Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Trendy Tot (Boy Fashion)

I've been trying to write a really sentimental post about this sweet stage of motherhood I am in, but the words aren't flowing this morning.  (The voice is a little rusty, what can I say?!)

So, instead, I thought I'd link up with AP and several other great bloggers (all new reads for me) to participate in Trendy Tot Tuesday; because, really, my tot is trendy y'all. ;)

Need proof:

This photo was taken a few weeks ago after church, and I loooove it. 

His jeans are from Baby Gap - I bought them when everything in the store was 30% off back in the fall, but they were worth every penny and I'd pay full price for another pair in a heartbeat; if they made them in Jeff's size, I'd buy him a pair too!  The little oxford shirt is also from Baby Gap, but we got it second-hand from a friend who's little boy is a bit older than Sam and very stylish.

That sweater makes my heart flutter a little.  (Too much passion for a sweater?)  Cardigan, neon, striped, and elbow patches - it is like all my favorite things sewn up in one.  My favorite thing in his closet right now; and, after eying it at Target for a while, I finally got it on the sale rack for $6.99 right after Christmas. I would dress Sam like this every day, but Jeff says it isn't appropriate for "play."  Haha.  So, I'll settle for church and other "special occasions."

And, his shoes... I could write a whole blog post about these shoes.  Also from Target, they are MiniStar by Bobux - basically, their less expensive version.  In my humble opinion, they are BY FAR the best shoes on the market for little feet. I started buying them early on (long before Sam was walking) because they stayed on his feet. Since then, we have owned three pairs, and Sam wears them probably 95% of the time.  They go with everything (and people always tell me how cute they are - bonus), are comfy (I assume because Sam never complains about them), affordable, good for development (because you can actually feel the ground below you), and they stay on.  We will wear these shoes until he outgrows the biggest size or asks for light up tennis shoes, whichever comes first (please let it be outgrowing).  Seriously though, I can't recommend these shoes more. 
As you know, I feel pretty strongly about dressing boys... Sam did not wear jeans until he was a year old, and my blood still boils when I go in stores like Gymboree or The Children's Place (and even Target really) and the boys' section is half the size of the girls' and full of hideous graphic tees and cargos.  BUT, I have grown to really like dressing a little boy... In fact, it has almost become a game for me - finding the cutest outfit, at the greatest price, while still making him look like the perfect mix of BIG and LITTLE boy.

Yes, sometimes he wears Crocs and sweatpants and graphic tee shirts.  (I've lowered my standards significantly on this level because they aren't joking when they say little boys are dir-ty.)  And, I know the day will come soon enough that he demands to wear the same sweatshirt every day and athletic shorts; but, for now, I think we've struck a nice balance and I (sometimes) pray that we'll have a house full of boys one day so that I can get LOTS of use out of all these cute clothes.  :)

This was fun... Who needs heartfelt blogs when you can talk about clothes? (Just kidding, mostly.)

So, how do you dress your boys?  What's your style philosophy for little ones?  (What, I'm the only one that says things like style philosophy for little ones? Ha!)


  1. oh. my. gosh. Boy clothes are so frustrating. For some bizarr-o reason, the Gap here in Corpus switcheroo'd to a Gap Factory Store, leaving us Gap-less. The Gap Outlet is a total bust when it comes to boy clothes. They have one TINY section dedicated to infant and toddler boys, which only ever has jeans and tshirts with "GAP" stitched on the front of them. Such a disappointment. And I'm so over the onesies with animals or "mom's little slugger" on them (I'm looking at YOU, Carter's.).

  2. Boy clothes are a treasure hunt, that's for sure! But when you strike gold, they are sooooooo cute:-) I've spent far too many hours sifting through H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Target, Zara, etc. I'm having more fun these days dressing my little man rather than myself:-) xoxo

  3. I always loved dressing the boys when they were young. Now they basically dress themselves (with a little help). On Easter, they both had their suits on and it was too precious.

    Love Sam's outfit. Thanks for sharing and glad your back.

  4. We have just bought a bunch of spring clothes for our little boy who just turned 2. We bought many different colored t-shirts. He will wear them with either jeans or shorts. It isn't anything complicated, but he always looks cute! We just got him a pair of Clarks shoes- they just recently started making kids shoes. They have been good so far. We buy almost all of his clothes at Gap, Old Navy, and Target.

  5. I have no boys and I have no style philosophy (for my kids or me). Let's face it: I have no style. However, I love a lot of boy clothes that are out there these days. We have plenty of clothes from the gals that will be worn by a baby/toddle boy (should one ever come our way).

    I love Sam's outfit in that photo. I would totally put my girls in an outfit like that. Who am I kidding? I'd wear that outfit.

  6. Stopping by from the link up---how sweet is he in that cardigan!?! I only have girls, but I love how you dress your little man :-)

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