Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Buds (& Winner)

You know the only thing better than a weekend with your best friends in the world?

A weekend with your best friends and their kids.

I've heard this said before, but this weekend it was made real for me: Nothing makes me feel more loved than seeing someone love my baby.  Wow.

I am home from my long weekend with my college girlfriends.  (We call ourselves 'The 12,' I realized I didn't really explain this in my last post, so feel free to read here for explanation. I love that post... It makes me cry every time.)  Sam got to meet his aunties, and I got to stock up on quality time with the girls that have loved me since LONG before marriage/baby/work/etc.  It was a win-win.  I am feeling known, cared for, and refreshed.

As always, this group knows how to make me laugh like no other.  But, what I probably loved most was just "doing life" with them.  This was the most "babies" we've ever had together.  It definitely changed the dynamic of the weekend - a lot more structure based around meal time, nap time, bath time, etc. and a lot less "out of the house" time.  (Actually, no out of the house time unless you count taking a walk around the neighborhood.  I didn't wear make-up or anything other than t-shirts the whole time I was gone. Loved.it.)  Things didn't really quiet down until after eight each night when the kiddos were in the bed, but I loved having a "team" to help me with my boy.  I loved seeing my friends care for him - even in the mundane things like applying sunscreen and feeding breakfast - and sitting beside them as I did my regular routine.  The weekend made me miss living close to them (heck, the last time we lived in the same town; we also lived in the same house... I can just imagine that now), but it also made me treasure the time we do get to spend together.

Anyway, it was good.  Really good.  Here are a few photos for my own documentation and your viewing pleasure.  I dare you not to smile when you look at them!

<<< P.S. The winners of the Boy Oh Boy Giveaway are announced at the bottom of this post. >>>

Sam and Jonathan meeting in the airport.  Lea and Jonathan flew all the way from Colorado for the weekend.
Instant BFFs - of course!
Sam with his Aunt Pryor
The boys with Aunt Liz - Thank goodness cool Jonathan (with a mohawk) still like dorky Sam (with a belly and hat).
Mamas and babies on the boat
Just driving...
Bless his heart... (He fell asleep about five minutes into the ride.)
Little Ruby Joy - this adorable and sweet ALL the time
Lea, Julie, and Pryor - this is so perfectly us.
Little Miss Adelaide
9/12ths of the gang (minus three sleeping babies, plus two on the way)
We missed you Liz, Quinn, Margaret, Jenni, and Steph!!
On a totally different note...

The winner of the patriotic tie & vest set is Callie from Through Clouded Glass, and the winner of three iron-on appliques is Nicol from The Greatest of These Is Love.  Congratulations ladies, hope your little men LOVE their new duds.  (I will email you with details for claiming your prize.)

Thanks Boy Oh Boy Boutique for sponsoring such a fun giveaway to kick-off the summer.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out the adorable shop here.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Omg, just so adorable, especially the one with the two little guys in the shopping cart. Good friends are hard to come by and so special. It seems like you guys are as close as sisters. That's so wonderful:)

  2. So excited... Now I am mortified that I have not updated my blog in forever

  3. Oh yay, I'm so excited I won! That will look so cute on Wyatt for the 4th this year!

  4. ..so, small world! I knew we both went to Clemson but I didn't know at the same time! I definitely know one of your "12" and recognize 2 others! I love how small the world is!


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