Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Gems

Umm... Oops.  So, apparently, I really had fallen out of the habit of writing regular blog posts.  Sorry friends.  This thing ain't over, I'm just warming up...

Today is my last day of Spring Bbreak.  I am spending it in PJs, drinking coffee with a very snotty nosed toddler. What better way?  It is supposed to be close to 70 degrees today, so a trip to the park is in order later.  Otherwise, I'll be trying to cross things off my mile-long to do list that I hardly even looked at all break. ;)

Sam and I visited my sister for a few days last week, and I promised her a blog post about that.  So, look for it soon.  But, in the meantime, I'm sharing some of the gems from the blogosphere recently.  Enjoy!

"Discovering Peace and Freedom in Parenting by Learning to Surrender" from Life Blessons. Oh how this spoke to my mama-heart. I just found this blog through Babble, but I love it.  Its writer, Carmen, has a three-week old baby girl - oh three weeks.  I want to meet her for coffee and give her a hug.  You are not alone mama, and - I promise - you are doing a great job!

"Beauty Is Only Skin Deep... But Instagram Goes All the Way Down to the Bone" from Suburbabble.  Thankfully, Sam doesn't have an Instagram account or iPhone... yet (we're hoping for a few more actual words first); but, this still struck a chord with me as a teacher and a mom.  I'd call it a "must read" for anyone with young people in their care.  This is our world today, we may as well be prepared for it.

"Online Myopia" by Jess Lively.  This really spoke to me after my recent blog/social-media break; in fact, my own "reflections" post (whenever I get around to writing it) will probably sound kind of similar.

"My Spirited Child" on Marriage Confessions.  This is Katie's review of the book Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.  She does a great job of explaining the positives and negatives to the book and what is helping in her house.  As you know from this post, I have a wild child, and discipline/management can be a tough area for me.  I heard from so many of you in the same boat; so, I'm happy to pass on this great post with some good advice and encouragement.

I started this book this week.  I love how Glennon "announced" her "birth."

"Stuck in the Doldrums: An Attack Plan" by Jen Hatmaker.  Oh how I know the doldrums.  I love that Jen admits where she "fails," AND comes up with a solution.  This is good stuff.

I'm excited about this -- "Capturing Your Kids: A Photography Series" on Simple Mom.  Taking more, and better, photos is one of my goals this summer, so this is coming up at a perfect time.

I definitely need to get in the game and participate in A #Mighty Love Project sponsored by Nat the Fat Rat and Go Mighty. I love this concept!  Do it.

"Five Ways to Mix Patterns" on Centsational Girl.  I've been Googling terms like this for months... I'm not afraid of color or pattern, but I struggle with how to pair them.  I love Kate's style, so this is PERFECT for me.

"Do You Have to Break Before You Are Whole?" on E Tells Tales.  I love her words and her heart.  Can't I just pretend this is my blog and call it a day?! ;)

"How to Write on a Chalkboard" from Jones Design Company.  Because this is one of my major life struggles these days... Seriously. I have major Pinterest Chalkboard Envy.  (Also this.)

Ok... It has clearly been a while since I've read blogs.  LOVE it.  What's the best thing you read (or wrote) this week?  Please share a link below!

What Sam does while I read blogs. #don'tjudge #justkiddingkindof #offtocleanup

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I promise to have something of more substance soon...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh you are so, so sweet! Thank you for the mention (I've been a regular reader of yours, so I'm thrilled!) but even more so for the encouragement. Yowza these first weeks have been hard...but we're making our way, day by day (more like hour by hour, honestly!) :) A coffee date sounds like bliss right now!

  2. Love these. Thanks so much for helping me procrastinate!
    Enjoy your fleeting moments of spring break.
    We are now in that LONG stretch of raging hormones and rising temps until SUMMER break!

  3. Oh how lovely to be mentioned here! Thanks so much for the shout out and now I'm off to read a few more from your list!


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