Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midweek Confessions

It's that time again...

- Last week I ran across this "genius" thing in the freezer section of the grocery store.  Little patties of Sweet Potatoes that could easily be taken out and thawed/microwaved individually for a quick and healthy snack/side.  Sam loves sweet potatoes, and I love quick and healthy, so it was a win-win.  I glanced at the nutrition facts as I threw the 99cent Styrofoam, shrink-wrapped tray into my cart, and went home feeling quite proud of my find - they only had 60 calories a patty, which must be the same as a fresh sweet potato, right? .  (I mean, it's basically like homemade baby food, only without the making at home part.)  Anyway, I've been feeding these things to my kid for a week, and tonight was the first time I happened to look at the ingredients... Yams (thank goodness), sugar, cornstarch, buttermilk, salt, natural and articial flavoring, yellow #6, red #40. UGG.  Mommy fail.  The Styrofoam and price tag should have been a dead give away.

- In an attempt to make the most of our weekend and keep out wild toddler at bay, Jeff and I braved an "indoor carnival" at the civic center this past weekend.  It was all the sketchiness of an outdoor carnival, only inside a dimly lit building and with the oldest/ most broken down rides for little kids.  I loved it. :)  Sam was fascinated watching the rides, so we decided to give him a spin on the two safest looking things there - the Carousel and a little school bus ride. And well... here's a little glimpse of how that went:
This totally doesn't do the scene justice.
He cried the whole time on both rides (you'd think we'd learn our lesson after the first one, right?) while, meanwhile, I was just barely squished into the mini-ride, sitting spread-eagle, and I'm pretty sure all the passerbyers could see my butt crack as we "spun" past.  Making memories.

- Because of my work hours, I get dressed every single morning and (at least most of the time) attempt to look cute.  Unfortunately, when I get home, I immediately change into some variation of yoga pants and one of Jeff's flannel shirts for cleaning and playing with Sam.  I leave before Jeff (and Sam) wakes up; so, it occurred to me yesterday that it has been weeks since Jeff has seen me in a real outfit during the week.  Isn't there some sort of mom-blogger support group for this kind of problem?

- For the first time in my whole life I think, I have officially passed the one-month mark and NOT finished my Christmas thank you notes.  This is, seriously, a big deal.  I sent the most "pressing" ones out right away, but I think I'm going to wave the white flag on the rest of them.  Emily, Alex, Mom, Kathryn, Freda, and Jayme - please accept this blog post as a token of my sincere appreciation for your generous gift.

Your turn!!

And, until next time, I'm signing out...


  1. The faux-yams...sad story!! Maybe you could find something similar (minus all the added crap) at Trader Joes or something? Way to go on instilling an early fear of fairs in Sam!! Really this could pay off for years as he doesn't beg to go waste money at every crappy fair that comes through town.

  2. The food situation is tough. I have been, all the time.

  3. Well, i am cracking up while my kiddos are taking their formative assessment!!! E, this is one of your better midweek confessions!! You should have known better buying those sweet potato things!! good lord!!! I also warned you about the carnival!! Children really do not ever listen to their parents, no matter waht age they are!!!
    Keep writing these funny ones!! I love them!!
    Oh, and we just had a power surge with this high wind going on, and all the computers went blank! Just another day in the classroom!!

  4. As always you CRACK me up! Has Sam tried Dr. Praeger's
    Sweet Potato Pancakes?... They are a total hit in our house.

  5. I hear you on feeling duped by the "healthy food" you thought you were buying. I once ran into the grocery store, in a hurry, to get some juice boxes. On the rare occasion that we buy them, we usually get Motts for Tots, because they are lower in sugar, but without artificial sweeteners added. Rather than getting those, I grabbed a package from the natural foods aisle. When I got out to the car, I saw that the first ingredient was corn syrup! I paid almost twice as much for nothing but processed sugar. I was so annoyed.

  6. I seriously laughed myself silly imagining the sketchy INDOOR carnival (see I'm laughing again just typing it) and your maneuvers to sit on the ride with a crying kid.

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who becomes allergic to work clothes once the workday is over. I have an 'elastic waist only 'policy after 5 pm (strictly enforced).


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