Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Gems

Just a few blog (and other) gems for your weekend... Enjoy!

- "Choosing to Celebrate When It's Not Your Turn" by Crystal on the Allume Blog.  I shared this on Twitter this week too.  I've been struggling a little bit with comparison and jealousy in the blog world lately, so this came at a really good time for me.  SUCH a good reminder.

- Have you seen the first two episodes of Jimmy Kimmel's "The Baby Bachelor"?  Watch them if you want to give up ten minutes of your life.  They are totally ridiculous and hilarious.  Thanks for sharing Leanne!!

- I watched this Ted Talk this week and thought she had some really good things to say.  It's a little late for me since I only have one more year in my twenties, but it was still motivating.

- And, finally, in case you missed her announcement, Casey Wiegand and her husband are producing a documentary called "American Blogger" where they travel the US in their renovated airstream camper this summer meeting with and sharing stories from, well, American bloggers.  I, for one, am pumped to follow this journey.  You can follow along too on instagram (@caseyleighwiegand & @chriswiegand) and enter to win $400.  :)

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like this too. Especially when I go to the really swanky, beautifully decorated blogs with 8 million followers and comments. But then I remember that I am brand new at this and I see how much joy it brings me and that's what I focus on. Oh and you were my 2nd official follower, so thank you for my E inspired happy dance!!!!!!


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