Sunday, December 9, 2012

For Your Sunday

Just a little something to make you smile (or totally judge me as the worst parent in the world) today.

Christmas card?  Haha! Tis the season! :)

And, don't forget...

Be sure to check back tomorrow for details. (Have I mentioned I'm excited about this?!?!)


  1. haha I love it. This is waayyy better than a traditional Santa pose. I can only hope for a similar experience if we see Santa this year!! :)

  2. No judgment here! My son was the exact same way from age 1 to 3 ... For some reason, this year, Santa isn't scary anymore. ;)

  3. This made me laugh outloud today!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! If moms were judge on how their kids acted with Santa, there would be a LOT of bad moms in the world! Haha...precious :)

  5. Poor Sam! Maybe he will like Santa next year :)


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