Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bachelorette Unfiltered: Dez Episode 2

Well, you know an episode is unlifechanging when writing a recap requires me to actually go on ABC's website and re-watch portions of last night's show.  So far? I'm not impressed people.

I don't know about Dez, but I for one have not formed any major connections with the bachelors yet.  Seriously, I think Ben is the cutest (I have a thing for dimples, and dads) and he is turning out to be a freak.  So frustrating.

Jeff reminded me last night before bed when I was whining about the "terrible selection" of men, that I can't really expect "quality" guys to go on national television to find a wife.  Good point, but is it too much to ask for just three or four?

Alas, I will stick around because I can't resist and hope someone "sweeps me off my feet" soon.  (Dez, smez.)

Here are some of my unfiltered thoughts from last night's episode:

Honestly, besides wondering how "manly" Brooks felt as Dez drove him around in a baby blue mini Bentley, I really couldn't get past the similarities between Brooks and my friend Cliff. It isn't just looks either, his voice, his personality (from what I can tell in five minutes), etc. is SO much like him.  Uncanny!  (I realize 95% of my readers don't know Cliff, but if you, do you see it too?)
I mean, you needed the labels didn't you?
Anyway, this bodes well for Brooks - Cliff is a great guy (he is married to one of my best friends - sorry ladies) and Dez seems into him, so... we'll see.

THAT SAID, what is it with Bachelor/Bachelorette producers and fake weddings?  I just don't get it.  Do people actually do this?!?  I'm not expert, but I'm going to go ahead and tell all you single ladies out there that most normal men will RUN like the wind from you if you EVER try to pull this - much less as a first date.  Just... no.

I thought the rest of their date was sweet enough.  I guess it was cool that they got to sit on the Hollywood sign; but, from my experience there, they probably should have been wearing gas masks to protect them from the smog.  Also, is it just me or do the girls ALWAYS seem to get cold on these dates no matter when it is or where they are?!? 

I'm glad Brooks got the rose.  I think he was a bit awkward talking about his parents (totally get that it is hard; but, really, you knew what show you were going on buddy!), and his dance moves leave a bit to be desired; but, overall, he seems like a good guy.  Whew, at least there is one.

Ok, moving on...

I was quite relieved to find out that the group date involved the guys making a rap video with Soulja Boy because a.) that was the only clear explanation for Dez's outfit that day, and b.) who doesn't love Soulja Boy (kidding). Ha!

This turned out to actually be pretty funny... I appreciate that the show actually poked fun of itself a little bit, and the guys seemed to do a pretty good job of loosening up and having fun with it.  This goes without saying, but POOR Brandon.  I mean, bless his heart.  But, other than that, I applaud the producers for this date - it IS always a good idea to check out a guy's dance moves before marrying them.

P.S. Is there a dress code that says all the guys must wear solid color v-neck tees at all times?  I'm serious.

Obviously, I could have done without some of the drama the group date brought on later that night, but whatev... 

- Zak W.'s antique journal was a thoughtful gesture, but did anyone else think it was weird when they read the inscription from the dad to his daughter?  Not that romantic, right?  "Love always, Daddy."  Creepy.  Dez, did you really like that as much as you acted like you did?

- Brandon really is a lot like Love and Protect Kasey.  Oh, he totally lost me with the butterfly analogy.  Puke.

- Continuing the doppelganger theme, Mikey T. reminds me of my friend (and former E, Myself, & I Bachelor) Brett.  LOVE it!

- James is obviously in the mafia.  His outfit?  There are no words...

- The sound effects when Ben and Dez were kissing made me throw up a little in my mouth.  Also, zip-up sweater without an undershirt.  GAG.

I wasn't at all surprised the Bryden got the second one-on-one date. Who doesn't love a veteran?  He seems so genuine and sweet and I really do have so much respect and appreciation for him; but... THAT HAIR HAS GOT TO GO!!
I can't take credit for this one.
Hair aside, I think Bryden will be around for a while, and I'm ok with that. The photos of his car accident were a bit much, and - at times - his awkwardness was painful to watch.  But, he does seem sincere and I totally loved when Dez took control and told him to kiss her already. Cute.  Thanks for that Dez!

I gotta quit here... I'm boring myself.

In conclusion, I miss Arie and Jef. ;)

So, what did you think?!  We filled out brackets last night (Thanks Erika) and I have Ben/Brad/ going to the Final Four (Why are there SO many B names in this season?).  What about you?


  1. I thought the drama explosion last night was a little ridiculous. They were acting like a bunch of whiny babies getting mad about Ben taking time with Dez after he got the rose....I was screaming at the TV last night!! Isn't that the point of the "game??????" The guy was all "I was trying to tell her about my health issues, and Ben interrupted me!" GEEEEEZEEE!!!

  2. i think the drama with ben is coming a little soon. do we need a villain already?
    if i was the bachelorette, the moment the producer told me that i was taking a guy on a date to a bridal shop to dress up in gowns and tuxes i would walk. why is that the go-to date!?!

    i think mikey t. is hilarious (i think it's mikey t. they all run together at this point...) i don't go for the meat head thing, but he's so so funny.

  3. What? You're not going to talk about Michael G's SUPER DRAMATIC, LIFE CHANGING diabeetus reveal?? No?? For real, it seemed like he was about to announce he had AIDS. Or a sex change. Or ANYTHING MORE DRAMATIC THAN DIABETES!!! Hahaha we couldn't stop laughing at that (neither could Twitter)!!!

  4. OMG I'm watching this right now and it's a TRAIN wreck. I do love Mikey T. though.


  5. I need in on a bracket asap. What! That is amazing.

  6. I could barely get through it. the outfit, the rap video, ugh. I liked ben too, do you think he's the one with the gf?
    you're right, Arie and Jef are looking really good right now.
    As far as the journal, I thought how sad she never wrote in it and it ended up at an antique/thrift store ...hope her "daddy" isn't a bachelorette fan!


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