Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All Over the Place

(I've got lots of little random thoughts about lots of different things that I want to share today; so, bear with me, as this post will be all over the place.)

First, THANK YOU.  Seriously, I have been thrilled with the response to the announcement of my Get and Giveaway yesterday.  It is, truly, something I have been looking forward to for a while now; and you all completely blew my expectations for it out of the water.  I have had SO much fun reading your comments and hearing about all the different charities and organizations that you are passionate about, and especially the personal stories behind some of yours.  THANK YOU for entering and for being excited about getting and giving with me.  I can't wait to bless one of you (and a very deserving charity of your choice) next week!!!  (If you haven't entered yet, it is definitely not too late - just go here.  The contest will be open until midnight on Friday, December 21st.)

Also, while we are on the subject of the giveaway, I thought you might like to see a photo of the cowl scarf Libby made me.  I LOVE IT. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that I might wear it every single day this winter - no, really, I've been daydreaming about all the outfit combinations that will go with it! Haha.  One lucky winner is going to get their very own - so we can be twins! BUT, if you just can't leave it to fate, they are totally affordable (around $25.00 + shipping - which is the best I've seen anywhere) and her turnaround time is QUICK (order by Monday and she guarantees delivery by Christmas).  If you want one - for yourself or a gift - email her at libbyryderblog@gmail.com.   You know you wanna...
Sorry the quality is so terrible.  I took this on my phone before the sun came up!

Ok, moving on...

I (along with the rest of the world) am pretty much obsessed with Kate Middleton and her pregnancy.  Are they the most adorable couple ever, or what?  I literally cannot wait to watch her progress through this pregnancy and then into the role of motherhood; but, can you even imagine the pressure she must be under?  Those transitions are hard enough without cameras and journalists and speculation (and, here I am posting photos myself); much less the diagnosis of a very rare condition making pregnancy VERY difficult. 

Later this week, I am going to be sharing a guest post written by my friend Jessica about her own own experience with the same condition (hyperemesis gravidarum) through TWO pregnancies.   It is really insightful and educational, and I am honored to be sharing some quality information about a topic that - up until now - has received very little mainstream attention.  Look for that on Thursday.


Shifting gears again...

It looks like our little man will join the ranks of the "tubes" club next month.  I haven't written much about it on my blog, but he has had a really rough go of it (8+ ear infections in 8 months, to be exact) and with a delay in speech (no words still) too, we finally reached the threshold.  We saw the ENT yesterday and have scheduled the minor surgery for mid-January.  Truly, that date cannot come soon enough!! As much as I hate the idea of him having to be put to sleep, etc. I am SO ready for him to feel good and (hopefully) be able to start communicating with us.  As always, we appreciate your prayers for wisdom and success with that, and I'd love to hear any stories from your own experiences with a similar situation. 
Totally unrelated to tubes, but how lucky am I?

And, finally...

Jeff sent me off on Saturday morning for some "alone time" at the coffee shop.  It was much-needed and SO good for the soul.  :)  On my way, I stopped at our Family Christian Bookstore and picked up two new books:

She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice

and Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky.

From the titles and descriptions, I probably sound like I'm having a breakdown; but, honestly, what woman/mom/human doesn't struggle with control and grace issues sometimes?  I'm really looking forward to spending some time tuning in to those areas and remembering the truths of my faith.  I started the first one this weekend, and so far it is really good.  Have any of you read either of them?

Ok... I think that's enough ramble for one day.  :)  I'm hoping to post some confessions tomorrow... See you then!


  1. i'm really really excited for kate's pregnancy because i could use some pointers in the maternity-fashion category :) i'm sure she'll look amazing all 40 weeks.

  2. I'm excited to follow her pregnancy too. I am pretty much obsessed with that adorable couple. I totally DVRd their wedding. haha. I think it's sweet your hubby pushed you out the door for some "me" time. I hope you enjoyed it:)

  3. Seriously? Are we soulmates? First of all that giveaway is the best idea on the internet! I'm gonna go enter.

    Second of all, obsessed with Kate's pregnancy. So happy for them but sad that she is struggling with this awful disorder.

    Third, Brigham got tubes at 6 months. He was sick from the time he was born and didn't make any sounds so we knew it was time. The doctors said it would help him not be sick and that's all it took for me to know I was making the right decision. It helped immensely. I hope it does for Sam too!

    Fourth, I want BOTH of those books.

  4. In an attempt to be social media savvy, I tweeted (probably unsuccessfully) about my tubes once upon a time. I remember very little about the whole experience except1) a hospital volunteer brought me a handmade bunny I loved for years and years 2) I was disappointed when they eventually fell out and I didn't get to see them, feel them, etc. My dad recalls being super angry at the doctor when he saw him in the cafeteria about five minutes into my procedure. Dad said something to him and he looked at dad and told him I was in recovery and they could come see me when I was awake. Fear not. I can't remember a single ear infection after getting them. Sam will be fine--better than fine. You'll be so glad you did it.

    In other news, so excited about your giveaway and Kate's pregnancy. I'm sad about the stupidity of those DJs and that the news probably saddened Kate when she should be happiest.

  5. could your boys look anymore alike? I think not.
    that cowl looks grrrrreat on you! and I'm super interested in reading about Middleton's diagnosis... what's Kate's new last name? Do royalty even get last names?

  6. such a cute little man in that hat!
    I pray that the tube surgery goes well!

  7. I babysat for a lady that had hyperemesis for all 3 of her pregnancies. It was so bad she couldn't even swallow her own spit and she had to get a pic-line to keep her hydrated. It was horrible to watch her go through that. I helped her the most when she was pregnant with her 3rd child, I basically lived at her house and helped with the older 2 kids. It is no joke.

    And you have 2 handsome fellas! Those tubes will make all the difference!

  8. I know how scary it is to have your little one put under anesthesia--my son had a minor sugery that required him being put to sleep at 6 months old (he had a frenulectomy). Don't worry too much on it in advance (save yourself the stress!) Y'all and Sam will be just fine!!

  9. Tubes are fantastic! My three year old got them at 18 months old and he has been healthy since. My 9 month old just got them last week actually; he's had a constant double ear infection since the end of September, so it's nice to see him happy again. Dr. Chen, our ENT, is SO fast. My little guy was scheduled first of the day at 7:15 and we were leaving the hospital at 8:20 - the hardest part for him was just getting up so early! It will make a big difference!

  10. I love the scarf...I think I'm going to order one for my mom! Thanks!

    I am so sorry to hear about the ear situation...I had SOOO many problems with my ears when I was little, but never had tubes put in. I kind of wish I did because I STILL have issues with my ears. I am hoping that Cam skips that problem...I feel so sad when the babies are hurting. :( I hope it helps!

  11. I found your blog through Libby's and had to comment...I love tubes!!! That could be my tagline...my son had his put in before he was 1, so it's been at least 4 months and they are amazing!!! And by the time you sit back down in the waiting room the surgery is already over! I hope you're cute little guy does fine..I would say he will be talking in no time! :)


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