Monday, April 1, 2013

Breakfast + 10 Things You Missed

Break. Fast.  Get it? 

I'm back!

Friends, it was a good forty-days.  My break was full of rest and quality time with my friends, my family, and my God.  Yesterday was a wonderful celebration of those things (mainly the fact that I only have any of them because of Jesus's sacrifice and the promise of new life); but, I am glad to be back!

I thought about pulling a little April Fool today and saying I was giving up the blog for good; but, let's face it - I don't even want to joke about that! ;)

Today, I am feeling refreshed, thankful, and even more confident that blogging should be a part of my life... I have missed this place (and all of you) so much!

Nothing particularly exciting happened while I was gone, but forty-days is a long time, and I have to admit I feel a little overwhelmed knowing where to start now.  So, in an effort to make this catch up quick & easy, I've put together a little list of 10 Things You Missed While I Was Gone.  I'm going to try to elaborate more on some of these (and definitely share some reflections on my Lent experience) in the next few days; but, I also want to be able to jump right back into the game and move forward... Are you with me?  

Ok, here we go:

1. We took a weekend trip to the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg with Jeff's family where Sam visited Ripley's Aquarium.  It was a big hit.

2. Contrary to my husband and sister's advice, I went a bit more dramatic with my bangs.  Don't I look just like Anne Hathaway? Ha!

3. I fell in love with Sean and Catherine, and AshLee turned craaaazy. (You didn't think I'd leave this out, right?)

4. We took several family day-trips including to a nearby children's museum and our local zoo.

5. We hosted an impromptu St. Patrick's Day party with our neighbors/ Sam's best buds.

6. Jeff and I started a garden.  It has been two weeks and we have seven sprouts.  That's good, right?

7. I read four books.  Devoured them, really.  (Also, Addy got a hair cut.)

8. I traveled to Memphis with my college best friends to see Liz and Hill get hitched.

9. I turned 29 and celebrated with a fat-feast at a Japanese Steakhouse with my family and our dear friends the Thompsons.

10.  We celebrated Easter, and Sam ate WAY too much candy.

Things I did NOT do: Clean house, do laundry, lose weight, become a super mom/teacher.  (I couldn't let people think I was actually better without blogging.  Haha.)

Anyway, that's my life in a nutshell lately.  It has been happy and fun and full - just the way I like it.  This week is spring break, so things just keep getting better.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got 40 days worth of blog reading to do... ;) I'll be back tomorrow (and the day after that) with more.  In the meantime, THANK YOU for sticking with me through my break.  I am so grateful for this community and this space!!  I love you all and am looking forward to an exciting spring!
Taken yesterday in Jeff's parents' backyard.  Love these people. :)

P.S. I just watched Glennon from Momastery on the Today Show.  She is adorable and so genuine.  Her book comes out on Kindle tomorrow... It is next on my list.  (Haha!  They also just totally got me with their fake engagement... Did you see it?  Good one.)


  1. Yaaaay you're back!! I missed you too much! Have fun catching up! :)

  2. So glad you're back! Glad you had a good break, and your new bangs look great!

  3. Your guest bloggers were wonderful, but it's great to have you back! You seem very satisfied with the last forty days. I'm glad to hear it!

  4. Welcome back!!!

    I like the bangs! So glad you had a nice 40 day "break"!

  5. Welcome back! You had some great guest posters, but I'll be glad to hear from you again. Glad your break was a good experience!

  6. I don't think I realised just how much I missed your posts until I read this one, so pleased you're back!

  7. Welcome back! Hppy Easter. Glad you'll be sticking around. Love your blog. Happy blogging!

  8. I love your bangs - I am always envious of them in your pictures. I should have noted a disclaimer when I suggested Anne's bangs in DWP, her hair is always messy and tousled because she is running around like a maniac in the movie. But they are still my favorite bangs, and Zooey Deschanel's.

    Glad you are back and looking forward to catching up on what you did during your blog fast.

    Hope you guys had a Happy Easter! Sam is getting way too big!

  9. What a nice pictures!
    Fine that you are back!
    Greetings Stefanie.

  10. This is such a fun post! It was fun and enticing to read! :) What wonderful pictures and a great way to catch up. Glad you had a wonderful break, those are needed from time to time :) plus after, they make great posts such as this one. I'll likely be reading more of your posts now that I've discovered your blog! So hello!


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