Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is going to be a quick one day today... But still, plenty to confess:
- After lunch on Sunday, Sam was running wildly through the restaurant with the balloon our waitress had given him tied to his Wubbanub (my idea).  I literally could not get to him fast enough, so my gut reaction won over, and I simply reached out and grabbed the string of the balloon.  This, not surprisingly, caused him to abruptly stop and fall flat on his face right in front of two tables full of women.  You should have seen their faces and heard their gasps.  I was totally judged, and I didn't even care. I scooped him right up and took him back to the table.  Mission accomplished.  #momoftheyear

- On a related note, yesterday I found myself saying (loudly) "DO YOU WANT A SPANKING?" to Sam (who, for the record, was literally tearing up food displays) in the grocery store aisle. What?!  I don't spank Sam; and, even if I did, I think it is trashy to say that kind of thing out in public.*  It literally just slipped out.  I, clearly, have spent too much time in Walmart in my life.  *Let's not get into a debate about this stuff, k?

- I'm still unabashedly obsessed with Taylor Swift.  Like, the only station I ever listen to on Pandora is Taylor Swift.  #notgrowingoutofit #andmaybejustinbeibertoo

- We have had workers at our house the last two days, and I've totally used it as an excuse not to do a single bit of cleaning (why bother?) or anything else productive.  I have, however, become much more active on Twitter.

- Sam has taken to kissing me on the lips recently.  I totally judged moms that did this in the past; but, now? I think it is adorable.  I simply can't resist that little face coming at me.  I'm justifying with myself that it is fine as long as I don't let him do it out in public, but we all know how that goes...

- I'm entirely too excited about the premier of The Bachelor on Monday.  As in, I've been counting down all week.  

That's it for me... What are you confessing today?  Please link up below!!!


  1. Uh I accidentally kicked my son in the head (well, not kicked, more like tapped with my foot) when he was a few months old as I was preparing his bath and had him laying next to the tub on the towel.

    Talk about mom of the year ova here!

  2. Don't feel bad about the balloon, I think it was ingenious! better than him running all over the place. Confession: E wasn't listening to me this week and ended up falling on the sidewalk and for a brief moment I thought "that's what happens when you don't listen" #imstepmomoftheyear

  3. Oh, I've got myself so many times with "do you want a spanking" on the tip of my tongue. We don't spank, but it has to be a holdover from own childhood. #Isurvived

  4. taylor swift is amazing. the only thing i hate is how old she makes me feel when i hear that song about being 22...or when she says, "And I'm like... "I just... I mean this is exhausting, you know, like, we are never getting back together." and I want to say, "really Taylor. THAT'S why you're exhausted?? i'm such an old fogey.

    i'm so happy to see your confessions because they mean it's wednesday, which gives me hope that i'll survive another week.

  5. Love this! I thought I was the only grown-up who adored Taylor Swift.

    I'm launching my blog today-- I have the new design coming up the first week in June. Thanks for your advice; I had to give you a little shout-out in my first post.

  6. I have totally snatched my kid by the arm as he tried to run away from me in Target. I also say in a loud tone, in public places, more often than I'd like to admit, "we do NOT bite Mommy!" I could go for some mouth-kisses instead of teeth marks!

  7. OK you are hsyterical! The Walmart comment cracked me up. I may have laughed out loud at my computer! LOL! As for the kisses on the lips...I LOVE them! I want them all day every day! xo

  8. Usually when my kids fall, my first reaction (as long as I know they aren't injured) is to laugh out loud.... awesome mom right here!

    I absolutely LOVE your bachelor updates, and I actually don't even watch the show. you are just too funny!

  9. Oops! I wasn't aware that my PDAs were creepy to folks. Before my oldest learned mouth control, there were probably times that we appeared to be making out as his little mouth would be wide open! My youngest even grabs your face before planting kisses directly on your lips (dad, me, brother, grandma, etc.)!

  10. Lots of open mouth kisses up in here too. No shame. As for Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (and I'll go ahead and throw in Selena Gomez while we all turn into teenagers), did you see the funny clip of her from backstage of Whateverawardsceremony from this past weekend?

  11. this has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to say that I remember a post you did awhile back (months, years, I don't remember!) about how you joined Weight Watchers and gained weight from it. Well, I joined almost 2 weeks ago and have not lost a single ounce! So, don't feel bad! :)

  12. I love that I'm not the only mom who loves T Swift! I have seen her in concert three times (the last time was less than a month ago) and I have never felt so old at a concert in my life. I swear the median age was 12. When they all sing "22" at the top of their lungs I almost die because I'm thinking "that was almost 8 years ago!"


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