Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 - A Look Back

Are you tired of year-in-review posts yet?!?!

I wasn't going to do this - because I'm lazy, really - but seeing all the reflective posts in my blog feed the last few days has reminded me of how lucky I am to have this place where all of my memories are documented as they happen.  The hard days, the happy days, and all the inbetweens.  2012 has been a good year.  It has been a pretty comfortable year (compared to 2010 and 2011, which were both filled with change), and that has been nice.  The best thing about this year has been watching Sam grow from a baby to a toddler.  It literally feels like he has grown up before our eyes in the last twelve months...  2012 was a lot less busy and social than other years.  We didn't do a lot of traveling or entertaining or major projects; but, I wouldn't have it any other way.  This year, has been about "we three."  It has been about becoming a little family, starting our own traditions, and treasuring all the little, ordinary, things about life.  We are blessed.

So, here we go, a little look back at all the smiles (and mild panic attacks) of the last twelve months...

In January, I announced that "balance" would be my focus for 2012 and my "home goal" was to re-decorate my sun room.  (More on that progress soon.)  Midweek Confessions had it's biggest week ever (45 link-ups), and I published a totally unrealistic list of 12 goals for 2012. (I won't be doing that again.)  Sam turned six-months old - which, in hindsight, we consider a major turning point in our adjustment to parenthood etc., and ate his first solid foods.  As a mama, I realized I love being a boy mom, and I found Glennon Melton's article "Carpe Diem is Not for Young Moms" - also kind-of a turning point.

In February, I admitted that sometimes being a blogger makes me a little jealous. I gave tips on being a bridesmaid, deciphering your wife, and  what to take to the hospital when you are in labor.  I finally grew my hair past my shoulders (still going strong) and GOT AN iPHONE (life.changing)!  We also took a family get-away with the Chapmans to The Smokey Mountains, and sent a cute Valentine.

The beginning of March was spent planning and hosting a Little Mister baby shower for my dear friend Laura.  And, later, you all sympathized with my woes on dressing a boy, Sam celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day, and I turned 28.

In April, I shared my story for Easter (and finished it here). Sam and I traveled to South Carolina with Meg and Ruby to visit Courtney and prepare for baby Selah. I also "starred" in our school play Footloose, and little man started crawling and pulling up. Meanwhile, on the blog, we debated Baby Name Etiquette, and I unveiled my new blog design from Angie.

May was incredibly busy at work because of SOLs (ugg); but, I still blogged about my spirited baby, and hosted the "Letter to New Moms" series (one of my very favorite things I've ever done here). Jeff and I also squeezed in a trip to Nashville to celebrate with Sart & Kristin on their wedding day (our first trip without Sam). And, I celebrated my first Mother's Day by calling it quits with breastfeeding and Sam finally sleeping through the night.

In June, school ended (wahoo!), we spent a weekend at the lake with my family, and Sam and I traveled for a long weekend in North Carolina with my college friends and their babies. I wrote about my controversial birthday-party-anxiety and got busy planning away.  Jeff celebrated his first Father's Day, my blog turned three, and we had our fifth wedding anniversary in the middle of Derecho!

July was all about someone's first birthday - for which we partied hard in red and teal! Aside from those celebrations, Jeff and I also attended Tom & Kristin's wedding in Charlottesville and took Sam to the beach with my parents.

August started with a trip to Williamsburg alone for AP training, and ended with  a new school year in my new PART-TIME teaching position (which I blogged about back in June)!!! Although I struggled with things like my weight (totally lost that battle), separation anxiety, and the Chickfila debacle, it was a mostly fun month full of back-to-school traditions like my first day of school photo, a teacher link-up, and pictures of my classroom.  (Oh, and I talked about having more babies... sometime.)

In September, after a wonderful visit to Virginia Beach to see Jake and Amanda and celebrate Parker and Ashley's wedding over labor day, I got real with my confessions and shared my mom's great (and totally novel) advice about getting back on track. SAM WALKED! And, I talked a little more about balance, and practiced what I preached with a short blog break.

October was my (weak) attempt at 31 days of blogging.  The 31 Lessons I Learned My First Year of Motherhood series was fun to write and a good exercise in reflecting for me; but, I stopped at #18, and still haven't started again.  (Maybe one day.)  Also that month, my sister moved to Fredericksburg (and then came back to visit), Sam took his first major tumble down the front steps, I had my ten year high school reunion (which I never blogged about - the shame!), we visited many a pumpkin patch, Clemson beat VT (again), I shared TMI about pregnancy tests, and The Lamb debuted for Halloween. #stillkillsmeeverytime  (I also wrote this letter to you, my readers, which is probably one of the most thought-about posts I've ever published here.)

In November, I shared some tough thoughts about church after baby, Sam and I accompanied Jeff on a work trip to Virginia Beach and made a stop on the Eastern Shore to see Pryor and Gregg. I also made a list of things I'm not good at, and blogged about our wonderful Thanksgiving.

December was jam packed with all things CHRISTMAS, including our Christmas card reveal, photos of my decorations, wish lists, and my Get & Give Away! I also wrote this post about our house and my new perspective after our visit from the original owners, told you about my favorite thing, shared a guest post from my friend Jessica on Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and wrote this post about God in schools after the horrible Newtown tragedy.

Did I seriously say we did less this year?  Ha!  

THANK YOU again for reading my blog in 2012.  In the last year and a half, this blog has grown and evolved to truly reflect this season of my life and the challenges of seeking balance, giving up my expectations of perfect, and discovering who I am as a mom and a woman. Those of you that have been reading since the beginning have not only seen Sam grow up, but ME as well. Thank you for being on this journey with me!  I look forward to seeing where 2013 will take us!

Coming up...

- More about Destino Del Reino (the organization that Hollie selected to receive the Get & Giveaway donation)
- "My 2013 Word of the Year"
- An update on my house - decor and organization


  1. I always love reading your year in review posts. Yours are so detailed!!! Happy New Year!

  2. What a wonderful year it was for you! Sam has grown so much. Doing my one word focus tomorrow!

  3. It is wild how much Sam has grown! Jen

  4. Happy New Year! I didn't realize how long I'd been reading this blog until I saw that because I remember so much of it! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a fabulous 2012.

  5. Thank you for sharing....I joined the party a couple of months ago and it is wonderful seeing the full year.......wishing you and your family an awesome new year!

  6. It has been so fun following along with you last year and I can definitely see growth it you! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you :)

  7. What a nice pictures. Nice that you wanted to share them.
    What a sweet little boy you have!
    Still the best wishes for 2013!
    Love Stefanie.


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