Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Confession Time

I really should write these "as I go" because I am constantly doing things that make me think "oh, I must confess this," but then my mind always goes blank when I sit down to write!  Either way, there has been plenty of hot mess up in this place lately. ;)

- I frequent the mall playground way more than I care to admit.  This is one of those germ-infested-stinky-sock-smelling places that I absolutely would have turned my nose up at before I became a boy-mom.  Now, we probably go there once every other week so Sam can run, climb, slide, and fall until his heart is content.  Plus, it is an added bonus that Ann Taylor Loft and The Gap are a mere steps away.  Yes, I still think it is pretty gross, but one can only eat play in the play-land at Chickfila so often, and mommy gets desperate on cold yucky days.  Thank goodness spring might finally be making its grand entrance!

- I let my child eat unwashed (gasp) strawberries while I grocery shopped yesterday.  A girl can't win, you know?  My friend - another mama I ran into at the store - let her little one eat Krispy Kreme donuts to keep him quietly seated in the cart; so, I felt that surely I was doing better than that (not that I'm above a sugar-induced coma when the situation calls for it).  But, no.  According to a kind little old lady - who clearly got dressed up in her Sunday-finest for a trip to the local Kroger - "Strawberries are the worst because of all those little pores for pesticides."  And then she added, "I hope your mommy washed that before she gave it to you,  you cute thing" before touching his face (which, I believe, is also kind-of unhealthy) and walking away.  Awesome.

- Speaking of sugar-induced comas, Sam threw an absolute fit in a gas station when I attempted to take a half-eaten bag of gummies from his grubby hands to have the man scan the barcode at the register.  Dear son, thank you so much for drawing attention to the frazzled mom in the front who lets her kid eat junk food and has no control over his behavior. I treasure opportunities to be humbled in public.

- Sometimes Jeff and I let Sam sit in the bathtub until the water gets way too cool and then completely forget to actually clean him.  Oops.  (And, don't worry, we are in there with him... We just have so much fun playing with him and catching up with each other during bath time, that our priorities get mixed up sometimes.  We aren't that bad of parents.)

- I am wearing black winter pants with a spring top and spring shoes today. I also did not blow-dry my hair.  #fashionfauxpas #wiww #hideous

-  And, finally, I think this photo that I posted on Instagram Sunday speaks for itself...

Hilarious - and disgusting - right?

So, apparently I need to start monitoring my child's diet a bit more closely... What are your confessions today? Please share them below or post a link to your own Midweek Confessions blog post!


  1. Oh E, your posts make me smile :) especially this confessions post! You are only human my dear and sometimes you cannot worry about all the little things. Now, when I become a mom, I may feel guilty about these things as well, but let's look at the facts. Germs are everywhere and so is bacteria. There really is no avoiding it and my mom, though very clean herself, use to never worry about washing my fruit before eating it and always took me to those fun ball pits and what not. I am an extremely healthy woman and have zero complications. So have relief there ;) but the fact that that older woman felt the need to point that out, was the one who is silly. and also, slightly rude. I'm sure she meant well but gosh haha
    gummies are yummy, and tantrums will be thrown. Bathtime is always fun and if they sit in the tub for that long, chances are they are cleaner than what they were before. :) I think you are a great mom and being the one he needs you to be! :) keep posting fun things to read! Love them.

  2. I want to punch that woman in Kroger for you!! Ridiculous, lady. Ridiculous. Also, I frequently have this debate with myself at Aldi when I'm contemplating purchasing some extremely cheap but most likely extremely pesticide-laden, non-organic, maybe genetically modified fruit from Mexico or blackberries, let's say. YUM. Who can turn down a pint for 79 cents? I'll eat them like candy. But oh the pesticides, oh the scary things...but seriously, if I eat that instead of CANDY...I mean, which is worse? Junk food or healthy food grown in less-than-ideal circumstances? I never know. I vote blackberries win. Anyway. Not exactly related, but it reminded me. :)

  3. Very funny! I appreciate your candid sharing!

  4. Oh E, I'm so glad confessions are back. I had plenty to share this week mostly due to being a sleep deprived mama....

    Glad you are back my friend!

  5. I feel SO refreshed after reading these - I'm considering these my birthday present. Old lady Kroger needs to keep her dentures on lockdown. Saige was invited to a girl's birthday party this weekend and apparently the "rockstar barbie" invite was code for dress in every bit of pink tulle you own (which in Saige's case is ZERO). So my denim clad 4 year old struts into Toddler in Tiaras and a mom says to me, "I'd be so disappointed if she were my child" - ummm pardon me? you'd be disappointed if your daughter had a mind of their own and didn't think pretty was a priority?
    okay that was a bit of a rant, but your confessions are ha-larious - can't.get.enough.

  6. why is it always in grocery stores that people feel so inclined to offer parenting advice? ugh. After a nasty woman told me Luke would "never walk if I continued to baby wear him" (he was 6 months old!) I decided to write off any parenting advice from random grocery store shoppers.
    oh and Luke has his own tube of mini M&Ms saved for "emergency" scenarios -- checkout lines, the verge of a temper tantrum, etc. I know it's counteractive but sometimes mama just needs to lose the battle for the sake of her sanity! You're doing a great job. :)

  7. the mall playground=my reason i got through the winter! maybe one day we will run into each other there--i will buy you a starbucks and thank you for your great blog and you can feel famous :)


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