Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Just about every week, when I sit down to write these posts, I feel like I have nothing to write about. For a few minutes, I actually think I haven't done anything embarrassing or confession-worthy lately. Then, I start to type...
Can you relate?
- Sam begins every single meal with raisins and/or cheerios. Why? Because these keep him happy and occupied, so that I can figure out what else to throw together for a more "well-rounded" meal. I'm sure this is developing some awesome eating habits.

- I gave a friend a Wubbanub as a shower gift this weekend and noticed on the package that it says "Ages 0 - 6 months." Sam is eleven months today and still going strong with the Wub. Oops.

- Our pediatrician's office has a hotline you can call 24 hours a day to speak to a nurse with questions etc. I may or may not call so often that they know me. I also may or may not sometimes use a pseudonym when they ask for my child's name.

- At any given moment, you will probably find a dirty diaper on the floor of my house. I'm not even embarrassed about it anymore.

- I don't really care about the Olympics. (Yes, I said it. Don't hate.)

So... You think you don't have anything to confess? Just start typing... Seriously. You'll probably surprise yourself. We're all a little bit of a hot mess when you get down to it. ;)


  1. Don't fret over the Cheerios and raisins. My girls are two years old and those are still my go-to appetizers to keep them busy while I make their breakfasts and lunches.

  2. I confess that I think Wubs are the silliest looking things EVER. (don't hate me). There is a blog of a 2+ year old who still has one dangling from their mouth and I really hate judging but I JUST DONT GET IT. Hence why I don't ever want to start with them. like, ever. ha. Emeline never took a pacifier really, so I just can't relate. I'd say 11 months is better than 2 at least ;)

  3. Gabe eats copious amounts of Cheerios, baby mum-mums and those star puff things - him eating finger foods allows me to get crap done.

    You have Michael Phelps - how can you not be stoked for the Olympics?! haha

  4. I can relate to the dirty diaper! You're a mom I'm sure people understand :)

  5. We are at 15 months and still with a Wubbanub for naps and bedtime!

  6. My link showed up twice, odd.

  7. HAHA I am soo guilty of the diapers... I found one yesterday that had been shoved aside in the midst of a 2 kids bedtime


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