Friday, May 24, 2013

A Free Summer Schedule Printable For You

I have summer fever BAD.

I get it around this time every year (just when grades are due and I really need to "finish strong"), but it is even stronger than normal this year because I'm just so darn excited about spending the next two months with my boy.  I feel like he is at SUCH a fun age and, even more than last year, we really get each other.  (P.S. I love that about motherhood.  It really does just keep getting better.  My love for Sam grows exponentially all the time, but so does my like for him.  He's really just a cool kid to be around - Good thing since we've got another 16+ years together.)

I don't know how many summers we will get to have "just the two of us," so I am making my time with Sam my top priority this year.  I'm also committing to making fun plans for us that will help to socialize and teach him; while also keeping me productive and content.  So far, we already have several weekly play-dates, music classes, and fun overnight trips on our summer schedule (which, despite the Memorial Day kick-off this weekend,  officially begins for me on my last day of work, June 7th). 

Anyway, I made a cute little Summer Schedule with blanks that can easily be filled in for each week and thought I'd share it with you today.  If you'd like to print your own, simply right click and print on a color printer.  I'm certainly not claiming to be a graphic designer here, but I think it turned out cute and practical (as long as you are OK with using a lot of printer ink).

I'm planning to print one to keep on our fridge, but it would also work very nicely in a "Home Organization Binder" if you are the organized type that I wish I was I'm not anymore.  You could even upload the template at Picmonkey or into Photoshop to add your specific schedule into the blanks.

Also, If mine doesn't tickle your fancy, here are a few other cute ones with similar concepts I found on Pinterest: here, here, and here.

So, tell me, what's on your summer schedule?

Have a great holiday weekend friends!

P.S. After my Venn Diagram earlier this week, several of you asked how I made it.  I use for ALL of my cutesy graphic images like that.  It is free and SO easy to use; but - be warned - kind-of a time suck.  The key is to go into paint and save a BLANK background image.  Then, you can simply upload that instead of a photo and add your details. I have a few other background images (like the chalkboard one above) that I also like to use.  There are a couple of tutorials I found helpful right here and here. (And, no, I'm not paid to endorse Picmonkey - I just like 'em!)


  1. This would be super cute laminated! Then you could wipe it clean each week!

  2. So cute! I love your excitement to spend your days with Sam. I also feel terrible that I'm home with Luke everyday and don't make daily "fun" plans but only do 1-2 excursions a week. #momfail

  3. I keep counting down the days until school for E is over and the pool is open! Lots of beach weekends I hope, since we live so close!

  4. Nice words.Just keep it up *Thumbs up

  5. Thanks for the tip!!
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    a beautiful maison

  6. loved it!
    which fonts did u use? Jackie

  7. Don't forget to pencil me in before CHICAGO!!!!! :)


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