Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Checking In and Catching Up

Earlier today, I accidentally published a post I've been working on for a while about church after baby.  You will see it soon enough (like probably Thursday), but not today.  So, if it is showing up as an empty link in your reader, please accept my apologies for the "tease" and look for it later. :)

Moving on...

Sorry about my unexpected blog absence last week.  Sam and I actually traveled with Jeff on business for a few days.  Even though traveling with a toddler isn't exactly relaxing; it was still really nice to have a few days of eating out, shopping, watching too much TV, and letting someone else make my bed every morning (at the hotel).   Even the six hour car trip both ways was pleasant thanks to my laptop, a power converter, and Toy Story 3 on repeat.

 Once Jeff finished up, we headed to the Eastern Shore for a quick visit with my friend Pryor, her growing baby bump, bearded husband, and beautiful farm.  This is quoted from her blog today, but it perfectly sums up my feelings too:  "The best thing about this weekend was being known.  Even for just 24 hours, I [was with a] friend... who has known me since I was three years old.  (Wow.)  We knew each other as little kids in preschool, as Freshman year roommates, as newly married friends, and, now, as moms and moms-to-be.  So, so thankful.  These kind of friendships are rare.  My college friendships are rare, because they are lasting.  They have a future and a past.  I heard that the average friendship only lasts 6 years."

Travel is hard.  I always come home more tired than before and overwhelmed with all the things I need to do to "catch up."  But, it is worth it. The memories, the relationships - they are worth it every time.  :)

Let's see, a couple of other things:

1.) Two years ago today, I saw the little pink line that changed my life forever.  Amazing that two years ago Sam was only first beginning to form in my belly and in my heart.  Amazing how different life is, I am, since then.  (You can read about that day here, or my reflections from last year here.)

2.) Today is my dad's birthday!  He is the best dad in the world and I am SO thankful to live near him and be able to celebrate him tonight.  Happy Birthday Bear!!

Ok, that's all for now.  Midweek Confessions tomorrow.  Have a good afternoon!


  1. I clicked over to write a comment on church after baby...psshhhh. Stop doing that ;P hahaha

  2. So glad you guys had a great weekend! :) hope you got to do a little shopping, too!

  3. So glad you had a nice getaway. How wonderful to have a life long friends.

  4. He is getting so big! That picture of him with the books is so cute!

  5. Can't believe it's been two years...seems like yesterday that you announced it!

    Glad y'all had a fun visit with your friend. She's too cute and I loved what you said about friends. Childhood friends are a precious commodity!

  6. Pryor?! oh my G - I.LOVE.THAT.NAME. and her quote "The best thing about this weekend was being known." = goosebumps. That's so how I feel when I'm in the presence of my kindergarten besties... they knew me, before I knew me.
    something about hotel facecloths makes me insanely happy


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