Monday, June 24, 2013

Four Years... My Advice for New Bloggers

Today marks FOUR years in the life of E, Myself, and I!  (Read my very first post here.)

It's been a goal of mine for a while to reach 1,000 follows on Google Friend Connect (which isn't disappearing yet folks).  Last night when I went to bed, there were 999.  I thought, "it would be so fun to reach 1000 on my blog birthday," but I didn't want to "beg" for Follwers.  Then, this morning when I signed on, this is what I saw...

One thousand and one followers!  It's a birthday miracle! Haha!  And I didn't even have to beg... Thanks friends!

You read those numbers right up there... In four years, I've written 912 posts (I considered - for a very brief moment - trying to make that number 1000 before my birthday too.  Then I took a nap.), and we've had 13,096,444 page views.  RIDICULOUS.

Next to gymnastics from the time I was seven to my freshman year of high school, this is BY FAR the longest I've ever stuck with a hobby.  (In fact, I'm pretty sure four years ago I didn't have any hobbies.)  And, I feel pretty good about the fact that despite lots of major life changes (i.e. motherhood), this place has been a constant for me (and for many of you).  THANK YOU.

In honor of my bloggy birthday, I thought I'd share my top 4 tips for new bloggers. Feel free to disregard as there are a lot of other posts on this topic from much more qualified people; but, if you are interested...

1. Be consistent.  My blog growth has been slow and steady; and, although at times I get caught up in the rat race of it, I'm proud of the way E, Myself, and I has slowly evolved into the community it is today.  It feels natural that way.  Don't be discouraged if you don't have many readers for a while.  (I celebrated having 50 followers after 8 months of blogging. ) Just keep writing.  Seriously.  The best way I've seen to grow your blog is to blog a lot.  Period.

 2. Be an active blogger.  Second to writing a lot, being active in the blogging community is the best way to grow your blog.  Read other blogs.  Comment on other blogs. Respond to the commenters on your blog.  Participate in link-ups (this was big for me).   MAKE FRIENDS in the blog world. *Just don't leave random comments like "follow me back please" - it's tacky. ;)

3. Be real (& respectful).  Don't try to be anyone else on your blog. Tell your own story. Write in your own voice - like the way you talk.  Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself.  BUT, also, be respectful of the way you talk about other people (even your own family and friends) and the fact that not everyone has the same opinion as you.

4. Ask for help. This might sound silly, but I tell people all the time to hire a blog designer if you really want to grow your blog.  I'm going to be honest and admit that I sometimes often judge a blog by its "cover."  If your blog looks good - it is organized and pretty - I'm a lot more likely to stay and look around.  It's just the truth.  Plus, just like we are more productive in a clean and pretty house (or office), you'll like blogging more if you like your space.  (I recommend Tricia Nae, Thirsty Hearts, or The Fairy Blogmother for blog design, in case you were wondering.)

Again, THANK YOU for your friendship in the blogosphere!!

Here's to another four years!

 P.S. Want to know more about why I blog?  Click here.  More about blogging? Click here.


  1. Yay!! Congrats on four years! Glad we've been together since the days of like...10 followers. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Four years is longer than most marriages last! Keep on writing, I always enjoy your posts! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm new and just finding my way :)

  4. How fun is that! Congrats to four years! I've been so inconsistent and honestly struggle to be. Knowing you work and have a toddler, props to you! I love reading; you always seem to have a sense of humor strung throughout. Keep up the good work!

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I really enjoy your blog!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this blog! I am new to the blogging world and while I try to be consistent, sometimes it gets very discouraging when the followers are slow to come by. I needed to hear everything you said :)

  7. Congrats, Happy 4th Blog Birthday! Thank for the tips too!

  8. Happy blog anniversary! And good tips. :-)

  9. Happy Blog Birthday! I just want to let you know that you were one of the first blogs I started following. You got me into it. I love it, now! I am addicted. You inspired me! I look forward to reading your blogs (and HILARIOUS Bachelor(ette) updates)!

    Lil Bit Country In the Classroom

  10. I have gradually been applying these strategies myself and have about 20 drafts ready to post. Posts just come from life I have discovered. Love how you share your feelings here. I read more than I comment here, as I am a retired teacher with different life issues.

    Enjoy the conference. I sent a link to Mar of (Epic Mom, a book that comes from her blogging.) She is going to that conference also.

  11. Wow! 4 Years is Awesome! Congrats!!

  12. How do you feel about guest bloggers? do you mainly do content on your own?

  13. Wow congratulations on four years. I just started and saw this post, very helpful. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. Happy blog -a -birthday!!! You are one of my fav bloggers and I'm thankful for your tips and happy to help you reach 1,000! maybe one day I'll reach 100! <3

  15. happy blogging birthday E!
    1,000 followers is crazy; I best be taking some of your advice; although I'm not sure how much longer I can hang in there. With 1 kid it was manageable, but 2 is too much (for me). How these overachiever moms with their 9 kids, backyard vegetable gardens and bi-weekly triathlons do it is beyond me.
    skies the limit for you!

  16. I''m so glad we got to have lunch for your blogaversary and ALL great advice!

  17. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.....Thanks so much for the advise...I will take it to heart. Love your blog always enjoyable and informative!!!!

  18. Hi Elizabeth,

    Congratulations on your 4 year blogging anniversary!

    I've been reading over your posts for a healthy dose of inspiration!

    I'm still trying to find the voice for my blog and I'm a bit apprehensive about publishing - my idea is to blog about organic beauty products as I think it fits in with my site theme but I'm scared that I won't attract any readers because I'm also selling a product. Do you think that will put readers off?

    To another 4 years!

    (My Blog: Argan Oil)

  19. I suppose it's fitting to introduce myself here on your blog post about blogging. I've been a secret reader for a few months now and love your writing. I am a SAHM currently but taught high school English for six years previous to having children. I do miss it for sure! I tried to go back and find the post that really inspired me but can't, but I'm sure you recall writing about being the mom that your child needs, not the mom you pictured in your head. I bring that quote to mind at least once a day dealing with a reflux baby and an almost three-year-old. Thank you for those words! (And we need a Bachelorette update soon!)

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  21. Happy anniversary! I love reading your blog for your honesty and your humor. And, of course, as a working mum and teacher, I feel I can relate to much of what you write about. Here's to the next four years :-)

  22. And I am one of your anniversary visitors ^_^
    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I am actually not new blogging, but with my new mommyhood blog, I feel like one. This post help me to be more active with my new blog ;) Oh it's way too outdated.... Hope I can get ample to time to write again there. This post of yours inspires me now. Thanks!

  23. Hello.
    Happy blog anniversary. =D
    Although I knew that it's too late to comment on this post, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this tips. It's encourage me and very inspiring. Again, thank you so much. =)

    Angel on Rustic Modernist.

  24. I'm a little over a month late on seeing this, but I wanted to say congrats on four years (!!!!!) and thank you for the tips! I'm new at this (just started today) and it was nice to come across this. Kind of like fate! Haha. Anyway, congrats again, and I totally look forward to reading more!


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