Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poppy and Sam: A Venn Diagram

Last night, Poppy, Jeff, Sam, and I went to dinner at one of our favorite spots. (I tend to like it especially because they call their buffet a "salad bar" which sounds a lot better than the "mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, hot rolls, and ice cream bar" it really is.) 

Anyway, our 45 minutes together inspired me to create the following Venn Diagram:

 The life cycle really is amazing when you stop and think about it.  You know? ;)

At my parents' house on Poppy's 95th birthday a few weeks ago.  (Sam is "sanitizing.")

See you tomorrow with confessions! (Want to link-up?)


  1. How cute!! I always think about how much babies and the elderly are alike. We were in the elevator at the airport a few weeks ago and a husband was pushing his wife in a wheelchair while Chad was pushing Cameron. The husband noted that his wife needed to be pushed around like the baby...I don't think she appreciated it much, but he got a chuckle out of it!!

  2. Haaa!! I love it! Especially since Sam has old man hair and Poppy doesn't...whoda thought?!

  3. Found your blog this past Saturday and I LOVE IT!!! (you were prob. wondering why your page views went up like crazy this weekend weren't ya?!) Poppy looks great for his age! Grandparents and babies are the cutest!

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  5. Very cute post! It's funny how we never leave our jobs at school (Venn Diagram!!!).

  6. How'd you manage to make a Venn Diagram cute?? Really great comparisons of the two of them!

  7. This is too cute!! So many similarities!


  8. 1. I adore the Venn diagram.
    2. Anybody who gets to hang out with Poppy and Sam is a lucky, lucky person.
    3. Yes. I want to link up for confessions tomorrow!

  9. Sam looks like a KID here, not so much a baby! And, in a nerdy teacher fashion... how did you make this venn diagram? I always get frustrated when I try to type them up for class.


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