Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday: Preparing for Blogher

This Five on Friday linky party has been quite the hit in the blog world lately. Always the trend follower, I thought I'd join in today with a special "Preparing for Blogher" edition since I leave in just FIVE short days...

 1. Business Cards

Thanks to The Fairy Blogmother for the design & Got Print for printing.

2. Bag
Dalia bag in Cuban Sand & Neon Yellow from Sole Society
I first spotted this beauty at Lily's Style and immedilately fell in love with it.  It is from Sole Society and it fits all of my criteria for the perfect Blogher bag (i.e. adorable, stylish, large enough for laptop, smaller clutch inside). I tweeted how much I was obsessed with it and - like a dream come true - the amazing ladies at Sole Society offered to send me one FOR FREE!!! Now I'll be toting in style at the conference (and, hopefully, easy to spot in a crowd - haha). :)

It will be filled with: my laptop & iPhone, an array of chargers, a cute new pad-folio from Target (because I'm a total nerd), my planner, business cards, a small wallet, and - of course - plenty of my favorite pens.

*Get it here!
3. Clothes
This is totally the area that I have stressed the most over even though I promised myself I wouldn't. (In fact, since I made the above graphic earlier this week, I'm already second guessing both outfits!) I really want to be comfortable and look like myself, but still stand out a little bit... Plus, it's always fun to have a reason to wear cute clothes and get dressed up!  What do you think? Be honest.  How do you feel about the scarf in the summer look?

4. Schedule

When I first decided to go to Blogher, I imagined it to be like the teaching conferences I've been to in the past -- a few large group speakers and an array of break-out sessions to choose from for filling my day.  Then (silly me), I actually thought I'd have time to relax, blog, and maybe even sightsee in the evenings. Ha!  While there will be AWESOME sessions to attend, there is SO much more going on while I'm in Chicago.  Truth be told, it's a little overwhelming...

This weekend, one of my goals is to sit down and really sketch out my time.  From the (millions) of advice posts I've read, I know "not to overbook" myself; but, there is just so much I want to do!!  Here are a few things (outside of the regular conference agenda) that are definitely on my agenda:

(1.) SeaDogs Fireworks Cruise on Wednesday night with Madame Deals.
(2.) Pathfinder Day - My Blog as a Book Proposal on Thursday.
(3.) Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower with The Baby Ladies on Thursday afternoon.
(4.) Fresh & Clean SocialLuxe Lounge on Thursday evening.
(5.) The Big Toy Book's Sweet Suite on Thursday night.
(6.) Newbie Breakfast on Friday morning.
(7.) Voices of the Year on Friday evening.
(8.) Hasbro Coktail Party on Friday night.
(9.) Disney's Delivery Man screening on Saturday night (hoping for a Vince Vaughn appearance)

See why I'm so excited?!?!

5. Intentions & Expectations

And last, but definitely not least, I'm trying to stay focused on the reasons I'm going to Blogher and have realistic expectations about the whole thing.  I have to admit that my preparation for this has had me on a roller coaster of feeling really excited and motivated to insecure and discouraged.  I, like most normal people, can get caught up in all the invitations and opportunities a big conference like this presents.  I can let myself daydream about "making it big" and developing really awesome brand partnerships from this conference; but, the reality is -- I'm going to be a little fish in a big sea.  I know I'm going to be overwhelmed.  I know there are going to be LOTS of bloggers that are WAY bigger than me.  I know I won't be the funniest, cutest, or most talented person there (by a long shot).  So, I keep reminding myself WHY I signed up in the first place --- to learn from more experienced bloggers about how to grow my blog AND stay true to my voice and values, to meet new friends, and to stretch myself by doing something "out of my comfort zone" that is "just for me". 

If you are going to be at Blogher, PLEASE email me so we can make plans to meet up!  And, for those of you not going, will you answer a question for me?  How much do you want to know about my experience there?  Should I plan to blog about it during/after the conference or - be honest - are you kind-of over it already?!?

(Join the 5 on Friday linky party here, here, here, and here! - All of their blogs are SO cute, I just started following all four!)


  1. You've done so much more research than I have. Can I just follow you around the entire weekend? ;)

  2. Have you found the BlogHer app? Kinda cool. It helped me figure out sessions and keep my schedule organized. I'm excited/nervous, too!!

  3. summer scarf= so so so good--two thumbs up--i love that look!

  4. i think you should definitely post about the conference! after all of the talk leading up to it i'd feel like we were missing out if we didn't hear how it goes && all of the fun you had! :]

    i love the summer scarf! i like the one in the evening outfit better but probably just because i would be dying in a scarf in these summer days. you will have the luxury of being in an air conditioned hotel (i'm guessing) so you wouldn't be dying && therefore it would look really cute.

  5. Love the scarf-it's a must. Please post about the conference! I would love to be able to go at some point, so I would like to live vicariously through your experience!

    Also, that bag is adorable! It will be so functional for the conference and life in general!

    Have fun!

  6. I'm now regretting not buying an early bird ticket with you - I need a blog makeover, business cards and the opportunity to FINALLY meet you in the worst way. HAVE SO MUCH FUN - can you sneak in a camcorder and send me the footage? haha. xo

  7. Yes! Post as much as you want about your BlogHer experience ... That way I can live vicariously through you! ;)

  8. love the outfits!
    and yes, i'd love to hear all about blogher. it's like not actually getting to BE one of the popular kids, but getting to hear what they talk about.


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