Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Confessions, Bachelor Gossip, & Cuteness for the Next 40 Days

*This is a long one, you may just want to read it in parts over the next 40 days.  Just saying.

I don't even know what to say about The Bachelor last night.  Sean has slowly been sending home all my favorites (Tierra excluded from that list, obvi), and I'm getting kind-of annoyed with him.  Really, Lesley?  She may not have found love on this season, but I'm pretty sure she'll have plenty opportunities come from this show.  Girl somehow made a mini skirt with flowing flaps and a white spaghetti strap shirt look like the most fashionable thing ever.  I normally would have hated that outfit, but she totally pulled it off.  Everybody and their sister's BFF is Googling that skirt today. :)

Goodbye Bachelor fashion... It was fun.

What more is there to say about Tierra?  I DIED when she said "That's my face. I can't control my eyebrow."  Seriously, died.  I hate to be a jerk, but she's got a lot bigger issues than just her eyebrow... Like, her fashion sense for starters.  The outfits these girls are selecting for their dates, I can't even.  Jorts?

And, was it just me or were there entirely too many belly shirts on this episode too?

Not that I wouldn't wear a belly shirt at all times if I had a stomach like AshLee's.

Speaking of AshLee, I think she is cute and seems very genuine; but, she take one step forward for me, and two steps back.  The blindfold two weeks ago - weird, but I was willing to look over it.  The screaming this week? Just.too.much. 

I did like her yellow dress at the rose ceremony though.

(Have I mentioned how ridiculously impossible it is to find photos from these episodes?)

Lindsey is, by far, the biggest mystery on this show.  I just don't get it - she must be ONE HECKUVA kisser, that's all I can say.  (Also, Sean's sis seems to be giving good advice... I think she needs to have a little chat with him next about trying to actually 'talk' to all of the girls and not just fall in love with the ones that make-out the most.  No?)

Sadly, I'm finding that I'm not really "cheering" for anyone right now; which is unfortunate.  It is a lot more fun when I get all caught up in the unrealistic expectations of a couple that meets on reality TV, gets engaged in nine weeks, and then must survive four months "in hiding" immediately followed by the public broadcasting of one partner's "journey to love" with 24 other women.  :)

Anyway, all that said, the previews made the next week's hometown visits look EPIC.  I can't even begin to express my sadness over not being able to follow Twitter during next week's episode (or blog about it after the fact).  But, not to fear, I will try not to leave you high and dry... Do yourselves a favor and follow Arie (from Emily's season) and The Possessionista on Twitter before next Monday.  You will NOT regret it.  Here's a little sampling of what you can expect:

Moving along...
- Today is "Fat Tuesday."  As you know, I'm giving up social media for Lent; not any kind of food/drink.  (Although we all know that would be a good idea too.)  Regardless, I felt obligated to "celebrate" by having a fast food feast for lunch followed by Mexican food for dinner.  What can I say? I make it a rule never to pass up a reason to feast. :)

- On Saturday night, my sister threw her boyfriend a surprise birthday party.  Seizing the opportunity to wear a "going out" outfit, I got all gussied up in a new top and jewelry from my (much more fashionable) sister for Christmas and, I was feeling pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  Not to worry though, before the guest of honor even arrived one male guest was politely handing me a napkin to wipe ranch dressing off of my chest and another was pointing out that I had "just a little something green" in my teeth.  You can dress her up...

- My child might have been the one climbing under tables and playing on the floor at a restaurant Sunday night.  That would make me the one you judged and talked about when you left.  Maybe.

- I use the dryer as my iron 95% of the time.

- I use my laundry room as my closet 98% of the time.

And, finally, to leave you with a smile...

I'll see you after Easter!

Beginning at midnight tonight, I will be logging off of Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter for 40 days and 40 nights in observance of Lent.  While I'm gone, I have FOURTEEN awesome guest posts to share with you from some of my lovely readers.  I am so excited to introduce you, and I'm confident that you will treat them well!  If you are so inclined, I would love for you to pray for me during this time - that it would be an intimate time with the Lord, meaningful time with my family, and an opportunity for me to practice surrender, self-control, and time-management.  I'm honestly looking forward to this "break," but I will definitely miss this space A LOT! Please don't leave me!! I'll be back... I promise!! :) 

*If you need me, I can be reached by email at e@emyselfandi.com during my break


  1. great post! i will miss reading about your funny life! Sam is precious!

  2. Enjoy the time off.....looking forward to your return!

  3. I love the Valentine's picture! Sam is so cute! I'll have to follow along on Twitter for my Bachelor comments, haha! I will be praying for a good break for you, and good for you for following the Lord's leading and giving up social media for lent!

  4. I'll miss your posts, E! But enjoy your time away! See you after Jesus has risen :-)

  5. I miss you already!! We can email about Bachelor, right? That's not against the rules. Totally agree-- what was with all the belly shirts?? And jorts! Seriously, girls. Seriously.

  6. Go girl! Turn it off and just be who/what you need to be for the next 40 days. I admire you. See you soon... xo

  7. Amen about Lindsay! I couldn't believe she got a rose!

  8. I'm so sad to see you go and even sadder to not be able to hear your thoughts on the end of the Bachelor! I hope you fill us in with your feelings upon your return. Happy Lent, I hope you get to spend lots of time with your family. :]


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