying to live up to because of what other bloggers are doing. In general I feel like the blog world is entirely too competitive and unrealistic. I'm not getting down on you here, and I don't want you to get down on yourself either!

    He's ONE! What are we teaching our children with these competitive parties?? It seems there is some sort of expectation to live up to and that seems silly. Keep it real, keep it simple. I'll read it either way!

  11. I agree with the last commenter. When I first read this post, I thought you were being sarcastic about being anxious about needing to throw an amazing birthday party just for your blog. I mean, how sad. Really. Why not just be a real, truthful, honest blogger? Why do you feel the need to show off to the internet? Why not just enjoy your son's first birthday?

    I just started following your blog, and what drew me to it is that you seemed really honest. I love your confessions, particularly. But if this is the sort of blogger you are, I'm a little disgusted and I think I'm done.

  12. Awwww E, just because you are a blogger doesnt mean everything has to be pinterest perfect, in fact most of the time i prefer to read about the real life stuff... like say, a tiny get together of you and your family which was thrown together to celebrate Sams life rather then to be photographed for the blog. I think parents have a ridicilous amount of pressure on them and that this crazy idea that kids need elaborate birthday parties just adds to that. Save all your wonderful party ideas for the 5th birthday, at that age the child can help have input is old enough to enjoy the party and will be so excited because they havent had an elaborate party every year. :) xx

  13. I know how you feel.. with pinterest, blogger, facebook... there is so much out there that can make you feel like an inadequate mom, wife, daughter, etc. if you don't get all crafty and decorate a beautiful nursery, bake a delicious meal, or throw an amazing party. I think it's every mother's dream to plan a wonderful 1st birthday party for their little one, but unfortunately, we all aren't so crafty or lack the time or money. I can't wait to see what you come up with. But, just remember that your family and blog friends will love you just the same if the decorations or cake are store bought:)

  14. P.S. The previous comment, by rinniez just popped up and I wish there was the option to "like" it!

  15. I think often times, social media can turn a memorable event into a stressful event! I remember about 10 years ago, birthday parties consisted of getting a sheet cake made with a cake "kit" that matched the pre-made invitations, and buying character table-cloths and matching loot bags from the party store. Now it is WAY more advanced. I don't have children, but I will agree with you, birthday party planning has been taken to another level--and while it is fun to decorate and all of that jazzy stuff, remember it can be done on a budget and it does not have to be stressful! Tissue paper balls can create an awesome can also glue tissue paper balls to craft sticks and put them in a bucket and have pinwheel centerpieces...and it's all out of tissue paper! Cupcakes are really popular now so there is no need to do a tiered cake...just go get you some cupcakes and create you some printables offline and glue them to a toothpick and pop them in the cupcake and voila--creativity at it's finest!! :) Remember, don't stress--but enjoy your little boy turning one! In a few years, you will want to remember the day and the celebration more than the decorations--I'm sure every Mom would agree!! And we don't judge you here on your blog---it's all about being real and honest!!!

  16. I know your pressure, even by not having a large following. I would say since you have a lot going on right after this party, pick ONE project and stick to it. May it be a month by month birthday banner or some fun cupcakes....NOT the entire table lay out that is Martha Stewart magazine cover worthy. Then document the fun project. This way you will feel like you haven't thrown away your party dream, but also not run yourself into the ground where you struggle to enjoy the joyous event.

  17. You are so great. So so so great.
    I know the "blogger pressure" all too well.

    My advice?
    If you want to throw a big shebang, DO IT! If you don't want to, don't!
    Baby Sam (and I!) will love you regardless.

  18. hello! I totally know what you mean, I recently went on a day trip to the most beautiful town and ..forgot my camera, seriously I felt depressed. My boyfriend told me it doesnt matter, we dont have to record everything, just have a good time..but I got blogger anxiety!
    I guess we both know little sam wont remember and you dont need to throw something massive but yer I get it!
    Just found your blog, its lovely xx

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