Friday, July 20, 2012


I hadn't planned to blog today - we are rounding out our little vacation afterall - but, it is stormy right now and the beach house is quiet as my parents are out and my boys (both of them) are napping, so I decided to catch up on some reading... One of the first posts I saw was Libby's announcing that her friend, Ellie had delivered a baby boy last week.

I'm a sucker for birth stories, but this one immediately stood out to me because I met Ellie back at Laura's shower in February - where we talked about blogging (she and her husband have a really awesome DIY blog that I actually talked about on here one other time).  Anyway, she wasn't pregnant then...  So, I knew something wasn't quite right.  As I went on to read the rest of Libby's post, I learned that Ellie had delivered Tucker at just a little over 25 weeks last Friday - Sam's first birthday.  Although he seems to be a little fighter already, Ellie and her husband Tommy (who is the area director for Young Life in the Richmond area) have a long road ahead of them...

I really don't know the Sibigas, other than our one little meeting a few months ago, but this is especially resonating with me as the mom of my own little boy born on July 13th just a year earlier.  Things like this put life into perspective so quickly.  While I was worrying about the after-party mess in my house and whether or not Sam was too young for a petting zoo last week, this sweet family was beginning the toughest battle of their lives... I don't really have the words to express how much gratitude and un-worthiness I feel right now.

Tommy and Ellie love Jesus.  They are not doing this alone.  Their Tucker is a very very loved boy already.  And, I have no doubt, they will get through the next three months, year, lifetime, stronger and more in love with each other and their God.  BUT, a little extra prayer on our parts won't hurt either.  Will you join me in holding your loved ones just a little tighter this weekend and praying (hard) for Tucker and his brand new mom and dad? Thank you!

Read more about his story here

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  1. Wow!! What a story this little man comes with!!! He is a strong little guy!!! Praying for them all!!


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