Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Uniform

I've been dressing like a "mom" since I was about 15, so I'm kind-of loving this "fashion season" of my life where that style is actually age-appropriate. :)  Also, with working only in the mornings, I'm finding that to get the best "bang for my buck" I like simple, but put-together, outfits for work that can easily be transformed for an afternoon of errand-running or park-playing.

With that in mind, I've noticed some trends in my wardrobe recently, - mostly involving colored corduroys (not jeans, but just as comfy) and fun accessories that can easily be taken off for afternoons with my boy - so I thought I'd share my fall-themed teacher/mom "uniform" and show-off my new found love for Polyvore.

I tried to choose clothes very similar to ones I actually own from places where I actually shop (usually the sales); but, they are not exactly as you'd find them in my closet.  (Also, none of these stores gave me ANYTHING to to talk about them.) FYI.
Fall Work "Uniform"

Fall Work "Uniform"

What looks do you find yourself repeating these days? Where is your favorite place to shop for versatile (and affordable) fall clothes?
**See you later today for another lesson in motherhood. I just thought you might need a break. :)


  1. "I've been dressing like a "mom" since I was about 15" you crack me up!

  2. Your line about dressing like a mom reminds me of that Full House episode when DJ started middle school and she was dressed like one of her teachers


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