Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anyone Going to Blogher '13?

This time a year ago, I had high hopes of attending the Blogher 2012 Conference in New York City.  But, at the last minute, I chickened out because the idea of going alone was just too scary for me.  (It isn't the traveling alone that is scary really, but the fact that I feel like conferences like that are all about going to the parties and networking and meeting people.  As "open book" as I am on my blog, I actually get pretty anxious in crowds of people I don't know, and was worried I would waste my opportunity by sitting in the back of the conference sessions, and skipping the parties to watch Cable in my hotel room.)

Then, in July when the conference actually took place and all of my favorite bloggers were posting updates and photos galore, I vowed to myself that I WOULD go next year.  No matter what.

And, now, well... The time has come.  Well, actually, the conference itself isn't until July, but the registration fee DOUBLES after next Thursday.  Which gives me exactly ONE week to follow-through with my promise.

I admit it, I'm a nerd.  I really like conferences, and learning, and the opportunity to "take notes" and dream big.  Plus, this blogging thing is the most committed I've been to a hobby since 5th grade, by far!  It is (as corny as it sounds) a big part of my life; and, I feel like the investment (both of time and money) to attend the conference is worth it for me right now.

Blogher 2013 is being held in Chicago July 25th - July 27th.  This is perfect because 
1.) I'm out of school then.  
2.) I love Chicago.  
3.) I have relatives that live in the city in case I can't find roommates, etc.  (Katelyn, just in case you read this, hope you don't mind me inviting myself to your home!) 

So, I'm doing it.  I'm signing up.  As of November 7th, there will be no turning back.  Chicago or bust!

But... I really don't want to go alone!!!  Are any of you considering it?  Already signed up?  Convinced by my desperate plea?  If so, please let me know!!  If nothing else, I'd LOVE to know there will be at least one familiar face there and maybe someone I could sit with at meals. :)

Has anyone been before?  Or to a similar conference?  What was your experience like?  Would you recommend it?

That's all.


  1. I bought my ticket this morning and I am terrified!

  2. If this is the second post, I'm sorry. My iPad is being silly and a baby is grabbing at it. Anyway, I'm seriously considering it. If I didn't have a baby I'd have the tickets, rotfl and registration already. But the thought of spending that much time away from my little man (who will be 13.5 months) is scary.

    I'm like you. A sharer who is intimidated by social situations this big. I'll let you know if I decide to go. Maybe we can meet up for drinks! (And talk about how intimidating the whole thing is!!)

    1. After a chat with hubby, we decided to save the extra $200 and get registered today! Yay! (And thank you, E, for the reminder about the early bird deadline!)

  3. I'm heading to BlogHer this year too! It's certainly an intimidating prospect, but I know it'll be so worth it :) Glad you've decided to go!

  4. I'm considering, but I'm not ready to purchase the tickets because I'm waiting on my parents to tell me when vacation is! But I'm from the 'Noke... we could travel together if you wanted to!

    I've been once before.. when it was in San Francisco, and it was overwhelming, but it was amazing at the same time!

  5. I LOVE the design of this blog, E!

    Oh, and congrats on your Blogher decision. There are few places more wonderful than Chi-Town.

  6. I would love to go for '13 especially since it is in Chicago! There's a cheaper student rate but with the cost of the flight and hotel it might be to much for my student wallet :(

  7. Hilariously enough, I searched "going to BlogHer alone" and found this post! Yes, I'm going alone...we should connect! I need someone to sit with at meals!


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