Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog Gems Etc.

Hi friends! Hope you've had a good weekend.  Yesterday was super busy with a mock AP exam for my students in the morning, an afternoon volunteering for our local Garden Tour (funny, I know), and dinner with family.  On top of all that, Sam's been hit with some pretty major allergies/cold, so today is going to be full of cuddles and Dinosaur Train.  (Do your kids watch that?  It's Sam's favorite.)  

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the web this week... Hope your day is relaxing and happy!

"30 Things I Hope to Do After 30" by Lori Fradkin for The Huffington Post
A very good reminder that life doesn't end at 30 (duh!) and it's really OK if I don't accomplish every life goal in the next year. ;)

"How to Focus in an Age of Distraction: 10 Things to Do Before You Click" from Ann Voskamp
Wow.  She is SO GOOD.  This is a free printable (please go to her site to download it) followed by some great thoughts... I needed this.

"Dear House" on Clover Lane
You know my relationship with my house... I love this.

And for a good laugh, I can always count on Jill...
"Look Into My Crystal Ball, Expecting Moms" on Baby Rabies

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Man and kids will be back in a sec, so I didn't manage to read through all of your links. I had a look at the one about the house , though, and it made me smile. I feel exactly the same about my place, especially during winter...
    Have a good start to your week!

  2. Thanks for some more revision distraction material :p

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  3. Good luck to your students on AP testing! I teach fifth grade, and we've been doing mock tests all last week to get ready for our real tests this week! Yay testing(?)


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