Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lesson 5: You NEVER Have It Figured Out

Um... Sorry for my absence. I still plan to write 31 lessons; they just won't necessarily be in 31 days.  Oops.  (What can I say? Consistency is not my strength.)

Anyway, I've got some catching up to, so let's get going...

Lesson 5: You NEVER Have It Figured Out

If you have been a mom for longer than one week, you are probably all too familiar with the ole curse of the public declaration of success.  No clue what I'm talking about?  Allow me to explain...

You say: "My baby is finally sleeping through the night" 
You get: Six straight nights of screaming and 3AM play-dates.

You say: "I don't know how it happened, but my baby LOVES broccoli."
You get: Broccoli all over your kitchen floor from here on out.

You say: "I think we have actually worked ourselves into a nice little schedule."
You get: Five days of absolute and total chaos.  Meals every hour.  Naps optional.

Here's the deal... For someone so small and adorable and dependent, your baby is quite tricky. By signing on to motherhood, you have committed to a lifelong adventure game of guessing (that's all it is really) how your baby will react to any given situation at any given point.  There is no consistency.  There is no normal.  You will get in a "groove," only to be interrupted by a pesky tooth cutting through, an ear infection, a growth spurt, or simply a "bad day."

You NEVER have it figured out.  And, for the love, if you are absolutely convinced that you DO have something figured out, DO NOT say it aloud (and absolutely do not publish it on any form of public forum) - doom will most assuredly follow. ;)

This post is part of a series for 31 Days of Change hosted by The Nester. To see my other "lessons," click here.

P.S. In case you couldn't tell, we're dealing with a bit of inconsistency in the Chapman home these days.  Someone, who will remain nameless at this time, has decided that sleeping in a crib is MISERABLE and being held is the only way to go.  Luckily, I've been around this block enough to know that these stages usually leave as quickly as they arrived.  For now, we're in survival mode... We're going to bed at 8PM and sending the babysitter apologetic text messages forewarning her about the mess in the kitchen from last night's dinner. This too shall pass.

I'm hoping (although I know better than to make any promises) to be back later this afternoon with Lesson 6 and some photos from our weekend trip to the pumpkin patch.  See you then!


  1. LOL SO true!!! i have found that whatever i tell the pediatrician is false the following day 3 month appointment: he sleeps all night! (never again) 1 year: dont know what to do, he hates milk! (now he can't get enough of it!)

  2. amen sister! (I've tried to post a few times and can't seem to get it to work. Hopefully this comes through!)

  3. Pah! This is so true. I love the part where you said if you think you have something figured out, for goodness sake, DON"T SAY SO! It always backfires. I'm loving this series!

  4. Amy @ Croquet & CocktailsOctober 16, 2012 at 8:03 PM

    Nice to know that my lack of figuring it out at this point is normal. I really love this series. I look forward to your posts (but totally understand when they aren't there!!).

  5. Spot on once again, especially when you say the guessing game is lifelong. At 2 1/2, my girls are still a mystery. Clarissa will sleep in her bed for a week straight, then insist on sleeping on the floor several nights in a row. The girls will have days and days without any potty accidents, then pee in their undies 6 times in a day. Nothing is consistent, other than the expectation of inconsistency. But like the previous lessons you've written, it's all worth it!


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