Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Midweek Confessions

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't really feeling this post today.  What I am feeling is tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and fat.  (How's that for a confession?) BUT, my wonderful readers came through again; because, when I finally had a chance to scroll through my blog feed (Note: there about 10 million things I should be doing instead of reading blogs) I saw that some of my loyals (like Ashley & Sandra) had already posted their confessions.  Never one to be left out of a party, my motivation suddenly appeared again (sort-of).

So, here you have 'em...

- Remember when I wrote that beautiful post about the importance of being healthy and losing some lb.s?  Well, I still believe every single word of it; but, am actually practicing not one single part.  In fact, I just ate a Diary Queen burger and a brownie.  I don't even want to think about what My Fitness Pal is saying about me right now. At this rate, I'll never be "ready" to have baby #2.

- Last night at my Junior League meeting, I walked past a car with the license plate "Type A."  (I also saw who got out of it and happen to believe she is, in fact, a Type A superstar.) Anyway, you know what my first thought was?  I'm jealous.  As much as I'm thankful for the way marriage and motherhood have softened my edges so to speak, I sometimes really really miss the days when I was organized, motivated, and productive.  Today is one of those days - that I miss them, not that I am productive.

- I'm not in the Christmas spirit.  Call me Scrooge, but I don't decorate, shop, OR listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  It is a strict rule I follow.

- With the above point in mind, I also expect/want to have all of decorating, shopping, baking, etc. done by December 1st so that I can participate in all the blog linky parties enjoy the holiday season.  This means, you guessed it, approximately seven days of absolute chaos/stress/grumpiness directly following the holiday where we all "pause to reflect on how blessed we are."  Ironic?

- I spent 40 buckaroos yesterday on a giant chalkboard that I EASILY could have made myself. The cost of convenience is high AND totally worth it in my book.  (I'm obsessed with the new chalkboard, by the way.  You will definitely be seeing it soon.)

- I think I've confessed all of these things before.  (Well, except the last one because I'd never purchased a giant chalkboard until yesterday.)  Oh well.

You know what?  I feel better. Like, maybe, I could unload my dishwasher or switch over the clothes in the washing machine now.  Maybe. :)

Anyway, won't you join in the confessing festivities?

Just grab and link below!


  1. I keep meaning to start doing MFP again. I really need to. But it seems like dooming myself to failure if I start NOW-- right before the holidays? That's insane. But it's just so dang CLICHE to start Jan 1...hahaha. I'd almost rather be fat than cliche, right?!

  2. i may have put the scale in another room because I was tired of seeing the number go up. I see it this way: having little ones is the only time we can justify our excess weight..."it's baby weight...I'm getting my belly ready for the next baby with a little extra protection...I have to eat with my son (Every three hours) to model good eating habits..." Your words are what we love about you- your words, your mind and your heart. Eat that brownie and enjoy it!

  3. You're not a scrooge. November is for Thanksgiving and December is for Christmas. I get annoyed, because people jump into all things Christmas in early November, then complain about it come mid-December. Why do we have to rush everything?

  4. I hear you on the extension of the Christmas season! When I went to Wal-Mart this year and saw Christmas decorations out before Halloween, I decided the world has gone mad.

  5. Dairy Queen burgers are TOTALLY worth it. TOTALLY. And also, you should never use me as an accountability partner because I say things like how good fast food is.

  6. You make me smiles. I think you're pretty awesome:) Thanks for sharing this week's Confessions!

  7. I agree with and definitely stick to the firm no-Christmas-decorations (or music!)-before-Thanksgiving. You need to leave time for fall decorations!


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