Friday, June 7, 2013

Dresses & Skirts for Summer

It's no secret that I LOVE to shop.  It's also no secret that mama's got some hips and thighs. ;)  As a result of those two facts (and that our summer is JAM PACKED with fun weddings, showers, and a certain blog-conference that I need to look good for), I've spent an unhealthy amount a lot of time lately scouring the internet for dresses and skirts that meet the following criteria:

- Must be adorably cute in a NieNie meets Kendi meets Taza kind-of way.  (Isn't this everyone's top priority?)

- Must be affordable for my no-pay-in-the-summer salary.

- Must make me look & feel like a (hot) mama.  (i.e. You won't find me sporting cleavage or miniskirts any time soon; but, I also don't want to wear a denim jumper.)

Time and time again, I keep ending up at and their amazing new line of vintage clothing.

Here are a few items on my current wishlist:
Shabby Apple Favorites

1. Gondola - Obsessed.
2. Knave of Hearts - I have a bit of a soft spot for navy.  And lace.
3. Marigold Skirt - It doesn't get much better than pink & orange ikat.  Really.
4. Jacob's Pillow - I think this looks so classy and retro, but I'm undecided about peplum.  What do you think?
5. Tuileries - A classic Shabby Apple dress; I've seriously had my eye on this for years.
6. Curiouser and Curiouser - How cool is this?  I'd love it with a simple white t-shirt and a gold statement necklace.  (It's on sale now too!)

All of these beauties are less than 100.00 and perfectly meet my "stylish but modest" guidelines; plus, I love that they aren't the same exact thing everyone else will be able to pick up at the mall. What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?  What's your criteria for summer style?

 *Shabby Apple is giving me a free skirt (#3 actually) for writing this post.  BUT, I really do love all of their clothes and have been a long time fan!!


  1. #1 and # 5 are my favorites. And I love skirts in the summer instead of shorts. I have been collecting/hoarding them for awhile now. Don't get me wrong, I love dresses also but I feel like you can do a lot more with a skirt. Dress it up or down. Definitely my go to almost every day.

  2. Elizabeth, you are beautiful with your curves! My advice as a girl with some more to love? Peplum is for girls who are build like string beans, so pass on that. I happen to simply love your #2 pick.


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