Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just Some Stuff

- Last weekend, Jeff and I went to a wedding of a friend from high school is Charlottesville, Virginia - which is, seriously, one of my favorite cities.  The wedding was at a vineyard and absolutely beautiful!!  Plus, the bride has amazing taste and I was pretty much obsessed with all the vintage-southern details.  One of the coolest things - although I'm not sure the couple would agree - was that a huge storm brewed during the whole ceremony.  The sky was an incredible blue and purple and the thunder echoing off of the mountains was so cool.  Luckily, the rain held off until the outdoor ceremony was over and we moved inside for the reception.  Perfect timing.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen these; but, I had to share a few photos.  They aren't great quality - obviously - but I think they capture the overall "feel" and style of the wedding.

- I did it.  I bought fashion glasses.  I found these at Urban Outfitters in Charlottesville.  They were only $10.00 and have absolutely no prescription - so I can totally see out of them.  What do you think? Do I look like a super academic AP English teacher? (Pay no attention to the fact that my one year old has a pacifier in his mouth.)

- Have you guys seen this awesome deal from GroopDealz this week?  J-Crew inspired bubble necklaces - like the one I wore at Sam's party - for just $20.00.  I know!!!  I ordered #6. (I'm pretty sure the wait for them is super long now - like a month - but it is still totally worth it.  Get them here.)

- Oh, and have I mentioned that we are at the beach right now?  We arrived yesterday, and we/Sam are loving it! Despite his very fair skin, I think we might just have a beach baby. :)

Don't worry... He is greased up in sunscreen like a pig.  Those cheeks are flushed from heat, NOT a sunburn.


  1. I didn't comment on your original fashion glasses post because I was in the "uh uh, no way" crowd. Having glasses (well, contacts) myself, I never understood why people would want an extra pair of eyes. BUT! You look adorable in a super studious sort of way. keep rockin em!

    have fun at the beach! :)

  2. I agree with Ashley. I can't imagine wearing glasses just for fun, but you are totally pulling off those specs. Super cute! But, I mean, c'mon. You are always super cute, so how could you go wrong.

    My girls are total beach babies, too. They are about as fair as Sam. We have to keep hats on them at all times and we apply sunscreen about 6 times a day. I hate being sunburned, so I'm very protective of the girls. Have a great time at the beach!

  3. That vineyard looks beautiful! Perfect wedding location. Have fun at the beach!

  4. Ah, Charlottesville is one of my favorite places ever - I am hoping to move there ASAP! And I totally love the fake glasses, you definitely look like an AP English teacher :)

  5. I ordered #3 of the groopdealz necklaces!! Can't wait to get mine...whenever that will be! Ha!!!

    That wedding is beautiful...I think the storm clouds are beautiful with that vintage look!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

  6. The glasses are perfect! I've just ordered a prescription pair and cannot wait for them to come in! I'm going to begin my very first year of teaching this coming semester, and will be in high school English also! My sister found your blog for me because I was complaining about all education blogs being for elementary! I really enjoy your posts, and you've got some great ideas! Definitely using your "yellow sheet" idea for missing assignments!

  7. sounds like a perfect wedding. The one shot of the storm in the background is breathtaking. Love the fashion glasses. You look very smart. Enjoy your beach time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I've never heard of GroupDealz and now I think I'm obsessed! Thanks for sharing.


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