Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Toddler (Not) Diaper Bag

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I have talked before about the importance of having a good diaper bag in your life... I liked our first diaper bag (i.e. my fifth limb) just fine; but, I have to admit, I was more than a little anxious to retire it as Sam became a little easier to transport and a little less needy...

For a while, I experimented with different sized purses etc. to fit our needs; but, in the end, I settled on a cute over-sized clutch that can easily be carried inside another bag or on its own depending on the circumstances. 

Does anyone care what the transition away from traditional diaper bag has looked like in my life?  No?  Well, you may want to skip this one then. ;)

I found this cute red bag at Target (duh!) for about $20 around a month ago. It is technically a wristlet (or Merona Guava Berry Pouch, if you really want to get technical) and has a little detachable wrist strap.  It is big enough to fit most of the essentials, but also small enough to fit inside my regular purse.  It comes in a few other colors too (I think), but I really liked the red.  I also felt like this bag would work for other occasions when the diaper-bag stage of life passes (it does, right?) one day.  Win win.

I have it jam packed with two diapers, a small hard-cover wipes container, snacks (of course), band-aids and medicine, anti-bacterial gel, and some little foam books that fit perfectly in the front pocket (underneath those buckles).  I admit that this sucker is pretty full when it's all loaded up, and I keep some other necessities (like sunscreen, an extra pacifier, and Shout wipes) and plenty more diapers and toys in my car just in case - but, it really is the perfect size for what I need most often.

Now, I definitely carry a BIG purse, but the whole thing fits nicely in there with my wallet, planner, coupon file, re-usable bag, hairbrush, and sunglasses. As a result, when I go out, I feel more like a stylish mom than a frumpy mom (Or, at least when it comes to my bag choice) these days.

When I'm going to work, I usually just leave the pouch at home or in my car.  Other times, when I am running somewhere quickly, I squish my wallet inside it and carry only the pouch.  And, when Jeff has Sam by himself, he can easily just throw it in another more "man-friendly' bag (is there such a thing)?  Soon, I'm hoping to get Sam his own little book-bag so he can be responsible for carrying it himself.  #teachemyoung

So, there you have it.  It's an exciting life I live.

How did you transition away from a regular diaper bag? When?  What do you keep in your (not) diaper bag?

Happy Thursday!


  1. I end up using a small boat and tote bag that I originally got to use for child care at the gym and church. But it has somehow become the new toddler bag. I should get back to a purse before #2 comes along and I'm back to the diaper duffle.

  2. I have a huge VS canvas tote bag I use for my purse. There's only one little pocket on the inside which is where my need right this second items are like Chapstick and my phone. Other than that its all thrown in there haphazardly; snacks, diapers, wipes, bottled water, my dslr and extra lens, and my wallet. It's an amazing Mary Poppins bag lol. ;)

  3. I feel like my bag looks just like yours.... tons of tiny bags for us and the tots! Your target bag is really cute. Jen

  4. We bought Michael a Thomas The Tank Engine backpack. He has that one and a toddler bag we use. If I don't feel like having his backpack in tow, we just throw everything in my giant purse or something similar.

  5. Great post!! We are still using a "diaper" bag, but it seems more like a suitecase with diapers, formula, bottles, toys, snacks, hand sanitizer, etc....ahhh! I can't wait to downsize a bit! I love the idea of having something you can throw in a larger bag!

  6. Shout wipes! THAT'S what I'm missing!!

  7. I've been bouncing back and forth between the diaper bag and my larger purses depending on how much I need to carry. It is so nice to carry a regular purse again :)

  8. These diapers are SUPER absorbent. We've changed more than one leak from expensive diapers and most of them were all from 'weird angle!' accidents and the diapers were barely wet. With honest diapers you go to change the diaper and it's as heavy as a softball and you're just flabbergasted. They pull everything away from his skin, and are simply wonderful.


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