Wednesday, June 19, 2013


- I don't love summer.  I know a teacher saying this is basically blasphemous, but it's true.  I DESPISE sweating, and I sweat if I so much as look out the window on a sunny day.  Need I say more?

- I might be addicted to spray tans. #thereareworseaddictions

- I bought swim SHORTS to wear this year.  People of the pool, you can thank me later.

- Monday, due to a slight childcare/work issue, Sam spent the morning watching cartoons, eating potato chips, and feeding Addy (excessively, for at least twenty minutes #sheateitall).  Please don't call social services... 

Sorry this is short and sweet today!!  I'd love to hear some of your confessions in the comments (preferably ones that make me feel better about that last one. Ha!)


  1. Ha!! I am dying to know what swim shorts look like. Link, please!!! This could be my next purchase!!

  2. Love your weekly confessions post but didn't see the linky today. Here's mine:

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  3. There's nothing wrong with a little TV and junk food. It's his summer too so he's just getting in the relaxing mode as well. :] Here are my confessions from this week if you feel like reading.

  4. My two year old daughter loves chips! It's ok — at least that's what I tell myself. Now, do you want to confess something else by buying those swim shorts...? LOL!

  5. I've gotten in a routine of eating healthy all day--working my tail off in the gym and sweating a gallon of sweat--to find myself giving in to a weekly meet-up at Dairy Queen eating a blizzard. Hey--it's summer, right???

  6. I couldn't find the link either...mine is below. what exactly was he feeding Addy? chips!?

  7. I just polished off half a container of Graduates lil' crunchies. I think my son had three total before I took over.

  8. I'm not a huge fan of summer either, for the exact same reason you mentioned.

  9. @sarah,I don't like summer too...but honestly speaking,I think if there is a choice,I prefer winter

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