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Ok Ok... Bachelorette Dez: Episode 5

This post is brought to you by my laziness being momentarily overtaken by Erika's motivating tweet...

Thanks girl, only a true friend can call you out when you're slacking on your (very important) blogger duties. ;)

Anyway, I actually only halfway watched this past episode, so I had to go back and re-watch it this morning on ABC.  (It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it), hence my delay.  My apologies people.  Now, onward and upward...

This episode took place in Munich, Germany which immediately sparked my interest (a little... and goodness knows my interest has needed sparking this season).  Jeff's cousin (and Amanda's brother) lives in Munich, and we had the incredible experience of visiting there during Oktoberfest about eight years ago while we were studying abroad.  We saw a lot of Europe that year, but Munich was my very favorite.  It is just a COOL city - young & hip, but steeped in history and surrounded by the (breathtaking) Bavarian Alps.  Needless to say, I liked that part of this episode...

Everything else was, honestly, just so-so.  Don't you agree?
Immediately Chris won me over because he wasn't wearing a zip up hoodie like ALL the other guys when they got off the plane.  What is it with them dressing alike?!? (Correction: James accessorized his hoodie with scarf, Bryden was wearing an oversized white fleece pull over that Poppy has, and Mikey T. was wearing a v-neck hoodie t-shirt.  I'm going to go ahead and say that's even worse then wearing the same outfit as five other guys.)

Outfits aside, I think you can trust a man's feelings for youwhen he is willing to skip & polka with you through the center of town, never mind on national television.  (What you can't trust, however, is that he will ever be able to regain his man-hood after his buddies at home see this!)

Moving on... Bryden was weird from the beginning.  Right?  And, if you weren't sure before, this week's episode DEFINITELY confirmed it.  WHY did he have to search all over the city for Dez and interrupt her date to leave right.that.second? Ugh.  That annoyed me almost as much as his bad hair.  Good riddance.  (Also, did anyone else think that filming and editing during that scene was ABSURD?  Seriously, you could have convinced me he was on his way to murder them. #zoominongargoyle #fadetocreeper Geez Louise! Sometimes these producers take the show way too seriously.)

#dezdidntreallycarethatheleft #butshedidshedsometearsforthecamera #atleasthefixedhishair

When it was all said and done, I thought Bryden's exit actually worked to Chris' advantage.  He handled the situation like a man (perhaps to make up for the skipping earlier) and was very sweet.  In general, he is cute, he seems to have his ish together (even a real career - imagine that); and he's one of the few decent guys Dez has to choose from... So, I'm rooting for him. BUT, for the love, enough with the poetry already!  When we study poetry in my English classes, I actually tell the boys "don't try this with your girlfriends, that only works in the movies."  Lame-o.  Actually, impromptu poll: Have you ever fallen in love with someone because of their mad poetry writing skills?  I'm being serious.  Please share.  If Jeff read me a poem he wrote, I'd die laughing. #moodkiller #badwife

On a positive note, if Chris doesn't win this thing, he may have a future in writing date cards. :)

Meanwhile, back at the house, Michael G. suffered from a horrible encounter with a lawnmower and his hair...

 More v-neck tees. (Did you know I bought Jeff two? Oh yes I did.)

The group date was one of the better ones they have done lately (no one even had to wear a banana hammock or go to the emergency room), and the setting was unbelievable (I've hiked that mountain, by the way).  While I could have done without the yodeling man (pretty sure I've also met that man), I'll settle on a date where no one wears silly costumes.

Before I get to the guys, did anyone else see the similarities between this and Sean and Catherine's date from last season?  She even wore the "smoking hot" red coat.  Coincidence? I think not.

Ok, a few thoughts on the guys on the group date...

Brooks: I know there are a lot of fans out there, but I honestly just can't handle him.  He always looks like he is filming an Herbal Essences commercial, and it is just too much for me.  Plus, I feel like he overplays the "sensitive guy" thing, and that annoys me.  He must be a really good kisser though. Right?

When Mikey talks, it kind-of sounds like he's also eating a hamburger.  Just me?

#Ilikedhashtagguymorewhenhespokeinhashtags He has large nostrils; but, really, I kinda like him.

Am I the only one that thinks Drew lied about his age to get on the show?  There is NO way he is over 18.


Zak W. basically represents everything I am against - sideburns and unbuttoned shirts with no undershirt - but he is FUNNY, and he seems real, and I have to give him props for coming up with an original story (#neversawpriestcoming)  I never thought I'd say it, but I like him. 

James is gross.  He just is.  And, as if her nude pants last week weren't evidence enough, Dez's obvious enthusiasm for him solidifies my belief that she has bad taste. #butwhydidBrooksspyonthem?

And, finally, the dreaded two-on-one date with (SHOCKING) Ben & Michael G.  Icouldhaveseenthatcomingfromamileaway  Honestly, I'm over the Ben drama, and Michael G. moved WAY down in my book because he was such a drama queen/bully.  Armageddon? Really?

I gagged a little every time one of them said something about being a "good Christian."  #andwewonderwhyChristiansgetabadrep.

I LOVED that they were dressed as twins for dinner.

I want a hot-tug.

That's really all I have to say about that date.  Sorry.  I'm getting bored...

In conclusion, poor Mikey T.  What did he do wrong?  Was anyone else surprised at how confident she was about that?  Was it the five kid comment?!?

Sorry about the end of this... Sam is awake now, and I'm just done.  :) Here's hoping next week is better!

P.S. THANKS for all the sweet bloggy birthday wishes on Monday.  Y'all are the reason I keep coming back here.  THANK YOU!

P.S.S. Sorry about the lack of Midweek Confessions posts lately.  They will be back WITH a linky & a new and improved button next week (promise).  And, thanks so much to all of you who have continued the tradition with or without me - I love reading your posts!!


  1. WOOOO!! And they say being bossy never gets you anywhere...

    Thanks for recapping!! I feel like this season is giving me a glimpse into men's fashion I have never had before. Who knew there were so many ways to style v-necks, hoodies, and scarves? Did you catch James's hideous infinity scarf...thing?? RIDIC! Also, Chris is my favorite, too. Did you know he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2007? That makes him extra legit in my book. I bet he impressed his teammates with poetry in the dugout.

    Michael was scary. I expect he'll be leaving next week. Drew is weird. ZAK WANTED TO BE A PRIEST?! Didn't see that one coming. And...that is all. :) Thanks for doing the right thing and watching and recapping!! ;)

  2. Your reviews leave me cracking up! I don't typically watch the show but they make me want too!!

  3. I stopped watching and I can barely even finish reading about the guys and dez on here.they are soooo boring. Can we switch the cast mid season? Maybe we can put poppy on, I'd watch that! He already has the attire!

  4. I totally was going to tweet you today to tell you I was missing your recap post--but I didn't want to be demanding or anything, haha!!

    Most dramatic date ever. Most predictable outcomes. I'm over it-but yet I can't wait till Monday night for more drama to unfold. :-)

  5. Oh my gosh, totally agree with you on the poetry-reading. I was recently in a situation where I witnessed a man reciting a poem to his girlfriend (needless to say, awkward for me), and I could not believe that it was really happening. I wanted to laugh.

  6. I was so tired of hearing Ben talking about being a good Christian too. Ridiculous! Maybe it's just something they like to say in Texas. Finally got to see his true colors with his final comments in the limo, not to mention the creepy laughing. I wish she would have sent Michael packing with him. It would've been fun to watch them strangle each other on the limo ride home!

  7. brooks is my faaaaavorite and i'm not ashamed to admit it. he's just so funny and cool!
    brooks for the win!!


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