Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Midweek Confessions + Linky

First things first... It was SO good to hear from so many of you and find your blogs on Monday (and the comments keep trickling in)... I'm a little slow, but I'm making my way to each and every one as quickly as possible.  Thank you!  Also, it is looking like a little Roanoke/New River Valley get-together is in order!  I am going to try to plan something (maybe picnic and park in Salem - in between) for early June when school gets out.  Locals, stay tuned for details. I can't wait.

Now, on to today's confessions:

- Last week, when Jeff was out of town, I went to Target FOUR times.  (He was gone three days.)

- I "oversleep" every.single.morning.

- We are working on being more consistent about getting Sam to bed by 9PM every night.  This is late by virtually every other parent I know standards, but it is early (or at least reasonable) for us.  Oops.

- I bought new "skinny" black pants to wear to a family reunion/birthday party on Saturday. They ripped right up the back within two minutes of me putting them on. #notsoskinny (For the record, it really wasn't noticeable, so I hedged my bets and wore them anyway.)

- Not one, not two, but THREE people contacted me on Monday to inform me of Reese Witherspoon's arrest over the weekend.  (Hadn't heard? Allow me...) I think this is proof that a. I might have been slightly overly obsessed with her in college, and b. my friends/family have very little confidence in my maturity since then. ;) #shewentdownhillafterryanphillipe #istilllikeher

- When I was at Chickfila with Ashley last week, one of the workers recognized me and our conversation made that very obvious.  (He usually works at a different Chickfila, and I usually go to that one, so we were surprised to see each other at this one.)  It was awkward - mainly because I was with a "new" friend, and I obviously go to Chickfila way too often.

- Jeff and I committed to making this week "meatless" and trying to really load up on lots of veggies.  I made a delicious roasted veggie medley on Sunday and Monday nights, and we were feeling quite good about ourselves.  Then, last night, I got tired of cooking (two nights in a row is a lot for me), and our neighbors invited us over for lasagna.  So, clearly, we had to go.  We lasted two nights being meatless.  Tonight we are having hotdogs.

I'd love to have you join in the fun today!!  Share your confessions on your blog & then link up the post below - pretty please?!?!


  1. Ha! The people at Jimmy Johns not only know me by name and face, but know my order so well that the second I walk in the door they start making my sandwich. I brought a friend once and she was bewildered when I didn't even have to order. "But they see like, 500 people a day. How do they know you? How often are you HERE?" So embarrassing.

  2. Woohoo! The very day I actually start posting on my blog, I get to link up for MWC! And how fitting that that's basically what I was writing about anyway!

  3. I don't have a post, but I do have a similar confession...
    Yesterday I took my son to Chickfila for ice cream and to play. Today we went back for lunch with a friend, and I let him trade his book for ice cream. The only guilt I feel about this is that he's old enough now that he tells my husband excitedly about our fun outings - so I can't keep them secret and pretend we had a healthy lunch anymore.

  4. Love the meatless week gone Target= my weakness, and main reason we don't save more money.

    Linking up, I love this!

  5. I have ripped my pants before, and if it is small enough, I will just wear the same color undies and call it good. :)

    1. brilliant Casey - I wish I could pin this ingenious solution for a common problem. ;)

  6. If we had target in the UK I'm sure I would be the same, haha! This week I've made 3 orders from debenhams online as they've got free postage, oh dear.

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  7. I'm a teacher and a boy-mom too!! :)) And.....I'm pretty sure the people at our Chickfila know us too.....but they are too dang polite to say WHY DON'T YOU EXPAND YOUR DIET. :))

  8. I feel the need to comment on basically all of your points because I love you/them so...
    - Target is now in Canada - WOOP! - and the new store is opening a mere 4 blocks away this May, one word "Trouble" #notethecapitalT
    - the fact that you're still conscious enough to get a toddler to bed at 9pm is SUPER impressive.
    - we don't have Chickfila in these parts but I bet I'd have a running tab if we did.
    - aside from borscht I don't think Trev would ever get on board with a meatless meal - it's protein or bust with that man so I'm envious of your progressive hubster.

    I apologize for being an awful commenter as of late, but I'm working on my link up rrrrrright now just to prove I'm a diehard E (and Reese Witherspoon) fan. I heard about her arrest on the radio and had to google the details of her offence.


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