Sunday, July 1, 2012

We've Been Married FIVE Years!

Yesterday, Jeff and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  And by celebrated I mean we spent the morning surveying the damage in our neighborhood after Friday night's CRAZY storm, the afternoon locked in our house trying to stay cool from the 105 degree temperatures (we are one of very few in our area with power this weekend, so we feel very blessed for sure), and let Sam spend the night with my parents so we could have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants from our first year of marriage and treat ourselves to a luxurious 10AM wake-up this morning.  It was special, but it was also us... Which I always prefer over super fancy or extravagant.

Here we are at my mom and dad's before heading out on our date night... Always looking for an excuse to get all "gussied up." :)

Pretty sure Jeff is staring into space our future together here... This one is a little better:

(Told you I was into teal and red.)
Over dinner, we talked about our Top 5 events/experiences in the last five years, and about our Top 5 goals/hopes for the next five.  If you've never done that with your spouse, I definitely recommend it... It was so good for us just to think about where we have already been and where we are going.  Our goals aren't something we are going to be "strict" about per se, but more just a list we can look at on our tenth anniversary and see where the Lord has met and detoured those plans.  I really wish we had made a list like this for our first five years of marriage, but we both agreed last night that we've really "accomplished" much of what would have been on that list, and so much more.  For that, we feel very grateful and very blessed.  I don't expect that our entire marriage will be that easy; but, the really great part about that is that it is OK.  I love knowing that whatever road God has us walk down, we will do it hand-in-hand. 

When we left the restaurant, we had planned to go downtown to hear music and have a drink together like "the good ole days" when we were wild and young newlyweds.  Ha! But, alas, our oldie-moldieness got the best of us, and instead we opted for a Red Box movie at home.  We did, however, make one stop...

Krispy Kreme donuts!!  If you've been reading a while, you might remember the significance of this from our anniversary last year when I was HUGELY pregnant and diabetic and Jeff innocently stopped on our way home from dinner to by himself a dozen hot and ready donuts.  It was not pretty. (Read that post here - probably one of my favorite, in a totally embarrassing way, posts of all time!)  Needless to say, this year, I happily indulged with him. :)  (Because of the bad storms this weekend, the store wasn't accepting credit cards, so we could only scrounge up enough cash for four donuts this time... Haha, it was probably definitely for the best!)

Now, changing the subject but along the same lines of happiness and getting "gussied up" (do ya'll say that?), I wanted to quickly introduce my newest sponsor Shared Joy

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Have a good Sunday and STAY COOL!


  1. Love the "top five" idea. We will definitely be doing that on our anniversary!

    Happy anniversary! Glad you fared well in the storm!

  2. Happy Anniversary, wedding-day-twin!! :) You look SO cute in those pictures!! Great colors and fab dress! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate; we were perhaps even more low-key than yall! Glad you survived the storms...those were some nasty ones.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Y'all look great! and i'm happy someone else wears the restaurant hats like i do. I like the firehouse subs hats he he he

  4. Elizabeth, This is Meredith Cates (Ford) from Tech. I went to high school with Jennifer Broadway and was so excited to see her sponsoring your blog. Small world for sure! Happy 5 years! I love the idea of the top five list!

  5. Happy 5 years!!!! (And yay for getting Krispy Kreme!!! That makes it even better!!!)

  6. Happy anniversary to you both. You guys look happy.

  7. Happy anniversary!! Glad you enjoyed the night just being the couple you are and not worrying about going over the top. It really is more enjoyable that way :)

  8. That dress looks so good on you, girl!! The color, the style everything. Did you have wedges to go with it? :) Love all 3 of you!

  9. Congratulations on five years! Our 5th anniversary is just a little over a month away. It's crazy how quickly time flies (especially the past year!).


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