Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bachelorette Unfiltered: Dez Episode 4

Truly, I don't even know what to write..

This season is boring, do you agree?  Last night, I spent most of the episode chatting with Amanda about babies and showers and exciting things like that.  I can't even remember who went home - ohwait,itwasthatpersonihadNEVERseenbefore - if that tells you anything.

Let's see... I totally had Brad winning the whole darn thing, so this game is basically over for me.  I really thought he was cute (which is pretty much what I based my bracket on, that and the drama-level... Dez seems to like herself some sob stories), but I admit he was awwwwkward on the date.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Bye bye, Brad (and my bracket).

Moving on, the group date was pretty fun.  Mostly, I enjoyed the Twitter commentary of the event.  (Did you see the one that said, "And for the talent portion, Brooks will deep condition his hair" ? LOVED it.)  I about PUKED at Bryden's naked dance (really? who are you, dude?) and Mikey T.'s talent of stripping was just perfect after his heartfelt expression that he was more than just his body in the interview.  Oh geez.  In the end, I was glad that Kasey won - his talent was legit, and he is growing on me.  #whatifhashtagboywins

Zak W. is also growing on me.  Guitars get me every time.  (For the record, Sam WILL be taking guitar lessons in his life.)  But, I have to say, he took the whole thing a bit too seriously.  (News Flash: You weren't ACTUALLY going to be Mr. America if you won.)

Speaking of being too serious, what about Chris's deep dark confession that sometimes he sits in coffee shops and writes.  GASP!  I loved how Dez said that she did that too and it was like they had a MAJOR CONNECTION.  #nooneelseintheworldsitsincoffeeshopsandwrites  It is going to be a loooong season.  (He is cute though, don't you think?)

Also, am I the only one that didn't know that Juan Pablo had a kid? What is it with all these single dads on this show?  In ten years there is going to be a whole new series of reality tv shows called "My dad exploited me to find love."  It will probably be right up there with "My mom exploited me to build her blog."  Can't wait.

The whole show would really be a lot better if this guy was on it regularly.

Moving on... James.  What is there to say?  The scene with him in the bathtub eating strawberries and, later, sipping wine in a white fluffy robe.  TOO MUCH.  He is just too much for me all around.  Anyone that uses "I cheated on my girlfriend" as his sob-story is a loser to me.  Unfortunately, I think Dez is buying it hook, line, and sinker.  She's really falling for him, don't you think?  

MARK MY WORDS: If he is the next bachelor, I will not watch.  (Ok, I am totally lying, you know I will... But, I won't like it.)

I thought the date idea was sweet, and I did appreciate that The Bachelorette producers took a chance to draw some attention to the victims of Sandy.  Of course, I thought Manny & Jan were just precious, but I thought the scenes with them were a bit longer than necessary.  Am I jerk?

I totally missed the drama with Bryden.  Besides, I'm too excited over the fact that he has started swooping over his bangs - I can't really focus on anything else.

In the end, Michael G. continued to be a girl, Ben continued to OWN the game, Drew (who has to be lying about his age) was SUPER awkward, and a stranger went home.  I'm pretty sure he's been hiding in the bathroom for the entire show so far, so it was no big heartbreak to see him go.  Adios, amigo!

*All photos from www.abc.com

Until next week,


  1. Hahaha "my mom exploits me to build her blog" I about died! Also heard a mom call her son Brayden atthe park last week !!!

  2. I hate that Zack W is growing on me too. Bah. But I like Chris (high heels, hula hoops, sits in coffee shops to write sometimes)...he makes really funny random comments that make me think we would be friends in real life and prob sit next to each other during staff meetings to snark. And obviously if you were following Juan Pablo on Twitter, you would know about his daughter...what kind of fan ARE you??!

  3. Zak W. is also my new favorite, but i'm trying to forget that he spent the whole first night without a shirt on. :P James is kinda creepy to me, i'm not sure why but I just get weird vibe from him. Kasey is also #totesadorable

    It looks like we have lots of drama coming our way next week. I feel like this group of guys have a lot of 'feelings' but iI guess that makes for good drama!

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  5. Just found your blog recently and love it! This post cracked me up! I'll for sure be back for next week's recap. ;) Hope you have a great week!


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