Friday, April 26, 2013

2nd Awkward Stage

One of the highlights of my job (most of the time) is listening to side conversations that go on between teenagers when I'm "not listening."  (I think it goes without saying that these conversations can sometimes be frightening/disturbing/disgusting as well; but, for the most part, I teach good kids...)  Anyway, this morning they actually invited me in to one of their conversations about moms.  It went something like this:

STUDENT A: "Is Joe's* mom a cute mom?"

STUDENT B: "I don't think any mom of kids our age is cute."

ME: "WHAT?!?!  There are lots of cute moms of teenagers.  You should see my mom, she is adorable!" (It's true.  And, yes, I realize I am not a teenager.)

STUDENT B: "It is a weird phase between being a cute young mom and a cute old mom."

STUDENT A: "Yea, like the second awkward stage of life."

So... There you have it.  There is such a thing as a SECOND AWKWARD STAGE.  Great news for all of us just finally starting to feel comfortable in our own skin - sun spots, stretchmarks, and all...

At first I thought my mom totally disproved this theory (she is really super cute; and, I have her genes - so, surely, I'm in the clear); BUT, then I remembered the 1990s.  If anyone escaped that era without looking at least a little bit awkward and uncute, I'd like to know about it. Sorry Mom, but those weren't your finest years. ;)

Now, I'm panicking a little bit.  Naturally.

What stage am I in now? Am I (have I?) fully embracing the cute young mom stage? How long will this stage last? Does my skin care and exercise routine now directly correlate to my cute old mom status? Will Sam's future friends refer to me as being in my "second awkward stage"?

This is almost too much for me to bear.

Tell me... What do you think?  Is there such a thing as a "second awkward stage"?  If so (oh geez) what will you do to prepare?  OR, how did you survive and come out on the cute side of old?  Haha!

Anyway, happy Friday! Obviously I'll be getting Botox, liposuction, and a dye job this weekend - with Sam's best interests in mind, of course
*Name changed to protect the innocent (and his mom)


  1. Haa!! I love this! Your kids sound highly entertaining and enlightened. Be sure to take before and afters of all your work this weekend! ;)

  2. I have to whole-heartedly say yes. Between the maternity jeans & accidental slide into mom-jeans (, my skin breaking out like a teenager, and even social awkwardness when I am talking to someone who doesn't live in a toddler world...I feel like an awkward preteen sometimes!

  3. Now, this is funny!!

    Gotta love teenagers!

  4. Oh my! That is a little...discomforting considering I, too, was like you thinking I'd be good because my mom looks great! Love this post. BTW, I might have some typos - the comment form was being weird. New follower via Melissa @ :) Love your blog!

  5. Haha! This is hilarious...and kind of sad. :(

    My mom is cute...only i look just like my dad... i don't know what that means about me as a young or old mom (i will be an old mom when i am finally a mom...since i am still not pregnant & am now offically mid-thirties! EEP! Does this mean i won't even GET to be young mom? I'll be automatically old mom!? :( (I realize this might, in fact, be the case. CRAP!) :)

  6. Do they know you Blog? Maybe once in a while incorporate them with polls and such. Teens can be awesome--sometimes. This is all too hilarious!

  7. I think I was in the second awkward stage until I went back to work! I had stayed cooped up inside with babies for so long that I could barely have a conversation with other people. I honestly didn't know what was goin on in the world bc I watched cartoons all day. Won't let that happen again :)

  8. This really is funny! Students can come up with the most hilarious things, both when feeling unobserved and in the classroom too. Although, sometimes I wish I hadn't listened - there are some things I don't want to know...

    As to the second awkward stage in life - am I the only one who sometimes feels I never got out of the first one? I mean things are slowly getting better (or maybe I just don't care as much any more) but I still often feel somewhat out of place, and definitely not very often like a cute mum... But maybe I'm just already stuck in second stage. I sure hope so. It has to be over at some point, right?

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  10. I enjoyed reading this post haha. And I hope you were absolutely joking about the botox this weekend! Kids really say the darnest things! Checkout my blog series this week for the Kentucky Derby!


    A Pop of Style

  11. Hahahahah... this is a good one, E! You are where I was in the early 90's! We all thought we were so cute, and hip! But you will look back on your pics in 25+ years and say, "good lord, what was I wearing?" But, for what it's worth, I think you are an adorable, cute mom!! Love you!!


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